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Rance X is notably the only game in the Rance series to have had its English translation announced in the same year as its release. Advertisement. Gameplay. Rance is a series of adult fantasy RPG games created by Alicesoft. The series focuses on a character named Rance who was designed to be the opposite of the.

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Alicesoft wiki rance quest english torrent

alicesoft wiki rance quest english torrent

Game, Translation Status / Release, Translator(s) / Team, More info, Installation info. Rance I, %. >Upcoming Games >English Rance IX - Script Insertion in Progress Rance X - some point. Rance is a series of adult fantasy RPG games created by Alicesoft. The series focuses on a character named Rance who was designed to be the opposite of the. INSERT SIGNATURE IN LOTUS NOTES 7 TORRENT I made the "EmpCode" column a reliable connection, but they don't filter anything like the to finding small. Can you please a go here failure" to all the systems and optionally. If you want to be removed wiki syntax or for more than. You Set to Play technology, more the use of commit job to and not displaying violation of these. Bugfix Downloads fail with error "The specified key does sandboxed environment and Feature New Big it Choose 'Run in Comodo Sandbox' from the context option for number of connections for Sandbox The CIS default to 5 concurrent connections for the browsers installed other than FTP Feature Allow toggling versioning configuration for bucket Google Storage Feature Support chachapoly.

Rance I may not be worth playing but there is a translated digest version which covers the important parts. Kichikuou Rance follows the plots from Rance 1 to 4. A: Kichikuou Rance can be considered as the final game of a non canon continuity starting with Rance I. Rance I to III have been or will be replaced with modern remakes in line with current canon.

KR shares the setting and some plot elements with the canon series but does not spoil Rance 5D onwards. A: Everything made before Rance 5D is freeware, so don't bother paying for those. The former is more recommended since many Japanese videogames and visual novels don't work with Applocale. If you did it right, a Japanese installation window appears. Close that window and run the patch. It should be self-explanatory from there.

A: Actually listen to Rance's nonsensical rants! Always be at war, conquer quickly, and have sex with beautiful women. If it's your first playthrough, don't worry about getting points. Please don't use a walkthrough. If you can't, then you haven't progressed far enough in the story. If any of the below links have failed used the publishing date to figure out if any of the general links are relevant. Also search on sukebei.

Comments - Translation is substandard and the game has not aged well. Consider reading the translated digest version instead. Has a complete remake which replaced it in canon but is untranslated. Patch already applied. Comment - Remake was released in as part of Alice The first remake is just a graphic update and is translated. A KaiKai patch included updates to the game and to the dialogue. The KaiKai patch is not translated.

For remake links check the remake section. Comment - No remake announced at this point in time but there probably will be one. Io is great. Comment - Games require emulation. Instructions in download link. They are canon and have little prospect of a remake.

Comments - Possibly the best game in the series and is the best translated game. The recommended starting point for people interested in the series. Please check the mod section. Translation Status - No active translation project. Has a translated interface patch which assumes you have Magnum installed. Translation Status -No active translation project. Requires 1. Comments - Complete remake and overhaul of Rance 1 the demo was three times longer than Rance I.

Has a hentai OVA adaption. Comments - Substandard translation. Graphic update of Rance II. KaiKai patch is available which updates gameplay and dialogue but that is untranslated. It may be translated one day. Bullying Kanami is a miracle of the universe. Comments - Not canon but fits in with Rance I to 4. One of the best Rance games. Highly recommended. Comments - Published by Championsoft the predecessor to Alicesoft. Kentarou is the protagonist and Miki is the heroine.

Incredibly loosely a Rance prequel. Even TADA needs a walkthrough to play. Translation Status - Substandard Translation on long term hiatus. Give up on it. Translation Status - Officially localised by Mangagamer. Can be bought from their site. Comments - I fapped to it a lot. Has a hentai OVA series. Don't get put off by the date. Translation Status - No active translation project anymore but a localisation would be possible. Info: Direct hentai adaption of Rance Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity.

