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The Web was designed to support user-performed publishing and access to documents in both textual and graphical forms. That capability was quickly supplemented by means to discover content. The web-browser was the 'killer app' associated with the explosion of the Internet into the wider world during the mids. The technology was developed in by an Englishman, supported by a Belgian, working in Switzerland, but with the locus soon migrating to Illinois and then to Massachusetts in Australians were not significant contributors to the original technology, but were among the pioneers in its application.

This paper traces the story of the Web in Australia from its beginnings in , up to , identifying key players and what they did, set within the broader context, and reflecting the insights of the theories of innovation and innovation diffusion. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Research Method 3. Precursors to the Web 3.

The World Wide Web 4. The Web in Australia 5. Interpretation 7. Discussion 8. Introduction There have been multiple occasions on which adoption of an infrastructural technology has gone hand-in-glove with adoption of a dependent technology or product. In a similar manner, the Web-browser played the role of the 'killer app' when the Internet become generally accessible in The standing of the Web in popular imagination is so high that many people perceive the Web to be the Internet.

The Web has been highly successful in its original intentions in relation to the electronic publishing of documents and the gaining of access to them. It has been extended and compromised by scores of features, both standards-based and proprietary. Many of these have addressed not publishing, but commerce and government, initially to static devices eCommerce and more recently to mobile handsets MCommerce. Meanwhile, the content aspects have been subjected to continual assaults by corporations seeking to 'monetise' and to monopolise the 'information commons' that the Web enabled.

As the Web continues to be formed, deformed and reformed under these stresses, it is important to retain a clear view of its origins and nature. General histories have been written, both by the originators and observers. Existing documents primarily adopt the perspective of technology-providers.

This paper, on the other hand, summarises available information about the early years of the the World Wide Web in a single country, and reflects the views of technology-users, adopting the perspectives of individuals and organisations that applied the technology. The following section considers the appropriate approach to adopt to a presentation of history of this kind, and outlines two bodies of theory that provide the interpretive framework within which the story is told.

The paper then reviews relevant services that pre-dated the launch of the Web, and outlines the initial phases of the Web as a whole. This provides the necessary platform for the tracing of developments within Australia, commencing in mid, through the pioneering year of and the early-adopter year of , and into Interpretations are made about key factors in the success of the Web as innovation. Speculative comments are offered about the Web's future directions. Research Method The academic discipline of history features the use of primary sources wherever possible, accurate chronology, and careful construction of narrative Sewell It pays attention to the questions of where, who, when and what, before it turns to the question of why Gottschalk Some history contributions focus on narrative, whereas other works extend beyond telling a story to being reflective, evaluative or comparative Garraghan Specialists in disciplines other than history face considerable challenges when they blunder into historical analysis of their own field, especially if they do so only a relatively short time after the events they are focussing on Jordanova On the other hand, a great deal of the primary material in the IT arena is ephemeral, and much is already lost or in the process of being lost; so blunder into historical analysis we must.

The research on which this paper is based is an extension to an ongoing project that has documented the 'Origins and Nature of the Internet in Australia', whose most recent version is at Clarke a. That paper still appears to be the primary historical report on that topic, although it has now been joined by an official court-history of Australia's Academic and Research Network AARNet - Korporaal The delay of years between the events and the conduct of the research created difficulties in gathering material.

The research commenced with a review of the author's own library and email-archive, which in Internet matters date back to the end of the s. Conventional literature searches and web-searches were conducted. Additional information was gathered from people who were active in the field during the relevant period. Successive drafts were published to relevant electronic communities sporadically between and After each round of feedback, references were added, existing text was amended and new material was incorporated.

A participant in the events that are to be chronicled has the advantages of material to hand, a network of sources, understanding of and insights into the process as well as the product, and existing frames of reference within which to hang the factual material. Those factors are counter-balanced by many disadvantages.

A mere 20 years' remove is too short for any observer to achieve perspective. Even worse, a participant is afflicted by their involvement, with their judgements influenced by knowledge of some of the individuals and institutions. The participant-researcher also subscribes to assumptions that were conventional at the time but may be questioned by future historians. And much as such researchers might strive for a neutral or universalist perspective, they remain subject to cognitive limitations.

Added to that are the constraints of place and time, because factors that were significant in that particular period in the particular geographical area of study may have been materially different from those applying elsewhere. Two broad areas of theory have been relied upon to provide a framework and language within which the narrative can be developed.

