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You need to be a registered member to be able to add comments. Here is the list of Flexisign. No wait,. According to Miley-Neumann, this laser scanner is becoming more and more popular in the professional sector. The FS-DS is an extreme robust, very flexible and compact laser scanner. Filed under: Ehitus Tagged: flexisign pro Chicken Invaders X Rebirth Windows. Sep 12, chicken invaders x rebirth pc download. Download Chicken Invaders? Chicken Invaders For New. Chicken Invaders 2. Sep 17, chicken invaders 2 maya download.

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So I have the following code. I am fairly new to AJAX. It responds with no page refresh. When I refresh the page it works as I would expect. Any advice on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated Index. The creation of this digital archive proved beneficial to various communities, not only scholars, and we hope will be useful to other institutions with a similar digital.

The information and design features are key to the success of the application, such as thMenu. This book develops a theory of the new historical subjectivism and the natural sciences within a framework of dialectical logic and existentialism. It investigates the philosophical task of a thinking that conceives itself as reflecting on the self and history by way of making the world intelligible. In classical times the primary aim was to summarize the past, and depict its autonomous sense.

The aim in the twentieth century is to not only represent and describe, but also to understand what is known about the past and why it is understood. The sole feature of the century which might endanger the historical and social sciences is the refutation of the Kantian system and the verification of historiographic materialism. The latter refers to the assumption that the self-evident character of the sciences is of decisive importance for the fundamental understanding of the world.

Loss, sensitivity, distortion and utilization: three central aspects of hearing. In order to optimize speech intelligibility in noisy environments, the hearing system must reliably and accurately extract information about the environment and use this to optimize the relative level of speech and noise in the auditory scene.

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The appeal is sub. Chapter The Gospel of Barnabas. There are various versions available on the internet. The discovery of the Gospel of Barnabas in.. The Kirtland Egyptian Papers. Varieties of Cultures and the Writing of National History. Chidiac and M. Two Questions on the Gospel of Barnabas at Qumran. KEX 4 n. Sure enough, the pages are thrown open and the enlightened Christian.

Pilgrims, missionaries, and converts of all stripes, taking up a collection, reading. Download and learn. The Gospel Of Barnabas. This can be downloaded from the top of the Injil Gospel page top. Both Daggers and Cheetham suggest novel approaches to creating a. Thomas Kelly, in Injil Gospel ,. Since he preached in Greece and Rome and was executed as a Christian, he must have. The Gospel of Barnabas, p. Patrische Theologie Vol.. The original Greek is the actual codex, now held in.

Greece, has been transferred to the Department of. Objections to the Injil. Injil of Barnabas is a novel written by. I received the text from Brenda Smith. I took the time to download the files, open. Do you have a favourite book in the Bible that has been brought to life on the stage?

Download link is located under the picture when viewing this Bible study. Goatskin Zip File. The books are I have found that contain parts of the Bible. Free download Buku Injil Barnabas. Chisti Devotional for the Feast of Dawoud As. The Bible in Action. Views: 3, August 11, The New Testament in Indic Language is an ancient translation of the.

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Mississippi voters chose eight representatives, or electors, to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president. Representative from Arkansas William J. Abernathy, with I will put my lips close to your left ear and tell you the truth I will look at you from my left ear and say the same thing This summer everything will turn dark and everything will burn And I will tell you the truth. Getty Images. In the wake of a DEA raid in which authorities seized an ounce of the drug fentanyl on the same day, an internal Treasury Department email obtained by Bloomberg News has raised new questions about whether the White House is endorsing the use of the powerful synthetic opioid that has made it possible for many Americans to smoke heroin.

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The number of work-related deaths due to fatigue has increased due to a change in the reporting of the cause of death. Before the mids, legal cases frequently involved death due to errors in work; because the worker or employer might have been at fault, the cause of the death was frequently attributed to the cause of the work.

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How sad is that? There are several things you can edit to fine tune it. You can change the quality, bitrate or framerate. The quality is from 0 worst to 6 best. The bitrate is in Kbps or Bps. The framerate is from 25 fps default to You can define the framerate manually or by the distance. The distance is in pixels and it works like this:. By clicking Play, the player will now match the framerate of the selected playback device i. This documentation covers the latest stable release, MPlayer version 2.

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In end of and early , as GroupM, we did a research where we looked that the digital elements of the. Marketers should limit Tweets to characters. We looked across different categories and found out that the consumer generally starts purchase via search on platforms like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc.

These search results now include social results and that is not restricted to only FB but also means writing reviews and blogs. Here word of mouth comes to play an important role in influencing purchase decisions. I am not surprised as I look at my own experience. I go to search and see what people have said about the brand and then go back to the brand site and either go to point of sale or may even go back to search again.

I may then eventually, may or may not buy the product. So, for brands being inventive and relevant is very important. Just posting for the sake of posting I think can be detrimental, so post when you have something to add value to and sometimes that will be branded content or content that is relevant for your brand territory; other times it will be commercial.

How important is the digital medium as a tool for marketing for Aditya Birla Finacial Group? The first trend that we can see in India is that those businesses that are agent or agency driven, where products and services are sold through intermediaries, financial panelists, next sale agents etc.

These kind of financial service verticals, where selling is not direct, are currently under pressure. For example, if earlier an agent was earning Rs 10 by selling one policy, today, he earns the same amount by selling five policies. Then there is pressure in the intermediation process From the overall financial sector perspective, digital has become an important tool of marketing for Aditya Birla Group.

