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A htm mot, a pat word, as the English language woukl perhaps allow us to term yi, was habitually at hia tongue's end. At this period, raethinks. Sayers had at- tained his full maturity, had reached the height of his greataess. Insensibly he was become the the first man in Norwich, the one to whom an illustrious stranger, a judge of merit, would most have coveted to be introduced, and would have learned to know with unmixed delight and admiration.

All his accomplishments were of the highest class and of the finest chiselling ; in him learning, genius, and intellect, struggled fo the mastery. Amyot, Mr. De Hague, Mr. Linley, Mr. Pitchford, Dr. Wright, and myself. It was not however to a chosen few that the display of his p6wers was confined ; the universality of their application was perhaps their most chanicteristic feature.

His talent for delicate and good humoured raillery was as rich as it was amusing, and it had the rare quality of not giving offence to the object of it. Age 36 to 4d. The youth of Dr. By the decease of his aunt Mrs. Alric, in Sayers acquired a considerable accession of property. He now became a liberal contributor tn the principal public charities of Norwich, and fictemled further his multitudinous private bene- fiKlions.

Many times on I sobscriplion-papers he would put down less thati th« contributed, aware that the authority of his tiaine woald be most exemplary at the average ftieof other people's muniBceuce. Boldero, and Dr. Ill , Mr. Aldersoii, when, at mj requKt, Dr.

Sayers sat to this celebrated paialcr for the portrait, which has been cnpraved a frontispiece to ibis edition of liis collec- tive works by Mr. Edwards of Bungay. SayeM conversed nuich with Mr. Not long aAer this, Mr. Robert Sonlhey visited forwicfi, was introduced to Dr. Sayers, and [ook those feelings of complacent admiration, 'hkh his presence was adapted to inspire, 1 6 fiincy, that the comelary exorbitance of fr. Bouthey's early political opinions then in- M 6«l concentration, which was gra- ixxxii dually to bring him witbia the attraction of the sun of govemineot.

Sayere bad made a ballad on the aubject». Southey : but after seeing the Old Woman of Berkley,, we agreed in award- ing to it the prefisrence. Indeed it iway be placed at the head of English ballads. To the writings of Dr. Sayers, Mr. Southey has attended much ; and I think, especially in the Triumph of Woman, has occasionally imitated with felicity his lyric style.

In appeared a third edition of the poems, which attests the progress of the author's popu- larity, and introduced to the public the Cyclops from Euripides, substiluted an Ode to Night for the Ode lo Aurora, and suppressed the ballad of Sir Egwin. About this lime Dr. Sayers wrote a hand-bill and inserted some paragraphs in the Norfolk Chronicle to recommend volunteering; they alike do honor to his patriotism and to his eloquence.

This is perhaps the niocl truly Homeric narration in our language, and deserves to become the model ot a peculiar class of cpopea. Amyot had lent o Dr. SiyeiB, who returned the volume with some liiinourous lines, in which this form of parody 6r8t realized. Ov th» occasion the following epigrams by Dr. Sayers fomid way into the Norfolk Chronicle. Fungar vice coiii acutum. I Whetstone, clerk of this good parish, Having no organs fit for singing, And wishing much my breath to cherish, Boaght pipes to set the church a ringing.

Ned Whetstone to Trowae parish left. An organ which in giving, He thoQghi that when of breath bereft, He'd make more noise than living. Daring the residence of Mr. Sayers was always ready to contribute. Pmy, lady fair, for what ill deeds Am I thus doom'd to tell my beads?

Ixxxvi To fix the glittering'lMiablfli right, I labour morning, noon, and night ; I twist them ronnd and round again,. But all my twirlings are in Tain, For, whether I unloote or bind them, Still where they ihould not be, I find them. Surely some dark and awful ipell Within the dender knot must dwell. And witching fingers twin'd a noose. Which none but conjurors can unloose. His vain to try, To loosen bonds that ladies tie. No more I'll sorrowing rack ray brain, But send the mischief back again, For why thus sadder grow and sadder, 'Bout three blue beads in one blue bladder.

