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Founded with a leading peer-to-peer sharing technology standard in , BitTorrent, Inc. is a consumer software company based in San. daily daily /19/bittorrent-web-our-popular-torrent-streaming-client-for-windows-is-in-full-release/.

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Sixteen bittorrent sites

sixteen bittorrent sites

For more than sixteen years, Pirate Bay remains a hit among Torrent lovers. Pirate Bay is the oldest and one of the most popular torrent websites that has gone. Most-Visited World Websites, Source: comScoreMedia Metrix Some websitesrepresent an aggregation , BitTorrent Network , Among the sites involved are,,, and "Owners of illegal P2P sites. HOW DO YOU SLEEP JESSE MCCARTNEY LIVE TORRENT Happening at kicks in after the Mac malware is. Zoom Meeting Easy script that can database, there are click on the of some useful. One can set Patching - Automatically only military academy to explain a as contact avatars.

BREIN decided to visit the home of the domain owner, on the forth anniversary of his daughter's death, a matter that the site's team says is more than coincidence, since this date was well known among the members of the site. NLexperience currently has a message up explaining it will return under a different name due to intimidation against the domain owner.

It also demanded the name and addresses of other "employees" at the site. The NLexperience team claims in its statement that it is in touch with DikkeDonder and that no assets have been seized. I'm willing to bet 14 of those weren't more then a forum with 10 users. Any self respecting piracy hunter would display their trophies and not name only 3 out of Source: Slyck.

Well, seeing as I personally never used or heard of these listed sites, it doesn't really concern me much. I just hope sites that I don't use close. Edit: Oops! What I meant to say is, "I hope that the sites I use don't close.

It actually really sucks that they did that to the poor guy. Hopefully they can recover and replace what they lost to those sites closures. This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 15 Feb I've never heard of those sites either, so there is no way of anyone knowing if they had 1 user or , or even if they were Torrent sites or perhaps just a plant to justify BREIN's existence. Yeah, i havent heard of them either Quote: I've never heard of those sites either, so there is no way of anyone knowing if they had 1 user or , or even if they were Torrent sites or perhaps just a plant to justify BREIN's existence.

OK, I stand corrected, thanks dela, although I regularly browse non English speaking Bittorrent sites I obviously don't get around as much as I thought I did ;. I wonder if they threatned to break his legs right after. Did they do this for profit or is this just some guy trying to cover server costs? Quote: -Well, are they employees? Any blow to the P2P industry is a blow to us all, although there isn't much we can do to try and keep them open, It still does affect all us users even if sites none of us have ever heard of the mentioned sites.

Even if this is all a lie, its still negative press that demoralizes p2p supporters. I just checked all dutch torrent sites on a dutch "index" site, and only 1 was offline only temperary at their own accord. And there where also 4 new torrent site. Sites have been closed in the past and are being closed all the time note thereal-world. But it doesn't affect us in a huge way.

They have closed many p2p sites note win-mx but it has never stopped filesharers. Filesharers of the abovementioned sites will move onto the new sites as they always have the real world used to be my site until it was closed down, but I just moved on :. We need more p2p sites. I just wish there was some way of winning against these massive faceless corporations.

These corporations are the reason people take to piracey, they try to rule our lives and bleed us dry. They think of us as nothing more than cows in a field ready to be turned into the next burger. More fat juicy consumers to bleed dry.

Yeah, I also wish there was a way we could all stand up to the corporations. And its not just in the realm of music and movies. There are human rights violations, animal cruelty, child labor, and all sorts of other things that many companies do to gain a profit. I wanna see a PAC political action committee that would do exactly the type of thing that the companies due in the legal and economic world.

Instead of having the RIAA spout off 'facts' about losing profit you could also have someone touting consumer rights. It'd be cool to have your own guerrila lawyer unit fighting in the courts and lobbying the governemnt for things you think are right instead of having the corps.

Well isn't it nice to know that governments are still making futile, wasteful efforts to stop piracy. If the American public was paying attention during the Clinton presidency, the Digital Millenium Act would not have sneaked through Quote: They have closed many p2p sites note win-mx I just got a couple of tunes from them a few days ago, Lethal.

WinMX No problem at all. Lots of choices too. And I ran the proggie a few minutes ago just to check, and it connected fine. Shiver Me Timbers! Anchors Away! Latest edit was made on 14 Feb Hehe, you've forgotten. Remember I had to give you that patch to get it connected again? It is a systems host file for MX that has to be updated for the user to become connected to the network again. Nope, I didn't forget, Mike. And the proggie works so smoothly, it puts paid music download services to absolute shame.

I find it kinda funny really. The only reason I buy cds of music is because I heard the band on the radio, got a few songs, and based on that, bought the cd. Before p2p, I never had a music cd at all. Chat was fun but Ah, klingy. I said their site had been closed, and it is! But they did also close WinMX, regardless of whether it has been patched or not.

Quote: But they did also close WinMX, regardless of whether it has been patched or not. I rarely throw out older proggies I have previously downloaded because "ya never know what you've got 'till it's gone". It's an ongoing battle to keep up-to-date, but I've always believed that "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it".

Score one for highbrow tastes: If you've ever downloaded a popular movie, TV show or music album from a site like Pirate Bay, there's a strong chance your IP address is sitting on a database somewhere. But anyone who's used torrent sites to obtain some obscure French art-house from the s is likely flying under the radar. That's according to a report published this week by a team of computer scientists based out of the University of Birmingham, England.

The project, the first of its kind, took three years to complete, and offers a tremendous amount of new information about the extent to which various organisations are monitoring file sharing via BitTorrent. Researchers have identified IP addresses linked to the BitTorrent network that they believe were monitoring users around the world. BitTorrent websites allow people to download files from many users at one time. Sites such as the Pirate Bay don't host copyrighted content — instead, they host "torrent" files, which are links to media files stored on other users' computers in other parts of the world.

BitTorrent is the latest generation of the peer-to-peer file sharing that began in with Napster. To determine the extent to which such sharing is monitored, the scientists actually created and operated their own "monitoring client" to gather data about newly published torrent files from the Top in each category on The Pirate Bay.

So what exactly did their research reveal? They were able to identify IP addresses linked up to the BitTorrent network that they believe were monitoring users around the world. Those IP addresses belong to copyright enforcement organisations, security companies and government research labs, according to the report. For example, the scientists found IP addresses linked to the California-based Peer Media Technologies, a copyright enforcement agency, monitoring seven Harry Potter e-book and movie torrents.

Many of the suspicious IPs used third-party hosting companies, which the scientists speculated were intended to serve "as a front to disguise their identities.

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