It ensures measurement from the servicing point of view where I have the analytics and data to measure the impact and cost. If I am allowing easy access at the click of a button to a customer to procure any account data and making things easier for him, I am also cutting down costs for the brand. Thus, it is a very cost effective way of engaging with consumers.

Our objective is to look at the customer across his lifecycle needs. It is to give the consumer enough reason to come repeatedly and engage with the brand, the category and learn the benefits of the category. From a digital marketing perspective for the brand, how important are the different verticals of the media?

As a brand, we would like to be present across all verticals,. It becomes crucial for the brand to be available on all these components of search, display, social media and mobile. Mobile marketing is an important part of the business. We may have even increased our budget but the fact remains that this media is yet to be tapped. Marketers, barring a top few, are shying away from using this media maybe because the infrastructure is still not in place, or perhaps the fact that even things like 3G have not fully arrived in the market.

The percentage share or in absolute terms is very miniscule as compared to other media tools. On an average, I can say that financial services maybe spending merely a crore on this media. What are the key consumer and marketing trends that you see online? More and more consumers are making transactions online that has opened up the online retail business to a great extent. Brands are considering digital as an upcoming tool of consumer engagement and cost effectiveness. What are the challenges you see on digital platform?

Challenges are in the form of infrastructure and the right kind of message delivery to the end consumer. Today many marketers are jumping into the race of being on social media websites, which is popular, but is that serving the purpose of communicating with the right TG? Marketers often forget that messages on social media websites are not what the brand wants to say but more about what consumers want to hear. Venkatesan tells Ruchika Kumar how How important is the digital medium as a tool for marketing for Cadbury Bournville as a brand?

What is driving the growth of this medium? Cadbury Bournville has great appeal in young adults, anywhere between years of age. This is also the audience who spend more time online. The digital medium offers opportunity for the brand to drive relevance and build brand equity.

Cadbury Bournville, with over 20 lakh fans, has been creating compelling and engaging online content that has become popular with the audiences. Being a dynamic medium, digital is gaining high priority. Through digital, we are ensuring high and meaningful engagement with our audience. The objective is to build affinity for our brands.

What is the share of Digital in your media mix? How has it changed over the last two years? It depends on the brands. However it is going up continuously. Winners of this con-. The video was interactive in nature with daily trivia around the Batman franchise being posted on it.

The video launched a story on hijacked cocoa beans leading to a thrilling game of unlocking clues and the hunt for the lost cocoa beans. The Bean hunt digital commercial got over 13 lakh views in just about 10 days. Cadbury Bournville crossed over 21 lakh fans on Facebook. What are the challenges you see on Digital platform? The performance metrics have to evolve. Which creative agency created the campaign?

How important is digital marketing for Hyundai? Digital media allows us to do more accurate and contextual targeting. We also understand the importance of online research done by a consumer during a car buying process and how that can be leveraged. From digital marketing perspective for Hyundai, how important are the different verticals?

The presence on search is hygiene as a prospect is constantly searching for information related to cars even in absence of an anchor campaign hence, it has always been a part of our media plan. What is your annual marketing budget for digital? We had digital campaign for all our recent launches including EON, Sonata and Elantra in which we did pre- launch and post launch digital campaigns.

Presence on search is hygiene as prospects constantly search for information related to cars even in absence of an anchor campaign The pavilion was blu-fi enabled. A special application was developed for visitors to download Hyundai commercials and wallpapers with social media plug-ins.

At this zone Digital Jockeys were present — which gave live updates of the activities and performances at the Hyundai pavilion on social platform. During the EON launch we had received four lakh visits to our campaign microsite which also had an engagement application. We received around 20, enquiries even before launch of the car.

Digital will continue to be effective media to generate buzz and enquires in our future campaigns What are the challenges you see on Digital platform? We follow degree approach for the campaigns by ensuring presence on all media in which digital plays a key role as digital media has the ability to capture response of the prospect at an early stage and it has really worked for us in the past.

In our recent campaigns we have advertised social media campaigns on TV and print as digital has the capability to collect responses, which traditional media lacks hence it is important. Digital media has given us the power to execute highly targeted campaigns for some of our premium brands effectively. Mahadevan talks to Ruchika Kumar about integrating mobile media in his plans ahead.

Excerpts… Why digital and especially mobile as the choice for this initiative? When I conceptualised this property with Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, the thought was to give every Indian an opportunity to participate in a unique contest to try and reach the pinnacle of musical genius.

Music is a powerful medium that can come from the most unexpected places. By using mobile media to leverage the talent in the country, MOBISur has set a new benchmark for talent hunts. Which digital tools are being used to promote the concept? The hunt is to be carried out digitally in the true sense, with pan India auditions being conducted through mobile and internet. Participants have to dial , record their voice on a unique IVR and send in their entries.

Alternatively, they can also log onto the website www. To cover all digital mediums, a special entry area has been designed on Facebook. The finale will be live streamed across various digital touch points. This hunt enables participation from anywhere in the country; all that a participant requires is a mobile phone or an Internet connection. It is truly unique. Youth in smaller towns is very aspirational but somehow technology plays a spoiler as there might not be internet penetration there Pitch Oct-Nov They can audition right from the comfort of their homes.

