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Browsing NoobSubs' torrents () ; Anime - English-translated · 3 [NewbSubs] Boku no Hero Academia S1+S2 (p Blu-ray x Dual Audio) [NoobSubs] ; Anime. [Sotark] Kemono Friends [p][HEVC x Bluray][Dual-Audio]. GB, 1 [HR] Grisaia no Kajitsu S01 () [BluRay p HEVC OPUS] HR-SH. GB, 1.

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Grisaia no kajitsu nyaatorrents dual audio

grisaia no kajitsu nyaatorrents dual audio

Browsing sff's torrents () ; Anime - English-translated · 1 [Anime Time] Ascendance of a Bookworm (Season 1 + Season 2 + OVA) [Dual Audio][BD][p][HEVC. the fruit of grisaia. ShareZZZ Thread- Not Game [Alpha] And Ash [] #F%XVxQXSjQ %GxxEpmK8tkoiqPkHBJI0nw Grisaia no Kajitsu [] #F%CMhhAbgJ. BEAUTIFUL DISASTER 311 TORRENT At the Security definition of work anything without asking be established. This allows you 22, Contributed by:. Because of this, you to wake also exclude all existing servers on of their homes install DSM 7.

Spice And Wolf. Spirited Away Sixth Station. Taiga Aisaka Toradora. Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! Takamiya Nanaka. Another one because why not? I'll be making more like these soon. Artist is "Sayori" x Uploaded by Akashi Hello! Also all videos in this channel have their creator's ownerships. Asuka Evangelion. Asuna Yuuki. A2 NieR: Automata. Chocola and Vanilla Nekopara Vol. Christmas eve. Cute Summer Anime Girl 4k. Halloween Genshin Impact - Lisa p. Helltaker Cerberus 60FPS.

Everyone's favourite kouhai. Please make sure to rate, favorite or award if you like my content! Fire Force Tamaki. I don't own the art all credit goes to the creator of the image. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War in 4K. This has already been made but i wasn't satisfied with it. Nekopara beach. Nekopara Chocola. Rem Wallpaper 4K 60fps. Raphtalia SFW. Warrior Anime Girl 4K. WLOP - Nap. Zero Two. I absolutely love the works of this artist. The amount of detail in his drawings always blows me away. So I try to pay tribute by animating them as best as I can haha too poor for patreon q.

Sword Art Online Asuna. Ahegao Collage 4k. Definitely unironic. Cute anime cat girl 4k. Cyberpunk x Nier. Genshin Impact - Mona. Jiggle - R18 Girls [drawn by Naoki Endofcentury ]. Lofi Chillhop Night Camping. Panda Store. Coconut nekopara. Maple [Nekopara Vol. Nekopara Vol. Couldn't find a higher res image of chocola sadly. But this should do for the most part. Artist: Sayori Ancient Skull. A guy going through a dark cave and finds a giant ancient skull.

Is it a warning or maybe there's possible treasure inside. Animations for water, waterfall, boat, light source. All of the water animation took a long time since I had to use a thin brush Bioshock - Rapture.

It's a image from Rapture City. I don't know who the artist is. Bone Behemoth. Cat Snow. Is the Order a Rabbit? Coconut - Nekopara. Dragon Bones by Stefan Koidl. Halo [4k]. Someone save her she's gonna f Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress. Kimetsu No Yaiba Shinobu Kocho. Miku Chill Day. I don't speak chinese. Nature in a Lightbulb. Lightbulb made by me in Adobe Photoshop Effects made in Wallpaper Engine Trap Valentine's Day.

Wind Mills [Raphael Lacoste art]. A heavenly place. A New World Ghibli. A beautiful world filled with magic. A world in the skies, kinda makes you fell like your in a studio Ghibli movie After Dark by Surendra in 4K. Anime Girl Mikasa. Apex Legends: Olympus. Customizable Module Visualizer. Module based Wallpaper. Darling in the Franxx Zero Two.

If you would like to see my past works check it on YouTube! Easy's Processor High Resource Version. I would advise to use the low resource version, which retains a very re Evening Classroom by mclelun in 4K. Heavenly Lands. Hogwarts Legacy. Kaguya Shinomiya. Looking at Nature. Just looking at the view I know, the title isn't very creative Mikasa - [NSFW].

You may also check my other works and miss comment Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan. My Workshop. My appr. Monkey D. Naofumi and Raphtalia Wedding. Neko Vanilla R Nekopara - Coconout. Nekopara - Maple [customizable]. Night City 4k - Cyberpunk I do NOT own the original picture!!! Original Picture Link Peaceful Piano Music - Anime Rain. Sky Island. Skyrim: The Shrine of Azura.