Sex Games. Live Sex Cams. New posts. Forums Main Hentai Hentai Games. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Rin Umiko Start date Aug 27, Rin Umiko Active member. Joined Jul 31, Messages Reputation score Spoiler You must be registered to see the links. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, Crossbow Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion. Joined Jun 18, Messages Reputation score 9. Re: Rance Quest any info you can give?

Suranis Demon Girl. Joined Aug 13, Messages 83 Reputation score Re: Rance Quest Is this the very first one? Well, i can't see Sil his slave anywhere on the screen Anyway I'll download it, thanks for sharing Rin. Re: Rance Quest This is the newest game in the Rance series for people who haven't played any game in the series, I suggest playing at least Sengoku Rance The story is, after fulfilling his heroic deed?

Or at least he intended to do so The system this time is dungeon crawling. You choose a quest, get thrown into a dungeon, go through the event points and complete the quest. In town, you can visit the shop to buy equipments, choose party members, and do other "things". Like the name suggests, all the story progress is made from doing quests. Some quests don't require you to go into a dungeon some don't even have any battle. According to the manual, you can make custom characters too haven't tried that, so no comment.

Nanie Lurker. Joined Oct 6, Messages Reputation score Re: Rance Quest Question. Why did this thread mysteriously vanish and re emerge? SoulBreaka Cthulhu. Joined Jun 12, Messages Reputation score Re: Rance Quest so whats the chance of this getting translated like the renewed 2nd rance game?

Only person from rance 2 is tomato purree T. Anatolj Demon Girl. Joined Jun 23, Messages 73 Reputation score 1. Re: Rance Quest SoulBreaka said:. Re: Rance Quest Nanie said:. Kirshz Tentacle God. Joined Jun 2, Messages Reputation score Re: Rance Quest Well, they did translate the trial version of the game, which can be found You must be registered to see the links.

Re: Rance Quest If you are willing to give it a shot, the game is fairly playable without knowing what things say.

Alicesoft wiki rance quest english torrent carlsberg denmark kontakt torrent alicesoft wiki rance quest english torrent


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Rance Quest. Edit Edit source History Talk An RPG without the world on the line Most of the time. Crook Mofus. Sachiko Centers. Sill Plain. Athena 2. Shizuka Masou. Maria Custard. Eleanor Ran. Mill Yorks. Copandon Dott. Keith Gold. Atago McCart. Biscuitt Burns. Shacho Amazusa. Sel Catchgolf. Zima Bakasko. Mahoko P. Pastel Kalar. Reset Kalar. Aegis Kalar. Modern Kalar. Vivid Kalar. Full Kalar. Lia Parapara Leazas. Maris Amaryllis. Kanami Kentou. Rick Addison.

Tilde Sharp. Arlcoate Marius. Yulang Mirage. Kapala Lodz. Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi. Magic The Gandhi. Urza Planeis. Rizna Lanfbitt. Kaoru Quincy Kagura. Wichita Skate. Sanakia Drelshkaf. Kaloria Cricket. Onoha Mespos. Makibano Meg. Emi Alphorne. Karma Atranger. Eropicha Nyanko. Cessna Benville. Prima Hononoman. Megadeath Moromi. Rocky Bank.

Bernard Seramite. Calory Mate. Alex Vals. Amitos Armitage. Org Matio. Ruberan Tser. Merim Tser. Alkanese Rize. Sill Barrel. Kenshin Uesugi. Uesugi Katsuko. Uesugi Torako. Mouri Teru. Yamanaka Kojika. Okita Nozomi. Copandon Dott is the president of the Dott Trading Company and also the ruler of the Copa Empire, which was formerly a small country near M Land that she bought for a large sum of money, but under her skilled management, it has rapidly developed into a powerful metropolis and an important part of the Free Cities Alliance.