In , died the Rev. Samuel Story, for many years minister in' the parish of St. Michael' Cos- lany: on his tombstone placed in the vestry is the following inscription, which was drawn up by Dr. In Dr. Sayers communicated to the Society of Antiquaries, through the Rev. This paper was ia- KrtetJl in the Archxologia, vol. When I have thussuRiciently illustrated ny Hints, bind them up and the drawings to- gether, and offer the work for separate publica- tioa, with additional text and notes?

The two dissertations concerning Saxon literature, and Saxon names of montlis, attest miicfa proficiency in the language and itera- tutt. The iiistallatioa of Ad- mIid is a cbaractertstic extract. Both the liyes of Edgar Atbeling, and of Edmund Mortifiier, display advantageously, the, radical enquiry, the paUeat research, ajid the e uitable apprecia-.

But this elegant historic project was never realized. Indeed both Dr. Among the lay neighbours of Dr. But I was not his only corres- pondent during that period. To Mr. Sayersand to me he probably i wrote with more ease and freedom than to any II' others of bis correspoi idents. Sayers to the Rev. In , Mr. Sajren waa an active member of tliis Commillec, and was requested to draw up an address to the beoerolent public in behalf of this excellent charity. Sayers, and may with pro- prietor be here transcribed.

No more fae sacrilegious riot SMell or cannibal dorourers. Rigtil applied, Tbe weak and old tlie; feed, tbc strong employ. Smet sets the sua of stonn; life, and sweet The momlng shines in mercj's dews tany'ii" Sorely this is not the hour in which we can cx- pectthe fair fame of our country to be sullied ; Uiis is not the hour in which we can be per- inilled to relax our exertions in preserving o her of those honoimible cbaractera-byj wUefakdie has hilievto been distingiiiBhedL. Age 43 to Its reception by the periodic critics, and by the reading public, was just, and therefore flattering; it was welcomed as a beautiful and eiiduriug trophy of the British Muse.

High authorities signified their approbation. Give iiie leate to solicit a eotitinnatice of aa acquaintaooe oon- menced in a moment so very agreeable to my feelings, and believe me. A similar letter from the Rev. Sib, I beg leave to thank you most cor- dially for the volume of poems you were so kind as to trahsmit by my friend W.

To the first poem, the descent of Frta, tirords from me could do justice. The Giant-Killer is perfectly , nnd in ils nay inimitable. And tlie soutiel »ri idr Joe is a most excellent burleujue of aiiecU'cl! Prom a letter dated 6th Nov. Sayers presented a co y of his poetns, to that body.

In September and October, , Dr. Close, laA Sept. A ventilabro in area saliunt fafbae fnscib et. WKifKi, perhaps taken from Theophrastiis, w»s cDiamonly nffixecl to it. The only apology I have to make for sending you these midiltes, is Ihe desire which I feel to make some slight! L Close, 3d Oct.

But the Nymphaea Nelumbo might very probably have been iiitrodoced into Egypt about the time of the first Ptolony. Upon this Btippositioo, llie precept itself would have been very intelligifSle to the fbUovters of Pythagoras, although the reasons for it were PHmlcrstood ; Imt if it contained any allusion to the mptuea Neluinho, sucli allusion must have been totally cure and unavaUing to the inhabitants of a country ere Ibat plant appears to Iiave bceit unknown.

I ant, Dear Sir, Your's very truly, F. The following note is preserved also with the rough draft of the foregoing letters, but is jiro- liahly of subsequent date. After a patient perusal of all this leaniiiig, one feels half inclined to ask — Has the Nymphea Ne- lumbo any thing to do in the question? They were enriched by valuable additional noteSj not aug- mented with original lucubrations. Who would not be content with less of polish for more of massiveness in the works fa fiiTorite writer?