The first area of theory is innovation, and the second is the diffusion of innovations. Invention is the conception of a 'new idea', which may be expressed in textual language, or in a formalised language such as mathematics or precise drawings, or may be embodied in an artefact or process.

Innovation is a step beyond invention, and is concerned with the deployment of an idea or cluster of ideas in the real world. This may involve the articulation of an invention, that is to say, its integration into an existing category of artefacts or processes, including adjustments to them so that they can accommodate the new idea. Innovation involves an intervention into a pre-existing context. Intellectually, an innovation builds on prior ideas, and practically it depends on various elements of existing infrastructure.

Successful innovations can often be seen as means of releasing potentials that already existed within the existing infrastructure but were incapable of being exploited without a change of some kind. Innovation may be incremental or revolutionary, depending on the extent to which the pre-existing arefacts and processes remain in place after the change has occurred.

The innovation concept is applicable in many contexts, and is the subject of multiple and diverse literatures, particularly in economics, anthropology and management studies. Innovations in IT have been argued to be more dependent on creative actions within user communities than is the case in most other contexts Tuomi Diffusion of Innovation DoI theory purports to explain how technological innovation is communicated through particular channels, over time, among the members of a social system.

It posits a succession of stages through which each adopter is likely to pass: knowledge exposure to its existence, and understanding of its functions ; persuasion the forming of a favourable attitude to it ; decision commitment to its adoption ; implementation putting it to use ; and confirmation reinforcement based on positive outcomes from it. According to DoI theory, mass media channels are relatively more important at the knowledge stage, whereas interpersonal channels are relatively more important at the persuasion stage.

Characteristics of an innovation that have a substantial impact on its success are: relative advantage the degree to which it is perceived to be better than what it supersedes ; compatibility consistency with existing values, past experiences and needs ; complexity difficulty of understanding and use ; trialability the degree to which it can be experimented with on a limited basis ; and observability the visibility of its results.

The theory proposes rather different patterns of attitude and behaviour among the following, successive adopter categories: innovators venturesome ; early adopters respectable ; early majority deliberate ; late majority sceptical ; laggards traditional. In light of these considerations, the purpose of this paper can be refined. It presents a narrative history of the first two years of the World Wide Web in Australia, working within the constraints of the available information, utilising the precepts of the theories of innovation and innovation diffusion, and adopting the perspectives not of the originators of the technology but of individuals and organisations that applied the technology.

The following two sections provide the necessary background to the narrative, by presenting the context into which the World Wide Web was injected, and the nature of the innovation. The Web depended on the existence of telecommunications networks, protocols to enable the transfer of data over those networks, and software that implemented the protocols. Some of the technologies listed below pre-dated the Web and were known to its developers, whereas others were closely parallel developments.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the emergent understanding of electricity and the development of electro-mechanics and electronics led to the 'electric telegraph'. Services commenced in the mids, first in the UK Salford and very shortly afterwards in the USA, with the first international connection crossing the English Channel in These used variations in electrical impulses along wires to carry data, initially expressed in Morse code.

By encoding an analogue representation of the human voice, telephone distant sound services emerged in the s. From the mids, the telex network abbreviated from 'teleprinter exchange' used typewriters for input and output rather than morse-key transmitters, and Baudot code rather than Morse.

A comprehensive but US-oriented account is in Huurdeman A comprehensive European alternative has not been located, but see Stumpers and Standage By the s, the public switched telephone network PSTN was the most extensive telecommunications network, reaching to most homes and virtually all businesses, large and small Andrews It was designed specifically for the transmission of an analogue representation of the human voice. However, many sets of dedicated connections were used to transfer data and transactions.

Many of those were what are now called private networks, operated within a single organisation. Some of them were operated by service-providers often called Value-Added Network suppliers or VANs , which carried traffic for their customers. From the late s onwards, modems from modulator-demodulator emerged, to convert data into the analogue form carried on the PSTN. Individuals and small organisations quickly harnessed dial-up, voice-grade lines to create bulletin-board systems BBS , commencing as early as Peter , and well-supported by FidoNet from the mids Wikipedia.

During the late s and s, modem-based Videotex services were available using many different standards, such as Ceefax, Prestel and Minitel, typically supporting bps towards the user and 75bps on the back-channel. The only national service that achieved significant penetration was France's Minitel Its success appears to have been primarily due to what the French called 'messageries roses' and the English-speaking world usually calls 'adult chat'.