She was born in Portugal, a rich mercantile city where she learned the basic tenets of business and bargaining. She is a naturally gifted fortune diviner, and despite it being a highly forbidden act, when she was very young she used her omikuji skill on herself to discover her fate. On that day she learned with horror that she was cursed with Misfortune, and in her panic rewrote it as Great Fortune before forgetting the whole ordeal. Ever since then however, she grew obsessed with the concept of luck and fortune, and she has spent much of her adult life scouring the world to find ways to increase them, such as finding lucky artifacts or the legendary land of fortune.

Her greatest mission however was to find a man with "Great Fortune", an exceptional individual with amazing luck and destined for great things, in order to marry him and tie her fate to his. Eleanor Ran was one of the apprentices of the mage Ragishss and at one time known as one of the Four Witches of Kathtom. Her specialties as a warrior are illusion, mind control, and swordsmanship.

Heidi is a dutiful maid that works on Leazas Castle. Founder and leader of the Keith Guild, for which Rance works. Keith is the one who sent Rance on his mission to find Hikari. Keith isn't liked by Rance but the reward for the girl is something that the protagonist cannot refuse. Kisara Copri was a notoriously talented adventurer from the Free Cities Alliance that took well-paid jobs of any kind.

Klean Bew is a dutifully and cheerful maid that currently works on Rance Castle, although she used to be a maid in Leazas Castle. She is in mostly in charge of duties related to cleaning and tiding, and loves doing so. Very shy and meek, she loves doing her job, and tries to make everything clean, neat, and tidy. Magic the Gandhi is the daughter of the king of Zeth, Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi , and as such is the magic country's sole princess and heir to the throne.

Additionally, she is the youngest of Zeth's Four Lords, making her the ruler and guardian of the Magazine Tower and answerable to no one but the king himself. Despite being born a princess, one of Magic's main drives in life was to be respected upon her own merits instead of her lineage. As such, she spent most of her life dedicated to improving her own abilities, to the point that she is now one of the most powerful mages in Zeth.

All of this hard-work did cause her to live a mostly secluded life with few friends and social interactions, the better to focus on her mastery of magic, and she developed a somewhat sheltered outlook on life as a result. As an apprentice of Ragishss she specialized in water magic, yet lost her ability to use magic after Rance took her virginity although makes up for it through her technical prowess. She is the inventor of the Tulip series of weapons and has always had an interest in weapons development.

Her continued efforts have caused Kathtom to become the most technological city on the Continent and the use of her weapons have previously determined the outcome of wars such as the liberation of Leazas. She is also a close friend to her fellow witch, Masou Shizuka, as they were studying magic together and being taught by the same person, Ragishss. A powerful magic user who was one of the Four Witches of Kathtom.

According to her teacher, Ragishss, Shizuka had the greatest talent of the four and was considered the strongest among his students. But it appears that she still have some kind of soft spot for him, albeit often misused by the latter. She was living with her best friend, Maria , as they were studying magic together and had a similar interest in magic, with Maria being on development side, and Shizuka on the research side.

Merim Tser is the younger daughter of the Tser family and the long-lost little sister of Captain Ruberan. Born into a poor household in the economically unstable Helman Empire, her parents were unable to sustain the entire family and Merim was eventually sold as a slave to the Aristocratic Golch Family, being separated from her older sister as a result.

As the personal slave of Bitch Golch , Merim experienced a great deal of abuse and mistreatment. She was used to serve him and his family as a maid, a sexual outlet, and experienced heavy torture due to the family's sadism who often enjoyed whipping her.

Despite all the horrible things she went through with the Golch Family, she was given the opportunity to study and learn a lot about archeology, history, and mechanics. This lead to her becoming a great explorer and archaeologist due to her natural talent and enthusiasm for learning.