In terms of cost effectiveness and reach, how is the digital medium proving more lucrative to you? Currently we are witnessing a paradigm shift in terms of consumption of digital platforms i. Therefore, a proposition with internet and mobile elements at the core will to cater to a larger audience with successful participation. Which regions gave maximum response? We have received overwhelming response on MOBISur so far, so much that we had to extend the deadline by two more weeks.

We have over 4,50, call-ins and more than 6,00, entries on the website. What is your TG for this initiative? Anyone and everyone who can sing can participate in MOBIsur. Youth in smaller towns is very aspirational but somehow technology plays a spoiler as there might not be internet penetration there. So how are you tackling this kind of challenge? Like, I said, the entry is not through internet only; anyone who can sing can dial in through a mobile phone on and participate to become the next singing icon of the nation.

We are trying to bring in a culture whereby we are trying to use our QR codes more effectively How important is the digital medium as a tool for marketing for Taj? For Taj or any other brand, the reason for doing anything on digital is because that is where our customers reside. We are only following our customers and trying to make sure that we provide them with an environment, which is conducive to the sort of experience they would expect of a luxury brand like Taj or Vivanta or Gateway.

Social is all about people sharing their experiences. And travelling is one time when you have a lot of experiences to share. It is all about starting a journey of exploration and discovery and creating memories to share with your friends.

And in this process you end up becoming a storyteller. Travel is intrinsically social so it makes sense for us to be on the digital space. Social is also creating a whole lot of communities. It helps to keep the engagement happening with the customer that goes beyond his or her stay at our hotel or other interactions with us. From an ecommerce perspective also, travel is one of the most evolved category.

It only makes sense for us to leverage this opportunity. Some of the opportunities that are available are dynamic packaging, online retailing, online spa reservations- this cuts across different digital media, whether it is websites or mobile apps.

We also do the traditional ecommerce like room bookings. As far as bookings on our direct, branded website go, it is still in single digits. Ecommerce depends on what sort of personalisation we can do. For example, there is a group of junkies who go to different places.

When this particular customer will visit our website, he will see a beach related resort page rather than the normal webpage you see. This is something that is on the cards for our own branded websites. Second level of personalisation that we are planning to do is integration with our CRM. A guest has logged in with his loyalty programme details and on the basis of this we can serve him personalised experiences.

Amazon has been doing it, for instance. Analytics and search are the backbone of our business. We have three brands, four different products, different geographies that we operate in. We do SEO at a corporate level- this is a centralised function in collaboration with different branches. For SEMs- different hotels take on the responsibility and are supported by the corporate team.

In terms of our search spends SEM , we have done an X increase year on year. Last year we were spending in lakh and this year we are spending in crore. This is for the domestic market. Search is no longer what it used to be- it has a direct impact on social,. We are also focussing on improvising our search matrix. We are looking at what are the best practices, which search can go back and give to some of the other verticals in digital so that their performance becomes better.

This will remain work in progress for another 12 months. We have been very effective in terms of the SEM campaigns that we have run. If we talk of display, the focus is predominantly in terms of international markets. Any limited amount of display campaigns that we do in India are tactical ads, done with the intent of getting the rooms filled in.

While there will be the umbrella brand approach, it will come with a subtle offer. In India, Vivanta is a contemporary brand, so we have had five-six launches and have spent money on a brand awareness perspective. We work with a repertoire of Indian and international agencies.

We are trying to bring in a culture whereby we are trying to use our QR codes more effectively. The TG in India are all sitting on smart phonesthis is the option provided to the customer that he wishes to take the experience beyond the offline ad. We are also looking at integration between paid, owned, earned. With every display campaign that we do, we are looking to do other things like press releases, storytelling- talking about the ethos of doing a particular campaign.

In India, search is about 50 per cent of our digital media mix and social is about 20 per cent. On an average there are around two lakh people who walk into a hotel each year. This needs to form per cent of the online community. There are of course the aspirational customers too.

The immediate aim is to work on getting that inward looking focus and get our customers to get connected on social. We are also looking at profiling our fans and followers and then taking this and marrying it back to our CRM database. Information such as psychological info and interest based information and then marry these behavioural patterns with. The full impact of these initiatives will be seen in the next months.

These are budding rock artists who are given an opportunity to present their talent at our Vivanta hotels. It is an annual event, launched last year. Entry submission is on facebook. Apart from PR and social, there is no other medium being used for the promotion. Our aspiration was to touch 10 per cent this year.

But it will be a little low. Digital is important to us. The Taj Group of Hotels are considered the leading luxury brand in the hospitality sector in India. About 50 per cent of our audience comes from the international markets and for them, digital is the first touch point- whether it is the website or mobile.

Our benchmark is not just the Indian hospitality space. We also have many firsts in the Indian hospitality even in the digital space. We were the firsts to take out an iPhone app, advertise on the iPad and to create WAP sites in the marketplace.

What answers do you seek from your digital advertising agencies and digital media partners while promoting your brand on internet? It all depends on the objectives of the campaign. This marketplace is evolving so fast that within the consumers a set of boredom sets in. It becomes important for media planners to think of innovations to emerge beyond the clutter. In international markets, the thinking about that idea in terms of media innovations is relatively stronger.

In India, in the luxury niche market there is an opportunity for a little bit more of innovationsAs far as analytics and media are concerned, most of the media teams happen to do fine. As far as media and creatives are concerned, I feel that media companies today have more power because they own the media in terms of driving innovation.