Sulong Carrot Lightning - One Piece. If you happen to be confuse [??? Tamaki Kotatsu. Merry Christmas. The Rising of the Shield Hero Raphtalia. Raphtalia The Rising of the Shield Hero tate no yuusha no nariagari Torii: Winter by Surendra in 4K.

Game: Nekopara 4 Includes two cat girls with a breathing animation on a bed attempting to wake up their master Extra Tags: blue pink white cats nekos wallpaper pajamas sleep sleepy animals anime waifu suggestive Vanilla and Chocola having fun on the beach. Weathering with you. Windmill - 4K. Image Windmill [images. Winter Night by Steven in 4K. ZeroDarling5K Cooking. It has been a while since I did something from Nekopara so here goes. Alena Aenami - Horizon.

Make sure to check out original content creators, without their works these wallpapers wouldn't be possible. Original Artwork by Alena Aenami. Anime Girl on Bed 60 fps x Converted this Animation to 60 fps. Audio Scratchboard. A simple audio effect that is applied to shapes. Azur Lane - Noshiro 4k. Don't Die. Fish Panties [4K]. Flip a coin in 4k. Shaft Of Light by Astero. Genshin Impact - Mona 4k. Genshin Impact - Keqing. Hatsune Miku Beach Bikini Wallpaper.

Kamado Nezuko. Koneko X-Ray. Also see my other works in the collection I am just sharing this wallpaper. Enjoy Nezuko Kimetsu no yiba. Nezuko 2. Nezuko Demon Form. Nezuko Kamado - X-Ray. Pepe Christmas. Room [p]. Anime girl in a room with animated fire and snow. Saber dress HoHoHo. Obviously questionable screensaver. Mainly, it's boob animation. No bounce this time. There's also subtle hip and hair movement.

Rate it if you like it. I believ Winter tranquility. DoggieCorgi Playlist "The way home" Home feels so distant sometimes. You deserve some good music after a long day. You can use the Doggie Corgi wallpaper for personal use. Amelia Watson - Hololive. Anime Anime Evening. Original Wallpaper [wallpapercave. Thank you for visiting my workshop. Make sure you rate and add the wallpaper to your favorites if you like it.

Have a lovely day! Ashe - overwatch. Tegs: overwatch, ashe overwatch, ashe, ashe gameplay, overwatch pro, blizzard, overwatch gameplay, overwatch league, top , blizzard entertainment, grandmaster ashe, top ashe, overwatch ashe, best ashe, overwatch funny moments, overwatch 2, fps, over Asian Landscape [4K].

Anime Snow on a pink sunset Enhanced Version [Animated]. Beidou Genshin Impact Birthday Animated. Second season started 6 months after. Just think of it like Jormungand where it took a break for 2 seasons before continuing. Can you sub Omamori Himari? Have you even seen that short episode? Its pretty much like an extended ending….

Its not some ecchi special that has no relevance to the plot lol…. In no hurry here. I forgot to also request dance in the vampire bund in my previous comment. I really want to move on to the rest of my queue. Would you be willing to give it a try?

Could you maybe do it and downscale it to p? Or do u want a p source for it? So it may take some time. In terms of requests, I have two and a half. And this is only extra since you already encoded the Fairy Tail movie in p, but the BDs are out and subbed by Hatsuyuki. Thanks so much for your work so far. That alright? Thanks a bunch. Would you consider Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai? First of all, this is what I feel about our ongoing TV shows for the season regarding Blurays: Btooom!

Whoa, no requests? How about Phantom? Would you consider doing [email protected]? Would you consider Sora no Woto? Could you do this one please? Nevermind no! Rather than that. I do re-encodes in HD p because p are too big in size and anything lower than p is shitty in my opinion. I take that back. Would you consider Senkou no Night Raid? Yo Jacob. First of all, thank you for your uploads.

I got to experience some animes not available anywhere for download because of you. Can I request one? If you have time, please do take this request. Thanks Jacob. Gimme a source to go with it. My goal is not shitty encodes but something worth watching. My re-encoding program is not finding audio or subtitles. AtsA was a well-known BD group.

They seem to be dead now. The others are never-heard of groups or p. I will after i seed these 2 anime first. Hello Jacob, thx for all the anime. Seed if possible, please? Choose one or the other. After my th re-encode, I will no longer be doing requests. Choose only one please.

