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Weblagu proxy, unblock access pages and surveys, but Weblagu offers direct downloads through a very responsive and fast server. BitTorrent search engine TorrentSpy has been involved in a legal battle The real question is, if a user bounces off a proxy in another.

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Torrentspy proxy server

torrentspy proxy server

A torrent protocol not always using the server, a torrent can download data both High-profile examples include the closing of, Torrentspy. you can run a search at Find yourself a US-based transparent proxy server and configure your browser to use it. A federal judge has ordered TorrentSpy to begin keeping server logs of its users' So, are they going to plaster the site with links to proxies, or? ORNAMENTY KWIATOWE DARMOWE TORRENTY DevOps Engineer by the Filtered data users are disconnected Normally Norton provides. The upgrade processes devices into remote. But is it. That move with session manager, when re- moves the.

Final Notes. As activities of governments to block file-sharing sites continue, Weblagu seems little affected by this but nonetheless one should tread carefully into sites that look compromising, though needless to say Weblagu is far from a site that looks compromising. The website contains an extensive amount of old and new TV shows with a large selection of Movies. In terms of content, the website has a lot of TV shows and movies but it does not contain all the latest shows that the users may be after.

Functionality Perhaps the weakest aspect of this website is how it looks. With a dark background and blue font on top of that it can be very difficult to read and navigate through the website. The website does contain categories for different content and also gives the users a list of popular shows and movies but does not contain posters for movies or shows upon initial search and the users have to open the links in order to see the details of the show.

While searching for different movies the website only lists the most popular movies based on the hints and does not categorize them based on the genre or year of release. All of these weaknesses contribute an average experience that otherwise could have been great. In terms of content, Icefilms has a very large collection of old shows and movies but it fails to deliver most of the modern TV shows and movies.

Design and Suggestions The site navigation is difficult due to the weak design and on top of that users also need to install a codec in order to properly view the site and enjoy all its functionalities that are very few to begin with. When trying to watch a movies or TV shows the users have to go through multiple links in order to finally reach the video stream.

The streaming quality is also a bit slow that further hampers the experience. Overall the website fails to live up to the expectation and delivers a very mediocre and sometimes confusing experience. I would suggest a complete redesign of the website, but first make the content easily viewable and downloadable. One of the most fascinating facts about the German population is that they love to dub any movie to their own language, including even in their most famous cinemas.

As a site that provides every single movie dubbed in the German language, it is by far one of the best sites out there for this specific purpose. Movie buffs who do not understand German, stop reading right now. The rest of you follow me. Functionality In a short sentence, Kinox. To provides everything a user needs in order to watch movies in the German language.

From the home page to the last page, the site provides numerous instructions on how to download movies, explains their policies, and provides further items that will please even the most uninstructed user that is using a file sharing site for the first time. Features of the site worth noting are the tools and the playlists categories. The Tools category immediately provides the user with any movie-related inquiry application-wise, starting with adobe flash and ending with various movie players; this greatly reduces any bothersome feelings for those who are not quite sure how to start their file sharing experience.

The Playlist category is a similar category as seen in IMDb where a user or staff creates a watch list of movies based on a theme or title, but this feature offers a lot more: It offers a more specific list of movies, ordered from first to last, while offering to stream them completely for free and in a sequential order. Sort of like NAT but way more complicated to make work.

How about if the site owners started paying one guy in the Netherlands to "maintain" the server for them, like a contractor? Or just created a separate company over there that legally owned the servers, and Bunnell was the "contractor" to maintain it. I don't see what the logs could do to help the MPAA anyway.

They have to prove you actually downloaded the actual content, or shared it, in order to do anything. Just because you downloaded a file that pointed to the tracker that pointed to the other users who had the parts doesn't make you guilty of anything illegal. If they actually perform a download from you and thereby prove that you were sharing it, then they wouldn't need server logs to prove you searched for a non-infringing file. Besides, they can't prove you actually downloaded any content in advance, since they'd have to already have gotten access to your PC; the only way they can see that you're downloading something is if they're offering it to be shared.

Either way if they see you attempting a download that's presumably probable cause enough, I don't suppose they have to prove in advance that you downloaded the whole thing in order to get an arrest. Like a proxy server? Therefore, it must be logged. So really then what you need is some kind of magic quantum computer that can process data without ever actually having it. Or maybe just one that can process data while it's still encrypted, so you can log it all you like, but you still can't read it.

TorrentSpy is in the Netherlands, well outside U. S jurisdiction. The owner of TorrentSpy has said he would probably cut off access to the U. S before complying with the order. Not the first time the U. S has tried to enforce it's copyright law in other countries.

Of course the question is does just downloading. That seems to be the only information the MPAA is asking for. At first thought I had considered that perhaps this was not legal,since you cannot simply 'take'information on a simple accusation.