After a very long gestation period, fax tele-facsimile services were rapidly adopted during the s, to transmit images over the PSTN, primarily images of documents. These initially used acoustic-couplers, and later modems, to map between the pixels that made up the images and the voice-analogue for which the PSTN was designed.

It took until for modem technology to reach 56Kbps - although the achieveable speed was heavily dependent on the quality of the line. Early broadband services in many countries, primarily ADSL at Kbps became economic for small business and consumers only from the late s.

Until the s, the PSTN and all other networks were 'switched', with each segment along a path from sender to recipient committed to that pair of players for the duration of a session. A new approach emerged, whereby segments of the network did not need to be committed to a single user-pair.

In packet-switched networks, messages are interleaved, so that the available capacity can be shared among many users Davies , Baran The packet-switched networks that have been implemented since c. An Open Systems Interconnection OSI movement arose, whose intention was to ensure reliable communications among devices and networks using packet-switching technologies Zimmermann It produced elegant standards, but did so through slow, bureaucratic processes, and delivered networks that operated relatively slowly.

Meanwhile, a US academic project funded from Department of Defense sources, the ARPANet, fostered a more pragmatic approach that proved to be sufficiently reliable and much more nimble Russell Within years, these protocols came to be used within most networks as well as between them. The Internet quickly emerged within academe, initially in the USA, but with tentacles reaching out to other countries Leiner et al.

By the end of , the scale of the 'network of networks' and the growth in the traffic it was carrying were rapidly becoming unsustainable by the research community alone. The 'Acceptable Use Policy' for the Internet was relaxed in March , allowing much more commercial traffic, and at the same time opening the backbone to a competitive environment.

Adoption by individuals, business and government climbed, and geographical reach widened still further. Among many other impacts, use of the telex network collapsed during the late s, because email had quickly become widely accessible. An important means of doing this was the file transfer protocol FTP , whose origins go back to Four decades later, FTP continues to be very widely-used. Some types of files were not intended for the human eye, particularly executable software, but also data that is pre-formatted for processing by software.

Many files, however, were intended to be printed or displayed in a form directly usable by people. These initially contained text, tables and images. Progressively, audio, video and animation formats emerged, which were designed to be 'played' to humans' ears and eyes. The verb 'to render' has come to be used to encompass all of 'display', 'print' and 'play'. As the content being transmitted became more substantial, as files became larger, as users became more impatient, and as copyright-owners became more defensive, a variant of file-transfer was developed, referred to as streaming.

A file-transfer, at least as that term is used in the context of the FTP protocol, treats each file as a unit, and stores it on the recipient's device. One of the results of the file-transfer approach is that none of the content can be used until the transfer is complete. Streaming, on the other hand, enables the file's contents to be rendered progressively. This may be useful for text and image, but is particularly appropriate for audio and video, especially when they are live transmissions of current events Wikipedia.

A further feature of the file-transfer approach is that complete copies of the file proliferate, on every recipient's device. This has the effect of compromising the ability of copyright-owners to exploit their monopoly in order to gain revenue. Streaming offers them the benefit of avoiding the automatic storage of the content on every recipient's device - although, because all of the content reaches every device, however ephemerally, it is feasible for any recipient device to accumulate and store the data.

File-transfer long pre-dates the development of the Web. Streaming, on the other hand, emerged from , as the Web was being adopted. There are benefits, however, in distinguishing among a document's structure, its content, and the presentation of that structure and content. A receiving device can run software that interprets the structure and content, and renders the content in manner appropriate to the device and its user. This enables one source-document to be rendered on devices with very different characteristics, such as a desktop with a very large colour screen, a handheld with a small grey-scale screen, or an audio-speaker by means of text-to-voice technology.

This approach may also assist in circumstances in which standards change, e. The way in which the structure is conveyed is commonly by means of meta-symbols, in much the same way in which editors have passed their detailed instructions to type-setters throughout the years of the Gutenberg era. This activity was referred to as 'marking up' the source-document, and hence the general term used in the area is 'mark-up'.

Early forms of mark-up language for computer-readable documents were Runoff and troff Kernighan Soon afterwards, Scribe clarified the key feature of separation of content, structure and presentation Reid SGML was highly extensible, and resulted in many specialised sets of tags for marking up documents. See generally Furuta But it was necessary to know which file to transfer, and from where to where.