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan is my final answer! You better get some gbs for christmas and take more requests! Love you. The World God Only Knows? So sorry. Could you please do Hanasaku Iroha? I will be releasing a few anime after blurays are released for them. Thank you for such wonderful subs. MP4 encodes! Could you please make batches for Hyperdimension Neptunia and Blood Lad? Hey there! Or another computer with like a few terabits worth of memory, then no.

I more than likely will not. You can remove the english one. And for season 2 you can use this. How about p? Will you still do it? Sorry for being persistent. I just wanna have those if possible, that is if your willing to do it. Nah, I have all the Blu-Rays I plan on doing down. Unless a recent anime on my list gets a second season the second season will be added as well. Why are you turning into MKV? Outbreak Company is MKV. No one else has Outbreak Company done.

I got tired of waiting and no one trusted picked up the series! For Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Their subs are really good. FFF is using the same subs xD therefore just waiting for their fixed batch saves me both memory and a headache. Thank you! Fan of Hitsugi No Chaika?

Hi Mr. By any chance, do u have any direct links for the show in question that i can use 2 download it from? Black Bullet is up for consideration as well. Silver spoon? Looking forward to the 3rd season. And does your encoding app support SRT subs? How bout Pumpkin Scissors? This is probably the best copy.

It has a separate subtitle file though SRT. Thanks for Silver Spoon Sorin! As for my next request could you please do Ping Pong The Animation? Sorry for replying late. Here is a torrent link where the whole series is!. Please do them x Without Op and Ed.

Will you do it?. Any efforts are greatly appreciated. Here is the source again. Will you do all the series and then release them at once or release them as you go?. One by one. Torrent should be in nyaa or bakabt for more seeds. Setsune you can download the episodes in mp4 format on this site, the quality is pretty bad though.

I would really appreciate it. I finished Tatami galaxy like more than a week ago but i wasnt able to upload it because i get some stupid teapot error on nyaa and cant find a fix, any help or info would be apreciated. Been watching only actiony series lately so thinking of watching something light. Can you consider doing:. Hey there Sorin. Big thanks for the Nekogoroshi episode, definitely will do a marathon this weekend with the series and take your time with the other real life always comes first, love your encodes, thanks again!

You gave me a good chuckle xD. I guess but FFF just got out a volume. Yoooo Jacob what happened to Kotoura-san BD? So i was hoping sorin would come through with some reasonable file size. Either way thanks a lot, i really appreciate it. Can you donate via gratipay? Awesome stuff man. Thank you very much. Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ravens are both on there. Thank You. If you want it sped up, you should donate or make a purchase the jlist using the ads to the left. For Koi Koi 7, that one is unlike unless dmonhiro releases his version of it.

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase is just as hard because no decent versions on nyaa. No good sources. Thanks for Vividred Operation.. Quality upload as always.. Is that so? Also, try Hanasaku Iroha… thanks a lot.. And, will you be doing Hanasaku Iroha? Can this be redone? Do you think you can do Clannad and Clannad After Story? For Clannad, I thought one of my re-encoders had it. For Sukitte li na yo, no one seeding Commies bd version.

Hi i really liked your fansub of the to love ru serie and especially the fact it was uncensored :P. Are you going to do to love ru darkness 2??? Not happening for that one. I gotta say no to both of those. One because they are both already picked up. But both of them are picked up just not by those encoders. Is there really a directors cut one?!. Hopefully you do Shinmai Maou no Testament. Hey there Jacob, thanks for Rakuen Tsuihou and Hanasaku Iroha, and you released a lot of other series as well, it was hot thanks a lot.

No p version for Memories and only p chihiro for medlodies. I will do Photo Kano tho. Hello Jacob, is it possible to reseed Mayo Chiki? Almost anything I did before I got my computer. I did back in the day. I no longer have it tho. Trying to get money to buy another 3 TB external drive. I would like to leave a request here and it would be Kaichou wa Maid-sama, I just thought that there are no available re-encodes of it, sadly, and I would love to watch it..

I hope you pick Maid-sama soon.. But you do have the 2nd batch you made right? Do you have plans on doing Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha? When you get your brand new external drive, would you consider doing it? I have 1. Can you mp4 batch it? Not until I get that money for another external drive.

Still not taking requests? Hmm GS using Viivid subs was the only one who completed it. Kaylith who was doing them if I remember right are dead now. How does one get trusted status anyway? Can you re-encode to p now? Then how bout Kekkai Sensen? Vivid took so long all the BDs are out by the time they released the last ep so I held off on watching the tvrips.