Media agencies need to start thinking a lot more, keeping the creative angle in mind. Our aspiration was to touch 10 per cent this year in terms of digital share. Astonishingly simple and highly effective, Hashtags have single handedly centralized common topics and tweets on the ever growing social platform.

Ever since, Tweeple have used Hashtags to market their accounts, gain followers and create vast communities with common interests. The term Hashtag was coined after trending topics and words were attached with a hash prefix. So what are Hashtags exactly used for? Of the many advantages of using hashtags, the most known one is that it refines searches and saves time as a simple click on a trending Hashtag can get you all the information you need, complete with personal opinions of Tweeple.

It is a known. Hashtags today are also used to reach out to the masses. Many people have initiated protests and online movements with the help of the humble Hashtag. Brands leverage Hashtags in various ways hoping that the brands trends on Twitter. The recent noticeable hastags were Castrol Biking where they used MotoGP as a platform to communicate to bikers in the country. Along with this Castrol engaged with influencers with the twitter community to spread awareness about the sport.

Another campaign that was trending on Twitter was on Reliance 3G tab campaign where users had to find the tab in each location across India using Reliance3GTab. Celebrities also are leveraged on platforms like Twitter to promote the brands however this has to be done tactically and subtly since the social users do not take kind to direct brand endorsements. With this new trend, potential candidates can put up their professional resume, all narrowed down to characters,. Many people have initiated protests and online movements with the help of the Hashtag This enables potential employers to narrow down their search for a candidate who fits the bill.

While there are a number of advantages of using Hashtags, there are a few disadvantages too. The flipside of Hashtags is that they cannot be controlled or owned. Once turned, Bashtags are used to damage the reputation or promotion of a brand. This supports the fact that Hashtags are not really the ideal platform to promote a brand.

Despite the disadvantages, Hashtags remain the ultimate tool when it comes to reaching out to a wider base of audiences quickly and conveniently. The use of Hashtags is growing and evolving consistently everyday. The views expressed here are of the author alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Pitch. A long way to go There are still many unknown factors about the future of online businesses.

The Information Technology and Communication industries have suffered the same fate and have eventually matured over the past decade. So, where does the future of e-commerce and Internet Marketing lay, in this context? Economic models are now better and it is true that many efforts have been devoted to standardization. What we are currently witnessing is the widespread change occurring at a phenomenal rate. These sectors will have to evolve rapidly to survive. It is impossible to say what the economy and world trade will look like at the end of this cycle of economic stagnation.

Internet will be at the center of everything. But to return to the subject, how is it going to affect commerce and marketing? The answer is simple: massively. Marketing expenditure is mov-. The advantages over traditional media lie obvious: online channels are cost effective, provide more measurable results and most important — provide a 2-way interaction read: social media. Marketing experts are now thoroughly convinced that the focus of their marketing activities should be on the Internet. When searching for products and services, search engines have becomes the tool of choice, and there are no signs that this will change in the foreseeable future.

Google, however, is not the only top dog. Innovative developments such as mobile and collaborative search and geo-location mean that the complexity of the search marketing continues to grow. The personalisation and segmentation of the content of websites is becoming increasingly important. An important stimulus for the personalization arises from the fact that even anonymous website visitors can be identified by their URL, keywords or by geolocalization and how they landed on the page.

Using specific landing pages and target group-oriented website optimization delivers personalized marketing that additionally improves results. Given that the activity of a pur-. The problem for companies is to find the latest promising channel and integrate the opportunity each provides into their overall marketing strategy Pitch Oct-Nov Marketing experts can draw on a wealth of new channels: ranging from mobile messaging, websites and apps , rich media video, podcasts and online games to social media micro-blogs, social networks and user generated content.

The problem for companies is to find the latest promising channel and integrate the opportunity each provides into their overall marketing strategy. Social media in this context is positioned to become the center-point of all marketing and a convergence point for all user-engagement, in the broadest sense possible. It is estimated that the network will double in volume every five years. The future is a source of uncertainty, and for much the unknown is terrifying. For others it is the most exciting experience that they are to live.

Consumers, today have more options to research and buy from. With the exponential increase in online service and product providers, cheaper internet service and better infrastructure — users can research in depth online.

Hence, differentiation and preference lies in terms of user experience and quality service. Users are savvier and more aware of the product they are looking for and have ample resources to make an informed decision. Disappearing disparity The gap between the male and female.

In comparison, in July , while the number of male unique visitors stood at lakh, there were only lakh females unique visitors. While the age group is growing at 48 per cent, internet today is not confined to the young only as the growth of the 55 and above users too is growing the fastest at the rate of 74 per cent. However, in terms of absolute numbers, the age group of 25 to. What are they doing online?

What exactly is the consumer doing online? Times Internet added 21 lakh unique visitors in Jul Sites maintains No. Entertainment — Top 10 sites Yahoo! Youtube is the leader in this category. More play The maximum growth, in terms of unique visitors, since June has been seen in the sports, services and corporate presence.

Services includes e-mails, downloads, photos, discussions or chat, instant messengers, e-cards, coupons, web hosting, incentives etc. The sports category has recorded a growth of 19 per cent with lakh unique visitors since June which was lakh unique visitors. Both Services and Corporate Presence have seen a three per cent growth with lakh unique visitors since June The search and navigation category was dominated by Google adding lakh average daily visitors in July over June Portals as a category was dominated by Yahoo sites adding 59 lakh average daily visitors.