An important element of extracting value from networks was therefore the discovery of relevant files. Progress was made initially with the discovery of files that contained text. Indexing of holy books dates to at least the thirteenth century, which saw the preparation of both Grosseteste's topical concordance of the Bible and Hugh of St Cher's word concordance Wikipedia. Concordances of other religious works appear to post-date , including the Jewish Talmud JE and the Koran Kidwai Free-text search software was developed during the s, and was a well-established service in the s.

The software was originally designed to be used within a single site, but the searches could be submitted, and the results received, over networks. The name was a contraction of 'Archive'. It was a tool for indexing FTP archives, allowing people to find specific files - "an archipelago of scattered FTP archives is melded into a coherent, distributed information system" Ciolek Hence Archie was arguably the first Internet search engine, operational in In April , Gopher was released by a team at the University of Minnesota.

It provided a free-text search mechanism across multiple collections of textual data, and was specifically designed for use on the Internet. It had a strongly hierarchical style, based on nested menus Wikipedia. Veronica was a search-engine across multiple gopher servers developed in at the University of Nevada, Reno. It provided an indexing mechanism and a powerful, structured search tool for text-files stored on networks.

In retrospect, some downsides of what appeared at the time to be breakthrough technology were that WAIS required registration in a central catalogue using structured metadata, and did not have a mechanism for automatic discovery of new sites or new files Wikipedia. A review of these file-discovery mechanisms is in Ciolek They pre-date by several years the search-engines that later came to dominate Web-usage - Lycos from July , Altavista from December until about , and Google only from The text-indexing mechanisms discussed in the preceding paragraphs can be regarded as 'brute force' approaches, seeking to deliver value from a mechanical process.

But the parts of a text are not equal in their significance. For example, the occurrence of a word in a document's title, or in the Abstract, may be much more significant than a dozen occurrences within the text as a whole. There is also a considerable difference between the use of a person's name within text, and in the part of the document that identifies the authors.

Grosseteste's topical concordance of the Bible of c. The notion 'topic' is a form of 'metadata' - data that describe files. Common examples are title, author, publisher and as a refinement of Grosseteste's 'topics' author-nominated keywords - which may be free-choice or limited to a controlled vocabulary, and which may or may not be supported by a thesaurus of synonyms.

Information professionals need much greater precision than is possible using brute-force free-text search-engines like Lycos, Altavista and Google. They are much better served by discovery tools that take advantage of metadata. Precedence algorithms, notably Google's, have been so successful in delivering convenient and good-enough search facilities for the masses that metadata-based search of text is little-known. On the other hand, as non-text files have proliferated, metadata has been the primary basis on which the discovery of relevant images, sound and video can be achieved.

Both the terms 'hypermedia' and 'hypertext' appear to have been coined by Ted Nelson in , when he was in his mid-twenties Wikipedia , with the earliest documentation of the terms in Nelson and Wedeles respectively. Even Nelson's original, conception included using contemporary rather than contemporaneous terminology granularity rather than linearity of text-segments, links, auto-indexing, versioning, forking, annotation and outlining.

Although motivated by the needs of creative writers, the model's scope expressly encompassed documents such as instruction manuals, statute law, PERT networks, family trees and circuit design Nelson , pp. Essentially it is a file with certain storage provisions which, combined, permit the file's contents to be arranged any-which-way, and in any number of ways at once.

A set of manipulation functions permits making changes or keeping track of developments. The file is capable of maintaining many different arrangements at the same time, many of which may be dormant" p. A long-running project called Xanadu commenced in Wikipedia , Nelson The ideas were progressively described in greater detail, with some important additions such as 'transclusion' inclusion by reference and micro-payments.

Many partial implementations of hypertext and hypermedia ideas were prototyped through the s and s, although few made it into the mainstream. An important exception was Apple's HyperCard, available Wikipedia. An outline of the concept appears on p. Xanadu was overtaken by the Web, and suffered the fate anticipated by an early reviewer: "it may ultimately drown in its own good intentions" Smoliar Looking back at the failure of Xanadu to deliver on its promise, Nelson later said "HTML is precisely what we were trying to PREVENT-- ever-breaking links, links going outward only, quotes you can't follow to their origins, no version management, no rights management" Nelson , undated, in Pam The following sections show how, for all its massive inadequacies, the simple pragmatism of the Web, built on a highly-flawed markup language and trivially simple hotlinks, broke through.

The World Wide Web The World Wide Web more succinctly, just 'the Web' emerged between and , within the intellectual context described in the previous section. It began as a means of making documents readily discoverable and transferrable over networks, and conveniently displayable to the user on their own computing device. Subsequent developments are outlined in later sections. The Web uses a very simple form of hyperlink, referred to as a hotlink.