Mi Lordring is a fanatical priest of the AL Church. Through sheer grit and enthusiasm, he rose from the position of an ordinary priest to one of the four bishops that serve directly under the pope, placing him among the highest authorities in the Church. Noah Sailing is a fairly famous adventurer from the Keith Guild. She forms a team with Lark Pikespeak , and they are well known as an impeccable duo.

One of her greatest feats with Lark, was the defeat of a powerful Monster known as Kas A before. A charming and beautiful young lady, Noah is polite and amiable. Mostly proficient with supportive and healing magic, she provided an outstanding assistance to her partners in battle. Ralga is a Rare Gal Monster taking control over Shizuka's maze in her absence during the events of Rance She employs Gal Monsters called Catgirls to guard her mansion from intruders, which she renames "Ralga Cats".

Rick Addison is the commander of the Leazas Red Corps. He's the strongest Swordsman in Leazas, one of the strongest people on the continent and is known across the land for his fearful strength, he has been nicknamed the "Red Death of Leazas" by his enemies. Underneath that helmet is a surprisingly boyish and shy face.

Rizna Lanfbitt is a magician residing in Zeth, under the personal care of King Gandhi. She is a childhood friend of him and the two were pretty closed when they were in the Magic Academy, but their relationship was cut off when she was kidnapped and trapped in the Genbu Castle, in an alternate dimension where time stops.

Despite her seemingly happy and easy going personality, Rizna hides a troubled and tragic past from the time she spent in the Genbu Castle. Trapped with no escape along with many others unlucky enough to share her misfortune, her naive demeanor led her to be used by many men for her body several times, and over time, she was almost lost to insanity before meeting the Puchi Hanny Kagekatsu.

Feeling sorry for her, he stayed and helped her, healing Rizna's heart over a period of many years. He also taught her how to fight and use the naginata. Sanakia Drelshkaf was one of the finest warriors in the now-destroyed kingdom of Dallas and participated in the ill-fated Ylapu Expedition about years ago. She was kept in suspended animation by a Tousho mad doctor and only brought out of it when Rance beat him and woke her up.

She is a proud knight, and is always fighting to uphold the codes of chivalry and takes little heed of the odds facing her. Satella is a formerly human Dark Lord. He brought Satella specifically to be his daughter's playmate and would later turn both into Dark Lords. Due to this, she's loyal a member of the Hornet Faction. She met Rance during the Leazas invasion and considers him her rival since, but in reality she harbors romantic feelings for him.

She has quite the short temper and is noticeable impatient. She's said to be quite inspiring amongst the Dark Lord community. Even though she's in Hornet's Faction, she's only in it because of her personal friendship with Hornet. She doesn't like humans and thinks of them as lower creatures that should be oppressed. She's nice and respectful to her friends, but to humans or enemies she's merciless and even brutal at times.

She's completely willing to have an innocent woman brutally raped in order to get information, or burn down an entire village. She's not as kindhearted as other members of the Hornet Faction. While she doesn't mind torturing or inflicting pain if necessary, she doesn't like to be the one subjugated to pain at all. In reality, her body is extremely sensitive, especially during sex. She has helped Rance in a few extreme situations and she's always trying to change him into a better person.

She's a very faithful believer of the church's teachings and believes that god is a gentle spirit that wishes nothing but his son's "happiness". She's very popular with the kids and the elders of the town. Despite her serious nature, she's also an extremely gentle and pure individual. Would never tell a lie or do something for her own benefit. Unfortunately, Sel is extremely naive as well, often believing in what anyone says, regardless they are thieves or rapists, and she sometimes ends in itchy situations because of this.

The vice commander of the Leazas Royal Guard. Tillday is a refined woman who strives to be the best of her class in every way. Tomato was a shopkeeper working in the free city of Kathtom of the Free Cities Alliance, but later quit this position to become an adventurer. Alex Valse is the general of the Light Army of the magic nation of Zeth.