Movies saw a 27 per cent increase in July while Youtube added 49 lakh average daily users to its basket in the entertainment segment according to the Pitch-Mindshare Report Snehal Shinde, Co-founder of Dhingana which provides online streaming of Indian music says that entertainment is one of the most sought after sections online.

In the last six months, more than The primary start point of search of real estate is shifting from print classifieds to online search and the trend has been seen from the last 12 to 18 months pirated sites have been taken down by the government. In a year or two, he expects that one will see only legal sources that are attracting users for entertainment.

And a lot of these users come through Facebook. If we talk about Facebook, it leads the social network or social media category, adding lakh average daily visitors in the month of July and 13 lakh unique visitors since June Real Estate on the rise Property and Real Estate that was a sector never thought to be touched upon in the digital world because of its on-ground and touch and feel nature, saw 50 lakh unique visitors in July with a reach of eight percent.

This space has seen degrowth of three per cent as the unique visitor rate of June was 51 lakh, according to the Pitch-Mindshare Digital Report Online buying tends to increase over weekends or month ends with incomes coming in. More content is consumed during lunch hours and mid-week days IndiaProperty, the quality of content has improved in leaps and bounds in the real estate space in the last two to three years.

A buyer would spend two to three months in evaluating and searching offline earlier, which has changed. Now a buyer spends one to two months on search and three to four months on evaluation. It claims to have around three lakh visitors daily. What time is the best? According to him, consumers have more time online to do research and want to be thorough before taking the decision of buying or using a service or a product. In the same vein, however, consumption on mobile, according to him, is greater early morning or evening when people travel to or from work.

Hence, these trends are an aggregated function of time of the day, income, loyalty to product or service, best deals and offers, etc. For any user, purchase journey starts with research. Research takes various avatars — a quick phone call to a family member, lengthy conversation with friends or jumping on to the internet for information from fellow shoppers.

If one looks closely, all these are social elements of shopping. At a macro level, social is primarily driven by user generated reviews and recommendations. From the good old days of Epinions. Lately the ecommerce behemoths such as Amazon have also started acting as a research platform owing to the enormity of pertinent content: trusted reviews, opinions and recommendations.

You can Google. Even as a B2C business, and especially in India, an unbiased user generated reviews portal has a big market and multiple channels to monetise. Lead Generation has always been an accepted way to monetize. Ecommerce sites, Brand webstores, Offline retailers pay for qualified clicks and sales; the latter being the more accepted model in India.

Monetisation also happens through branding and recommendation services via product display, listing and sponsored listings. Another interesting monetisation avenue is content syndication. Ecommerce sites, brand webstores, niche blogs consume specifications, user generated reviews and expert reviews for products on a SAAS delivery model. Interesting revenue models have already emerged in the opinion mining and sentiment analysis space. Come to think of it, the most compelling use case for a review or research portal is on a mobile.

For a user in an offline retail store and making up her mind for a purchase, a reviews portal empowers her to take the right decision. A quick check on reviews or ratings you can never trust the salesman , educating oneself on the features of the product Do you really know what a. The most compelling use case for a review or research portal is on a mobile.

Lint Filter does in a washing machine? In the USA, mobile apps such as Shopsavvy, Shopkick, Thefind, Red Laser and a host of others have been well received by consumers as companion apps — mobile apps helping users buy the right product. Power of advertising is most effective at the point of decision making and these mobile apps assist consumers at the apex of an energetic decision making process.

Consumers are most receptive to marketing messages or ads when they are actually shopping and companion apps naturally become the conduit to pass on these messages to the user while she is making purchase decisions. Factors such as 3G penetration, increasing smartphone usage, consumption of utilitarian content on mobile have fuelled the Indian mobile growth story.

I sincerely feel that a reviews portal assisting consumers to take an informed purchase decision would act as a catalyst in the social commerce space bringing the brands and consumers closer without being intrusive. Add to it cheaper smartphones and cheaper 3G rates. According to experts, mobile device activity will outstrip fixed PC usage in emerging countries in a period of five years.

This presents both, a formidable challenge to marketers as well as significant underlying opportunities in terms of leveraging this surge of mobile usage to create a compelling connect for their brands. As per Pitch-Mindhsare Digital Report , mobile, commanded eight per cent share Rs crore , in the digital ad pie worth Rs 1, crore in The figure, by the end of next two months is expected to touch about Rs crore, a growth of 38 per cent. The growth will further accelerate in to garner ad spends worth Rs crore.

And on mobile, which has a uniform presence, they can get across them too through this platform. The emergence of SoLoMo is a vital point towards growth of mobile. No other medium has the ability to bring this triumvirate together in this fashion. A mobile in every hand A recent report by Gartner suggests that by , mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide.

The smartphone and browserequipped enhanced phone base dashing to a crore worldwide, is food for thought for marketers to treat the mobile space with a special focus and attention. Looking at the opportunity ahead, Indian mobile service providers have already jumped into the madvertising bandwagon. The fact that we have such large customer base, and because of the size and age of our base, we have the requisite audience for any brand in the country — the Mercedes user at the upper end or the farmer in the rural market.

There are very few media opportunities that allow you to straddle that spectrum and focus on XYZ audience. With an easy access to a large susbcriber database, and with their profiling filtered, Airtel can easily execute a campaign to the right audience. Precision targeting The emergence of SoLoMo social, local and mobility is a vital point towards the growth of mobile.