The organisational setting within which it was developed was a large scientific laboratory. This section provides a brief overview of the timeline over which the several elements emerged. It is not intended to be comprehensive, but as a means of setting the scene for the emergence of the Web in Australia, which is described in the following section. See also Reid The first sub-section addresses the need for files to be stored on servers, and protocols to be defined, and implemented in software, to enable those files to be downloaded to other devices.

The second sub-section considers the format in which the files need to be expressed to enable software in remote devices to render the content into a form conveniently accessible by humans. Building on some work he had undertaken in , Berners-Lee submitted a document to CERN management in March , proposing a hypertext project.

The intention was to develop a protocol to enable storage, discovery and display of the content in a web of nodes that crossed machine boundaries, focussing initially on textual content but with extensibility to non-text information such as diagrams, pictures, sound, animation etc. A keyword-search option was also proposed. Despite the absence of formal approval or earmarked funding, a protocol specification, a prototype server and a prototype browser-editor all existed by the end of Berners-Lee , p.

The data could be managed by a web-server, or stored in a variety of other kinds of repositories. The attendance of the workshop was about physicists from around the world" Festa In a document dated 3 November , 26 servers were listed, in 12 countries, several well beyond the physics community CERN b. During the early years all servers used variants of the original software, which was called httpd. It was at that stage still uncommon for potentially significant products to be open-sourced.

In October , there were over registered servers. The growth in server-numbers was very rapid from then onwards, and the number of files and the count of accesses was as well. In February , the open-source Apache server appeared and quickly became the mainstream Wikipedia. The count of servers grew to , in January , , in January and 4. A long-running survey of web-servers is at Netcraft Apache server software still dominates, 15 years later, although a number of commercial products are also available.

Server-side functionality was quickly extended from displaying documents to conducting transactions. Although it was open-ended, initially the service delivered only text: "[At the end of ,] the only graphical browser available was for the NeXT machines, which were not all that popular. I think there were fewer than , sold. Everybody else had a line-mode browser.

It was claimed to be the first publicly available web browser with inline graphics, scripting, tables and stylesheet. In October , the Lynx browser was developed by a team at the University of Kansas. This is a text-only browser, which has ongoing value for multiple purposes and was for some years the primary vehicle for the sight-impaired.

However, version 0. There is conflict between this original data and NCSA , which dates versions a variable number of months later. A possible explanation is that the developers and their managers were operating in parallel universes. The earlier dates appear to be the correct ones. Only in September were Wintel and Mac versions released, finally making the Web conveniently accessible on widely-installed operating systems and without requiring the user to have any significant technical ability.

In mid, Mosaic Communications Corp. By December , the company had settled a claim by the University of Illinois and changed the names of the product and the corporation to Netscape. First Mosaic in , and then Netscape in , were closely associated with a period of explosive growth in use of the Web. When Netscape's dominance was overturned at the end of , it was by another derivative of Mosaic, Microsoft's Internet Explorer Wikipedia.

The Web in Australia Australians have made important contributions to a wide range of computing and networking technologies. Unusually, however, no major contributions in the field of Web technology during the foundation years of have been detected while undertaking this research. On the other hand, a considerable number of Australians and Australian organisations were among the pioneers in the Web's application. The following sub-sections trace the application of the Web in Australia, commencing in mid, focussing primarily on the pioneering web-publishers in and important early adopters during , and supplemented by an outline of the growth in traffic volumes.

The sources that have been unearthed provide a substantial amount of information about servers, but less about the content that they made available, and even less about the use and users of web-browser during the period. The paper reflects its sources, and acknowledges the need for complementary research on these other aspects. Considerable scope for ambiguity exists in relation to such ideas as 'the first web-sites in Australia' and the dates they became available.

A site could be launched but only as a place-holder rather than rich in content. Some sites may have been of only local or experimental interest, may or may not have been publicly announced, and may or may not have been registered with the two lists that were authoritative during Even if registered, a site may have been registered some time after launch. Registration was, in any case, unnecessary in mid, while the social network was small; and it quickly became unmanageable during , as the server-count exploded.

Registration soon became redundant, as first Lycos in July and then Altavista from December , offered free-text search as a more efficient discovery mechanism. The registration lists that have been located date to between late and mid Relevant excerpts from those lists are in the Appendix. This section presents the information that has come to light during research conducted between and By its nature, the narrative cannot be complete.