I am news here. Hi bro, sorry for my late reply. Do you mean that you are going to redo Hanaukyou Maid-tai after you get 3 TB later on? Got a question bout this new policy of yours. Whichever fansub group you prefer. But Chyuu would be nice. How about no. So no for either of those. I see. And it looks like no one is picking up for a blu-ray version yet. And this should be Blu-ray.

Will you do this? Hello, Jacob. Thanks for all the anime you uploaded just recently. I got bored so…. Also, I actually have plans on helping you encode. I already know how to use handbrake. Hi there. Anyway, I would like to make a request for the following. I tried to come up with as many as I can that have good sources.

Sorry for putting so many. I do however have D-Frag and Inou Battle picked up. If I get bored, I might do some of those. You donated. I had no clue that you donated. Well tell ya what. Throw me a condensed list of the anime you want the most. Around 10 no more than Saki is also turned down. Saki Zenkoku-hen is a sequel. Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis, Like to stay with trusted.

Will be picked up when another version is available. They will be coming. Trusted users tho. I guess the reason I want the sequels is because no encode for them while Deadfish only did the first season. Will you do Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso? Also for Seasons two, and three of To Love-Ru. Jacob , is all your encodes playable on all players?

By any chance, will you guys be releasing GochiUsa S2? Also please encode the Date a Live movie. Hi would you be able to do Kakumeiki Valvrave? All batches out by sallysubs. I saw that you were taking requests and was wondering if you would pick up the Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei series.

Thank you very much for your Re-encodes. I understand that sources for Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei are a real mixed bag. Maybe just keep the idea of the series on the back-burner if you feel up to it. Any chance to try for the Minami-ke series? Thank you again! Hi would you be able to do an encode of Sacred Seven?

Hi bro, Do you have any plan for Kuromukuro and Active Raid both season? And are you going to get from FFF? Any chance this is coming up soon? Yo, Jacob. I wonder if you can do this series with high priority. I would understand if there were other options.

However this is the only version that exist and as it is 50GB it will loose all its seeds sooner than later. Encoding it can save it. Hi Jacob. Their orders are given the topmost priority, such that it is common practice for the th to ignore allied distress calls that will result in deviation from their original mission, even if only for a short moment. I am pretty sure there are another fansub group since i also dislike horriblesub thst sometimes mistranslate the dialoque.

Hopefully you can get your internet back soon and find a good job, as i look forward for more of your release in the future, especially grimgar, qualieda code and asterisk war. I was wondering if you could do a version of Chihayafuru both seasons at some point since there are no mp4 encodes of this series around on nyaa, Thanks.

Hi can you do the Final Fantasy 15 brotherhood anime and the Cg english dub movie for Kingsglaive. Thanks for the batch of Red Data Girl and Another. Please make god eater noobsubs batch! Thanks for the instant reply for the Angel Beats! Lol how about no. Sorry, Ignore LNS shirobako. Then please make fff akatsuki no yona batch! Maybe if it gets a BD release. Some older shows have been getting BD release lately. Please can you make batch of Zankyou no terror sallysubs! Thank you for your all the releases.

I checked all the bd releases of this series. Most of them left it in the midway. I try not to use SallySubs because I like the original font and whatnot that fansubbers use. Hey, do you mind doing bakuman? I think there are batch of p bd from judgement for s1 and 2, while s3 is done by biraru in p. Is Coalgirls alright? FFF released a batch but its tv rip. Looking forward to your Winter BD plans, mate.

Appreciate your work. Not really a request, but more of a question. How are you able to re-encodes batches in much much much smaller sizes? I mean is there anything you are sacrificing? I for one know your re-encodes is top bd quality, the compatibility and format is the same as those large-sized encodes by FFF, Commie, Damesuyo and even Horriblesubs.

Is there any restrictions? Please help me! I just want to change thecresolution of video only. Thank you. Now if you were trying to downscale it, that would be a different story. Please make mp4 batch for this series. I am asking gor the BD release not TV release. Please encode K-on. Can you do the BDs for Gintama ? Thanks So much!

Got Vibration and await season 1. Along with every other upload you have ever made! We need to keep Big J alive. Hey, I was gonna let you know that I was going to do this but the file sizes just come out too large and I tried all the versions available. My encode would have been way over 6 Gbs from all 3 versions. How about this one? Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai.

Doki Subs. Maybe you could rip the subs from the first one then encode it to the raws of this one? I sure love your mp4 encodes because it is handy. Looking forward to it! Please reconsider doing junketsu no maria with Bluraydesu v2. I noticed some problems in video as well. Some lines are not syned properly. Really happy about Tenchi Muyo.

Grisaia no kajitsu nyaatorrents dual audio orlando bloom lotr behind the scenes torrent


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