No other medium currently has the ability to bring this triumvirate together in this fashion. The power this gives to a marketer to not only communicate a relevant message in the right context at the right. And to use the power of SoLoMo effectively, and make mobile an ultimate tool for marketing, Vincent Digonnet, President, Asia Pacific, Digitas, suggests that the current practice of selling inventory on mobile needs to stop.

There are other categories — auto, insurance and banking — targeting the rural push, too are getting intensive on mobile through SMSes. Nokia has been working towards blurring the line between feature phones and smartphones — where the company is delivering solutions that were previously available only on smartphones, with its Asha range of devices. But do marketers understand the mobile platform enough?

No, as they. Every time, Kaya about the challenges of mobile marketing. It makes sense for Kaya to spend more marketing dollars on mobile, down for the mobile. With India is at best in exploratory mode. The answers to what different cation, requesting the pre-paid user to tune types of consumers are searching on in at 8 PM for the launch.

While marketers are seeing first traces of the power of mobile advertising, in their own admission, m-advertising in India is at best in exploratory mode. Convergence of screens That said, media owners themselves are seeing a convergence of all platforms and looking to be on the mobile space.

On its turn, internet giant, Yahoo too is looking to offer seamless experiences across screens. Our mobile strategy is focused on creating immersive products and brand experiences that span across all of the devices people choose to use. While buying trends on PC increase over weekends, consumption on mobile is greater early morning or evening when people travel to or from work to churning out content.

Messages on Twitter are a topic of discussion at a prime time news broadcast. However, economic slowdown the world over has lessened the intent of companies to invest in trial and error on mobile. What are the new opportunities presented to handset manufacturers with evolution of mobile? The demand for services is consistent across rural and urban consumers. Both segments want entertainment and commerce related services. This presents great opportunities for handset manufacturers to innovate and deliver effective solutions that bring value to the consumer.

Our partnership with operators is aiding data consumption, which helps consumers experience our solutions. For example, with the Asha , for the first time ever, not one but five operators offered special offers and MB data. Any change in handset purchase trends in India? Consumers are moving onto their second and third devices, spurring the growth of smart devices and solutions. These consumers want solutions that help them network, play games, read news, surf on the.

For Nokia, the Asha series of devices, boasts of a range of innovative solutions that were earlier only available on high-end devices. Are mobile manufacturers looking at platforms that can be monetised? Our Nokia store platform today has more than million registered Nokia Store customers globally and offers more than 1.

It is currently driving more than six crore downloads a month in India. Similarly, there are overa a lakh apps available in Windows Phone Marketplace. Both these platforms are extremely successful in terms of app downloads and consumer preferences.

Have smartphones helped mobile become a strong medium? Nokia, over the past year, has been working towards blurring the line between feature phones and smartphones. The company is delivering solutions that were previously only available on smartphones, to the feature phone consumer also. Ignore mobile advertising at your own peril Unlike emails, which reach customers through internet media, mobile ads are considered more reachable and accessible to customers.

From merely being a device where you can dial a number and connect to somebody, there are now dozens of application, games and features to enhance your mobile experience. Smartphones have revolutionised the use of mobile phones with easy to access internet, the ability to send and receive emails, etc. But besides this,. This concept in India has grown and expanded considerably over the past one year and continues to grow.

Handsets are economical to most people and with the availability of data plans for cell phones, communication has reached a completely different level altogether. Now, through cell phones people can not only connect and interact with people but also surf the internet, send and receive emails, listen to music, access social networking sites, etc. It can literally be seen as a mobile laptop! Mobile advertising is not a new proposition in the Indian context, though many believe that it is yet to garner its dues in terms of attracting a large chunk of marketing spends.

The digital industry has been. Close to new apps are downloaded by users every month. But at the same time, it furnishes more space for growth and experiments by industry players India has, however, emerged as the largest mobile advertising destination in the Asia Pacific region in According to BuzzCity Report , mobile advertising in India stands at about Rs crore at the moment.

With a growth rate of more than 44 per cent and million ad impressions served, this standing is way ahead of its immediate next — Indonesia, which stands at a growth rate of 31 per cent and scores 3, million ad impressions.

The shift from TV to computer and from computer to mobile is happening and brands are getting into the bandwagon. It will be interesting to see how brands leverage the industry and explore the opportunities. Unlike emails, which reach customers through internet media, mobile ads are considered more reachable and accessible to customers because of the portable feature of mobile phones.

Also, SMS ads offer end-to-end brand promotion solutions immediately and effectively. The upsurge of pocket internet is yet another driver of mobile advertising. The boom in apps or application economy sets the stage for driving next level of growth for mobile advertising in India.

Close to new apps are downloaded by users every month, which in itself is a proof of the growing application market on mobile. This will throw open a completely new dimension to connecting with consumers beyond brand communication opportunity.

Relevant deals and offers can now be pushed to customers based on their location and unique offer codes will aid better customer profiling and measuring the efficacy of such programmes. The explosion of video consumption on mobile phones. While we watched the London Olympics live on television through several hours of daily programming, many opted to get their dose of the sporting action online through YouTube, Dailymotion and other related websites through mobile devices.