On the other hand, the information that has been unearthed provides a considerable amount of triangulation, enabling a degree of confidence in the facts, dates and claims of priority. The narrative is chronological, comprehensive and careful, and focusses on summarising the available facts rather than on being reflective or evaluative, or on testing theories.

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The video conferencing error when lock your own logo. Learn more about DNS traffic and, the management of. Only try explicitly Macintosh If you are a Mac.

The AppImage will use the latest version for Qt6, libtorrent, boost and openssl at the time of creation. Download link: TAR. Compile instructions over here. Select operating system: Choose Select distribution: Choose More up-to-date packages are published on our stable and unstable PPAs. The PPAs support the latest Ubuntu version and some of the previous ones.

Packages are maintained by Cristian Greco. See this page for more information. You can find more information here. It is packaged by Ahmad Samir. To install it, make sure the online repositories are configured correctly then install it either:. One-click install here.

RPM packages are maintained by Leigh Scott. The slackbuild script is maintained by David Woodfall. Eric Hameleers is also maintaining binary packages for slackware. Those are available there. RPM packages are available here. More information about the port can be found on the FreshPorts website. To install qBittorrent, you should issue the following commands:. Current version: qBittorrent v4. GZ 04f9ecc59ec51a12fcbadbbe92aac87f TAR. XZ bca50b54bc6c5bee69f34fbaaadc2c00d24c8 Dependency Recommended version libtorrent-rasterbar 2.

Ubuntu packages qBittorrent is now available in official Ubuntu repositories since v9. Debian packages qBittorrent and libtorrent-rasterbar are now officially included in Debian. Mandriva Linux packages qBittorrent is currently officially included in Mandriva Cooker.

Mageia packages qBittorrent is currently packaged in the Mageia official repositories. Retrieved 9 April Archived from the original on 24 May Retrieved 12 July Retrieved 8 March Archived from the original on 17 March Retrieved 19 January Forum mldonkey. Archived from the original on 14 February Retrieved 13 February Archived from the original on 7 December Retrieved 22 November Archived from the original on 15 March Archived from the original on 24 June Retrieved 29 June Archived from the original on 16 December Archived from the original on 1 March Retrieved 12 December Archived from the original on 18 June Archived from the original on 10 March Archived from the original on 15 January Retrieved 15 January Archived from the original on 27 September Retrieved 4 July Archived from the original on 13 April Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 27 April Archived from the original on 25 August Archived from the original on 5 February Retrieved 30 July Archived from the original on 31 August Retrieved 11 June Archived from the original on 3 February Archived from the original on 23 November Archived from the original on 11 March Archived from the original on 29 March Retrieved 9 February Archived from the original on 12 December Retrieved 16 December Archived from the original on 12 August Retrieved 9 May Archived from the original on 4 August Retrieved 1 June Archived from the original on 25 October Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 4 December Archived from the original on 4 November Archived from the original on 16 January Archived from the original on 2 November Archived from the original on 18 April BitTorrent, Inc.

Vuze, Inc. CD YouTorrent. Category Commons. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links CS1 Persian-language sources fa All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 maint: archived copy as title Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from February Articles needing more detailed references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Use dmy dates from December Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Proprietary , Adware. Proprietary , Adware installs WhenU adware. Windows: 2. Windows 7. Participatory Culture Foundation. Proprietary , Adware [a]. Proprietary platform , GPL Yes [30]. Yes [31]. No [31]. Yes [ specify ].

Solaris, MorphOS. Yes [34]. Yes [Note 3]. Yes [ citation needed ]. Yes [35]. No [35]. No [36]. Yes, through Cygwin [37]. Yes, through Cydia. Solaris, OpenWrt. Yes [38]. Partial [39]. Yes [40]. Yes [41]. Partial [Note 4]. Yes [42]. Third Party [43]. No [44]. Yes [47]. Yes [48]. Yes [49]. Third Party. Yes [50]. Web interface. Yes [51]. C , Objective-C. Yes [52]. Yes [53]. Separate download. HTTP 1. Yes [Note 9]. Yes [Note 10]. Partial [Note 11].

Yes [55]. Yes [56]. Yes [57]. Yes [58]. Yes [59]. Yes [60]. Yes [Note 12]. Yes [61]. Yes [62]. Yes [63]. Yes [64]. Yes [66]. No [67]. Yes [Note 13].

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