Among the meinorandums F Dr. Sayers, there is one relative to this publi- BalioD, which runs thus : " in a future edition, I incorporate wherever practicable the notes into the text:" and in tact, notes, like the volutes f an arabesque, are apt to conceal the drift and f direction of a discourse. Of the letters returning thauks for presenta- tion copies, ooly the following one seems to have heed preserved : Inner Temple, June 3, Sir, I return you hanku for the copy of yoni new book of Disquisitions, wliicli 1 intend Utead witb attention.

And in this case Ordericus Yitalis might be published in one of those volumes, and Dudu fc St. But this is what 1 cannot think of undertaking myaelf at my ad- vanced age of seventy-seven years and a half. This volume of Disqaisitions was dedicated toihe Rev. M iddleton, D. The intimacy between Dr. Middtetom and Dr. The following lively epigram, dated I80! Sayers' hand-writing among liis [upere: I am not aware that it has circulated, ortieeii printed: it will diversify agreeably the character of this narrative, Epitaph on two Chinese Astronomers, Hi ami Ho, who were put to death by order of their Emperor, for getting drunk.

Instead of observing an Kclipse, which they were appointed to watch — llie eclipse however proved to be au invisible "lie. See the Story in Hale's Chronology, vol. Here rest the Iwnes of Ro and Hi, Wliose fate was sari yet risible, Being hang'd liecause ihey did not spy, Th' eclipse that was invisible. Heigh ho! For drunken foIkH sec double. A motto is provided for the title-page of the Poems, and the dedication is thus reformed : To W.

Poems p. I uid proceed Alas how cbaiigM, in miilnighl gloum cnwrapt, The iieir of ijplciidoiir groans in Hclas' halls. I because Balder was not god of the Sun. Rarold, who urg'd by ever restless valour QaiU bis domain, and seeks the clash of arms. A weeping captive from my native land.

Several additional annotations are provided rorSlanio; but only one chaitg'e occurs in the poetic text. Soon shall our lips pronounce the stern decree. Chanting lood notes merrily — Herald sure of summer skies — SM. If these delight not, catch the purple beam — 2iS. In the Disquisitions greater changes are madCj a few of the more important shall here be recorded.

At the bottom of p. Robert of Normandy was elected bishop ef Rama and Lydda. Hence probably the pecnliar reye- aeace in which St. Clarkes' Travels, part II. Cowernbg the prose-works these general B occur. Toward the close of the year , died Mrs. Rachel Hunter, a younger sister of the mother to Dr. Sayers ; he lost in her not merely a near and dear relation, but a neighbour, whom he had been much in the habit of visiting.

Sayers was the executor to her will, and the fol- lowing character of her from his pen appeared I Ihe Norwich newspapers of I6th Decem- T. Sayers had shewn a IFke melancholy attention to the memory of my late mother, who had been the school-fellow, and miKb the friend, of Mrs.

Hansel 1, the greater part of which was engraven on her tombstone Id the cloisters of ,lke Norwich cathedra. Must you, ere bricks and mortar come, Exchange your notes for cash i The following lines were sent to Miss iB at the illumination in Norwich, on 16iii June, Louisa haste, above, beneath, The festive garland twine; Not Flora's hand could bend U 0 wmitb, More skilfully than thine.

And when at close of lingering day. Their blaze the tapers pour ; O! Hudson Gurney Dr. Sayers was strongly I itlached, and valued in him not merely high ac- I oamplishments of mind, a conversation rich with I Ifap spoils of time and place, and a disinterested rpatriolism, but a kindness of heart overilowing I with tlic wish to serve, and a generosity magni-! Tbe Rev. Walpole, of Tivetshall, was iKltouBiduously attentive to the latter years of Dr.