A couple of telephone companies had a situation like this in the US. I dont recollect who,or what the outcome was. Too seems this is what was done with Napster as well. The warrant part being the question much the same as that of DHS's idea of blanketed surveylance. Yet there the ideal is only given press since the relationship is something of government aquantance. This doesn't seem fair. As always. Just blanketing a service -for evidence. From many persons who do not have relationships to the lawbreakers.

A lot of technology is going to unscrupulous parties,if only in the form of this 'information'. Maybe even so that they do not have party to 'discover'. Yet this is only within the aquantance of the information. Again same situation in the fact of a government having to replicate personal information,not respecting its person,or the ideal of a body intrensic to its honor of it.

Sooner or later the public will be able to see through the mask of what MPAA actually solicits to. And what it really receives for. Especially since they do not actually represent the 'legal letter of copyright. They only represent the body presumed partaking to it. Representing 'their'work,or works. I was trying to find some 'Star Trek on the web the other night. So finding the availability of some movie films,or shows on the web is a desent proposition.

Star Trek has been kicked around for quite some time by almost every major broadcaster who had a hand in the signal motion of it. What Star Trek should do is get itself back on prime time web. Yet I know,the web site shows nothing of any 'real viewing. And how is it 'streaming is only the stuff that 'needs'advertising.? Star Trek has been paid for over and over again already.

You can find Star Trek for sale on Apple Itunes. That is from the original series. Clearly back in the 60s. See MPAA really 'should ''know''what they are trying to bag. They shouldn't have to think they are before a communicating public. Is it like asking Kirk,or Spock,or the federation to 'free our people or something?

Should there be a distress call from the opressed on the planet? For some reason copyright still would not be able to hear it. Since fiction,and non-fiction is still publication. And communication within copyright is syndication.

Somebody smart enough will figure their folly out for them. I'd like to tell them so. Yet they cannot not 'hear'',like nobody can actually really listen,or see. Why judges 'understand''MPAA. And RIAA. Copying copyrighted works in a communicative curcumstance should be a civil right written directly into copyright law.

But I imagine one to many communications would not be included. Everybody is a behavorialist. After it's all said and done What is the real differance between something had through torrentspy and something had through DRM-free Itunes? They want the server logs not so that they can go after individuals since that doesn't seem to be working out for them very well anymore. They want the logs so they can show that a large amount of people are downloading their IP illegaly. Any judge would concede that if you have a million downloads of various MPAA IP alone, of that a very large percentage is reasonably downloading the content and not just a file.

Keep in mind that in a civil case not criminal there is no such thing as "beyond a shadow of doubt. If the MPAA and RIAA can show that these sites are providing indirect infringement, simply using the server logs, even if they are masked, could show that these sites are involved in indrect infringement.

So, if I oned one of the sites, here is what I would do. Have friends and various other sources spread the word for people to download and create torrents for non-infringing files. If the public ie. You see, the only way for torrents to survive, is if the protocol can be shown to have real world uses that out weigh the use for piracy.

If the MPAA has any sense, it's going after the uploaders, especially the original seeders. There are a relatively small number of usernames that regularly post torrents and going after them would be far more effective than the RIAA blunderbuss technique. If these people are smart, they're using proxies, but end-point logs are the first link of the chain.

Unfortunately any victory will merely be temporary, remember Suprnova? One you have to pay for, the other you don't. Good thing I don't bother with the torrent scheme. It's such a BS loophole used to trick technology-ignorant judges. What justification do they even have for ordering the turnover of the logs anyways? I've used these sites before for actual legitimate purposes a couple of times. One of them being, downloading World Of Warcraft when the games website was down and I was unable to get the game client from there.

I mean, if people don't want to be seen, they MUST be doing something wrong, right?!?!? Crazy Diamond: pretty much My question then becomes: What is the real differance between something had through torrentspy and something DRM-free had for free as in some advertising promotion from some company through Itunes?

How come we can tell G. That he cannot surveil in this way-and be responsible. If a business is a person. They have deprived them of their own IP property. I can see that I am not a lawyer. But somebody can see the total sum folly these types of law boxers levy. That somehow we are ignorant and they can get away with ignoring 'civil'in the part that means its to be so.

It is total folly if MPAA is allowed to levy the same type of ignorange on the rights of our person. Then ignore it to be so. Somebody can see this. The law in its freqent is not meant to have this miscarriage for sure of difference in reason of law. This type of evidence gather should be considered a wire-tap,and should be considered illegal. This just makes us move closer and closer to fully encrypted P2P and more powerful darknets, which is not necessarily a bad thing. This is court ordered, and pending appeal, so I consider it pretty much legal.

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It tracked torrent files which were hosted externally and provided a forum to comment on them.

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torrentspy proxy server

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