YouTube is also being viewed as a marketing tool by advertisers and marketers across cat-. Location Based Services will throw open a completely new dimension to connecting with consumers beyond brand communication opportunity is another phenomenon that has led to consumer interactivity and engagement. With the growth of smartphones and tablets, some of the video sites have witnessed significant growth in real-time traffic now coming from mobile devices.

Today YouTube almost streams more than four billion online videos every day out of India and mobile forms an integral part of it. In fact, industry watchers whisper that it may replace TV network also with apps being downloaded by the viewers to watch their favorite programmes on the television channels.

Today, number of hours of viewership of some of the popular music television channels on YouTube. Advertising on YouTube is measurable and sharply targeted. Video ads on YouTube have become extremely popular with users and brands. There is not even an ounce of doubt that mobiles devices will dominate the future of internet and data services in coming times.

With 60 million unique mobile internet users in India and with quarter-on-quarter growth of close to 20 per cent in , it is imperative for brands to start opening their purse strings towards high impact mobile advertising campaigns. What are the trends that you see in the mobile ad network today? The mobile ecosystem in India, currently, is highly fragmented with app developers and publishers.

So the content creation for these millions of users is done by a variety of independent developers - small and media enterprises to large media houses. Because of massive fragmentation of content creation, the role of the ad network in this ecosystem has gained significant importance. As an ad network, I can consolidate an audience, which is spread across multiple apps and multiple publishers. We create various audience profiles and segments and over and above that from a technology point of view, the ad network apart from consolidating this fragmentation, brings in the layer of superior targeting and superior technology.

What is the differentiating factor between feature phones and smartphones when it comes to advertising? Which one has a larger share and why? India is a free market unlike the developed markets, where people buy devices through a carrier and the carrier subsidises the cost.

Here they want a Samsung or a Nokia and have a brand loyalty towards a specific brand. Of the million mobile internet users in India today, almost 85 percent of the users are browsing the internet using smarter feature-phones.

The major focus is around content consumption than the make or model. We just know how to consume the content from any device. Right from a metro like Mumbai to a guy in Bareli, he discovers himself that which device is good for him to browse content. Do you think the mobile space is underpenetrated in terms of advertising spends? For the last two years, we have been advocating this to the market and bringing them up to speed. When you reach out to a mobile internet user, you are reaching out to a pan India audience.

Traditionally, for them when they were reaching through the digital, through the PC, they knew that 80 per cent of the digital audience of the PC would come from the metros. With mobile that is not the case. Traditional digital advertising on PC is shifting to mobile. As marketers, when they looked at the digital advertising space two years back, they would look at PC users, who came from Tier-I or. Tier-II cities. Today, when you talk about digital advertising on the mobile phone, marketers are getting more aware that only 10 per cent of the users are from the metros and 90 per cent of the users are from the rest of the country.

Is there a gap between what marketers understand about this medium and how they use it? Yes, there is a gap, but I would not at all blame them. First of all, mobile marketing has started gaining traction in the last two years only. A digital marketer has seen the advent of Facebook, the advent of Twitter, and other social media platforms and even videos on Youtube, and all had to learn it all in just little time.

They will have to invest in people and get up to speed with this. Do you think that display ads are the major focus as of now? Majority of the marketers that are traditional in approach, look at display. Some give equal importance to both search and display. From a marketers perspective, what are the advertising needs on the mobile space? It is about what my audience is doing on mobile.

It is the biggest real estate. People are not spending time in front of the TV as they are on mobile. This screen is there for hours in front of you, where users spend on average 30 minutes of active browsing in a day. Marketers are seeing that while television is getting the maximum eyeballs ibetween 6 PM and 9 PM in the evening, a mobile phone is with you throughout the day.

During the hour-period, the user engages with the mobile screen during the course of day. Marketers know that people are doing that. What are the key challenges that you see in this space from your point of view as an ad network? Whether it is the advertising agency or the marketers, like for any other new medium, they have to learn the possibilities on this medium and understand the ecosystem in a short time.

But how fast can they learn and leverage. Whether it is the advertising agency or the marketers, like for any other new medium, they have to learn the possibilities on this medium this medium, is the big question. The second challenge is if they are committed to the medium, how fast they can put dedicated resources who can invest 12 hours a day to deal with opportunities on this medium.

They know that the country has a scalable audience in terms of million mobile internet users currently, growing up to million in the next two years. Mohit Beotra, Head — Emerging Business, Airtel, in conversation with Shree Lahiri speaks about mobile advertising industry, its prospects, opportunities and challenges. Mobile advertising is at that cusp today; when it will explode?

Increasingly, companies are realising the importance of the mobile platform and are going forward, and we will see continued momentum of advertisers wanting to address users. We entered m-advertising, because we believed it was opportune for us to make it available to marketers. What are the implications of your tie-up with Mogae, which also makes Airtel a media seller? We felt the need to partner with Mogae, not just in one area, but in multiple areas.

Much like a media agency, they have a challenging job — a strategic media planning job — if you have a problem they provide a solution. In mobile advertising, the opportunities are large and Mogae, after studying the problem provides the. We have a large customer base and requisite audience for any brand — the Mercedes user at the upper end or the farmer in the rural. What are the opportunities in mobile advertising? All these address the core challenge; nobody knows what they can do with the mobile.

Internationally, operators have done this, but in India we are the first to do this. We will facilitate the opportunity, because we know clients will eventually take it up. You are a marketer and you want to do mobile advertising, and if you go to any media agency, the problem is they will sell the database blind, that may address a Mercedes owner and also an Alto owner at the same time.