Sayers, to whom he was allied by kindred [ Mudies ; his polyglottic acquirements, and his , classical investigations of the remaining monu- i meals of greek antiquity, have acquired a per- teot rank among the literary trophies of his ioimtry. Reeve who had settled in Norwich, in , and who was become very intimate with Dr. Sayers, attended him sedulously.

Reeve died; and the following tribute to his memory was inserted in the Nor- wich Mercury, of October ht, by Dr. Reeve, with the following inscription composed by Dr. Reeve was engraven t"is postscript. I believe it to have been the Tast Wterary effort of Dr. Reeve, the present Dr.

Wright became the medical adviser of Dr. Sayere, and continued attending him until death. His latter months were grievously afflicted with hypocondriasis ; the form which this disease as- sumed in him was an excessive anxiety about the future condition of his souL He, so much su- perior in every christian virtue, not merely to the average bulk of mankind, but to most of the excellently wise and good, was prepared to approach the throne of grace but with trembling hope and fearful humility.

James Sayers, and his sister, came from London to offer the last attentions to their admired and beloved re- lation. He died 16th of August, The executors to his will were James Sayers, Esq. Sayers ; and myself, to whom the literary papers were bequeathed. His collection of books was bequeathed to the library belonging to the Dean and Chapter of Norwich ; that repository was in consequence enlarged, a bibliothecary appointed, and a more liberal access conceded to the public.

The funeral took place on the 23d of August, and the service was read by the Rev. Edward South Thurlow. The residence of Dr. The inKriptioOj compoeed by the Rev. Francis Howes, is thus MTordedj and is hoautifully appropriate. But Mr. Sayershas insisted on his own right to discharge this pious duty.

Through vaulted cloisters dim with twilight day, Thetiearers slowly seek the holy choir. Arrived a guost with purer merit fraught, A worthier Inmate of the dread abodor. Greet your new comrade, spirits of the blest, Bend firom your sippulchres, ye sainted sires. Three angel-forros attend his shining way : Faith marshals foremost to the realms of light ; Hope spreads her wings with rainbow-radiance gay ; And Charity sustains the glorious flight. Eternal tenant of the starry sphere, Though earthly cares no more thy thoughts confine, May the fond memory of thy virtues here, Teach me to live a being worthy thine W.

Into this Edition of his Poems, the Author has inserted nearly the vhole of a little work published. TIm Descent of Frea, a Masque Oswald, a Monodrama Translation of the Cyclops of Euripides - - - - Pandora, a Monodrama -. It is evident that to pieces of this kind, explanatory notes must be absolutely neces- sary; and such were consequently intro- duced into the earliest edition of this litde work. This descent ofFrea, and the success attended it, are the subjects of the following Masque.

Odin, God of War, and King ofthe other Deities. Thor, God of the Air. Balder, God of the Sun. LoK, the God, or Chief, of evil Daemons. Hertha, Goddess of Fertility, and wife of Odin. Frea, Goddess of Beauty. Hela, Goddess of the Infernal Regions. ACT I.

T HOU laiul of horror! Noziont animals in- habited ity together with the ghosts of peijarers, asHssftinSi and of all liioea wko died not in battle, or of a t iolent death. De Bea Jed. And shrink from scaly snakes that round him twine Their clammy folds, and point their quivering sling? Urd, who presided over the jpast, Verandi, over the present, and Schulda, over the future,. They were sap- puscd to weave for every human being a woof on which his fate depended.

Odin, Odin! The mourning gods stalk silent in their groves, I And all Valhalla's joys are fled with thee—. Odin, God of War, and King of the other Deities. NioRD, God of the Sea. HOU lapd of horror! The fau-est form that wa3r al Hig thy shore? And quit, for ever quit, the huldof night. Yield, Hela, yield ; Vathalta's mournful courts No longer echo with a jocimd soimd. Tht burning mxA. It was accounted the bridge from earth W heaven.