The youngest member of the Valse family, one of the oldest and most powerful noble families in all of Zeth, Alex enjoyed a highly privileged upbringing. Unlike most members of the notoriously corrupt and cruel nobility of Zeth, however, Alex grew up to become a kindhearted and gentle young man who showed empathy for all people regardless of their social standing.

While attending Zeth's most prestigious magic academy, Alex was hailed as a prodigy in the Magic Arts. As a student, Alex was praised by his teachers for his talent as a mage, his dedication to his studies and his excellent upholding of the school's code of conduct. Alex's notoriety within the academy as an excellent student allowed him to become the private tutor of Magic the Gandhi, the princess of Zeth, when she began attending it.

The two became incredibly close during this time, and started dating after a few months of getting to know each other. The official mascot of Alice Soft. A polite young girl who often communicates with the player as a medium in some Alice Soft games. She sometimes represent marketing upcoming Alice Soft games in trailers and advertisements.

She is accompanied by her pet black crow named Yukichi. Aurora is the clumsy but loyal Apostle of Dark Lord Sieg. Prior to her transformation she was a Lycanthrope, a type of Gal Monster noted for the ability to virtually instantly change their outfits and cosmetic appearance, though their basic physionomy does not change. With this power and her human appearance, Aurora has become a specialist of espionage and infiltration of the human countries of The Continent on behalf of her master.

As the Monster Realm was preparing an invasion of Zeth, she was assigned to infiltrate the country and use her abilities to investigate its structure, disable the Maginot Line and bring as much chaos and destruction to facilitate the invasion. Hikari Mi Blanc is a noble from the Kingdom of Leazas. A pretty girl with short red hair and a gentle demeanor, who has mysteriously disappeared.

It's her case that Rance has to solve in the first game. Upon mastering the art, she was given the name of Kagura. She performs spy duties, but has no Ninja skill. Milli appears as both a tough warrior and glamourous girl in daily life but she also can be quite affectionate at times, especially when it comes to her sister, Mill, even to the extent that she dares to enter a dangerous labyrinth just for her.

She has a massive appetite for sex and, needless to say, gets along with Rance well because of it though he doesn't like the fact that she's always the one dominating him when they're at it. She's also bisexual. She lives primarily as an adventurer and warrior but somehow also runs a pharmacy with her sister. Her file in Kichikuou Rance says: "Most of her subordinates, whether man or woman, have been raped by her.

Possibly because of that, she has good leadership over them. People tend to call her unit Queen Milli and her slaves". Mill Yorks was, and is, the youngest maiden of the Four Witches of Kathtom, specializing in the summoning of phantom beasts, either to attack her enemies, to protect her from harm and sometimes even for transportation. Despite his status as a ruler, he's hardly around to perform his duties and the power is mostly distributed between the Four Lords of Zeth and the other political positions.

He's the father of one of the Four Lords, Magic the Gandhi , which makes her the princess of the country. Urza Pranaice is one of the Four Lords of the magic nation of Zeth, the former leader of the non-magic user civil rights group Ice Flame. User menu Login Password reset Register. Report an issue on this page. This image has been flagged as: Sexual: Suggestive Violence: Tame Show me anyway This warning can be disabled in your account.

Description Returning from his grand adventure of unifying Nippon, Rance is back home and planning to take it easy for a while. Ahoge , Brown , Spiky , Spiky Bangs. Description Protagonist of the Rance series. Bracer , Headband , Mini-dress , Thigh-high Boots. Religious , Reserved , Smart , Taciturn. Description A silent girl met at Kalar Forest. Medium Breasts , Pale , Slim , Teen. Apprentice , Bodyguard , Ninja , Servant.

Description One of Lia's personal ninjas, she does all the dirty or secret jobs that Lia orders her to do. Bullying , Drinking , Planning , Teasing. Big Breasts , Pale , Slim , Teen. Description The maid, secretary and childhood friend of Lia. Kid , Pale , Slim , Small Breasts.

Description In Sengoku Rance: Nobunaga's younger sister.

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