But we will help marketers to do this based on mobile usage, so efficacy of campaign comes in. Are we pragmatic in the high expectations that the industry has from mobile in India? Our understanding of the consumer behaviour with respect to mobile usage is nascent.

The answers to what different types of consumers are searching on their smart phones, what kind of ads they respond to, the difference between web and mobile usage at best can be said to be exploratory in nature. Today, we are in the foreword section of the book called Mobile Marketing. Is the growth in the number of smartphones helping mobile to become a strong medium of advertising in India?

The growth in the numbers and the potential experience of smartphones does allow one to sit up and take notice. But we have a long way to go before we start diverting a significant percentage of the marketing budget for mobile advertising. From a marketer point of view, what are the advantages that are unique to mobile? There is an increased intent to act when it comes to mobile usage.

Marketers need to be ready to. We have a long way to go before we start diverting a significant percentage of the marketing budget for mobile advertising. For example, the intent difference between someone at home browsing through new restaurants in the city versus a mobile user looking for the nearest option to grab a sandwich before he heads into his meeting. This opportunity then has to translate into business numbers also.

From a marketer standpoint, what are the challenges that mobile, as a medium, is facing in India? To be able to deliver a new and different experience to the customer. It is not enough to just mobile optimise your website, the medium needs to independently deliver a brand experience. Going forward an opportunity to do a mobile brand campaign. Is it possible to activate a purchase intent on mobile? Having said that security too would be a concern. Is mobile advertising something that would interest you?

We are testing to see what works and does not in the mobile world and developing the building blocks that ensure that investments in mobile advertising are sustainable and profitable. These ad networks provide solutions to both advertisers and publishers. While they provide tools to publishers to help them manage and optimise their online advertising, they connect advertisers to their vast ad inventory.

Tools and Formats In terms of the different ways in which these networks help to target customers as well as the ad formats in use, most players are of the opinion that it varies according to categories and client objectives. Ad networks help in geographical targeting, behavioural targeting, and contextual targeting. That is one area of it. Then we think about insights. A new facility has opened up on Facebook where you can now target on the basis of email address and phone number.

We have 1. A lot of ad networks in India continue to use cookies to retarget their customers. When it comes to the various ad formats in use, the standard IAB Interactive Advertising Bureau formats are used most prominently and each network also has its own formats. Tyroo serves ads for its clients in the form of text ads, web banners, video banners and expandable, pushdown etc. IAB has set standards and guidelines for all digital ad formats.

Tyroo is a digital media network that has worked with brands like Myntra. With the growing dominance of video, video banners are also becoming popular. De Souza from Zedo, whose company serves a lot of editorial websites in the country like NDTV, Walt Disney, UTV, and Hindustan Times, among others, feels that while the Slider has begun to be used widely in India and has good click rates and high visibility, there is tremendous opportunity in getting television advertising on the internet.

A lot of ad networks continue to use cookies to retarget their customers. Cookie retargeting is not perfect because computers are mostly shared. He goes ahead to talk about the major trends that will define this space. Besides this,. On the difference in strategy that needs to be adopted for e-commerce players, Soni says that the aim is to drive reach and do smaller campaigns.

Many networks like Ozone Media, for instance, have also started offering. But what are the metrics that make measurability of web easy and to be precise. Atul Hegde, Chief Executive Officer at Ignitee, a digital marketing agency, lists the standard metrics that are used. According to him, unique page views, the average time spent on the website, the average visits per user along with the past performance and the rates versus reach rationale are some of the factors. When it comes to the measurement of online properties and the uniform metrics that people rely on, ComScore, Adobe Omniture, apart from Google Analytics are some tools.

The metrics used by each advertiser also vary depending on the underlying goal of the digital strategy. Komli worked on a coupon basis for a key retailer in the country Verma did not divulge the name and these coupons were given. On analysis, it turned out that on every Rs 1, that was spent in terms of discount, advertising, and promotion; there was an ROI of Rs 22, Easy Measurability: Boon or Bane?

While measurability and ability to receive real time data are often cited as strategic advantages of the digital platform, have we overdone this measurement quotient leading to it becoming an obstacle rather than an added plus? Most agency heads seem to agree in unison. Digital should be looked at from a frequency perspective rather than only lead generating medium.

An intense scrutiny of the internet media for ROI and the demand of most marketers to see every minute data point for analysis are the other challenges that agencies face when it comes to measurability. Facebook Ad Inventory. In this, there are two types of ads, marketplace ads, one which can be accessed and used by anyone and premium ads, which are high priced and offer advantages of guaranteed exposure, greater interaction, roadblocks, target blocks, exclusive coverage.

Networks are keen on increasing the awareness about this facility and make marketers include premium ad spends as part of their marketing plan. With deeper internet penetration and the greater usage of smartphones, video advertising is also becoming popular. This coupled with the growing convergence of smart devices; agencies are now providing advertising solutions across PCs, mobile, tablet, smart TVs, consoles and so on.

One such player is Affle, which recently launched Ripple, a rich media and video advertising network. Supported by HTML 5 and Flash, Ripple claims to differentiate itself from other ad-networks by providing an integrated platform across all devices. Challenges The digital ecosystem operates on a different format than traditional advertising and for marketers to fully utilise the opportunities presented by online advertising networks, their awareness about this platform needs to increase.

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