Since Balder sank untiinely to the tomb. Faint are the niddy bfainf of opening day. Frea, no more. When all the gods of nature. Then Balder I restore ; Yes, by Alliather's satrediiead. It if mvch to be gretted that Sir Wdl Jones has not entered at large into the prooh oi this opinion ; with the highest respect for the aathority of this moft ac- complished man.

I may be permitted to observe, that upon a very cwefhl comparison of the doctrines of Buddh and of Odin, I have been scmck by such various and remarkable di fa cncei is themt that I cannot tcadily give They strike the destia'd chiefs, and call theni to the skies. On jetty wing the raven flies. IB Vol. Rosen, inr the Magazin Encyclopediqtte,Jain, , p. Rozen to Sig. The foUowing aceoont of tier!

Stfvi minis- traut ; quos statim idem lacus haurit ; arcanus hinc terror, sane- taque ignorantia, quid sit iilud c uod tantum peritnri ndent. Thor, iIm gpi of. King of resistless fire, Wha bidst 4he nigfatTy nteteoift. Sly, Surtaiv "tnk diou drop the tear On youthful Baldtt? VAl And tempeM jMf. Let'dlieMniievttMibnij v i k Andall thepaflBBt'aiMsdeaNifeitj. And give him back to Frea's arms. Away, away, Lok ne'er will weep — Let Hela keep Her splendid prey. S4 By the raven's song.

By the night-mmr't. Five Pieces of Runic Poetry. The mighty serpent's. GialL] See above. The war-hounds,] Garmi the dog of Hela, was the most noted of these dogs : he was fed with the corses of the slain, and guarded the souls of the cowardly in the infernal regions. The' Niord's foamy main should roar. And stain with gore this hated face ; Tho' Odin's self in wrath should rear Hia golden spear. And shining shield.

This stubborn heart shall never yield ; Hela shall hold her splendid prey While countless ages roll away. The Greek fermi. When all was love and joy — accursed beauty! Would that the God of Fura's sacred wood Had withered this fair fona the Saxon then Had seen and hated me. Fauchet also bears testimony to the great liberality shewn to the minstrels on the continent. I'his mode of singing continued even till the time of Elizabeth ; Chaucer's and other ditties being at that period sung to the harp.

The soothing voice of flattery passes by me. Like feeble gales that fen a warring host, Unnotic'd. No messenger of victory has reached us. Mead dhinf. Such is thar happy life;. Thou unseen powers Sf-cJ] The religious rites of the Celts usually performed in the recesses of deep woods; the deity of tlie place was often the object of their adoration, and having no image of him, they seem to have considered him as represeiited by the sacred grove itself in which he was worshipped.

I See above, p. Gash'd with gorjf xcounds. The Godiic nations esteemed it dishonoar- able not to die a violent death. Laughing die! Aged bards Have pity on me, take me to your halfs. S4 Weary and faint, I Hdc abftabilight: relief. Shut not your doors against a helpless man. He quits his home and seeks the clash oi arms. Notum ignotumque, quantum ad jus hospitii, nemo dis- cemit. His fair wife weeps, but not for bis return ; r. It' "! Why does the red blood hasten from thy cheek.

No more she cheers my sdulHinth grateful voice. In Carries wounds they pour The healing balm, recall his fainting soul, « And raise him up— -to misery! In Fura's mossy towers the father weeps. Moina commands the stranger to attend her.

What sound celestial floats Upon the liquid air? Is It the dark-green deep. Soft echoing to the notes. Of Niord's swans? He pours the tide of harmony. He whom Braga loves Shall swell the solemn lay, Shall chime the chords of joy, Glator't golden batighn. OfNiortft ncam. No, Carril, no — 1 love ihy dauntless spirit, — Yet should the chieftain bleed within these walls, A sure destruction waits upon us both.

Key tier. Scp- MBtrian. I go, and may the gbdt We fear, vnth blest forebodings wing my feet Returning. Sleeping seized in forest brake. And the symbols graved thereon, Holiest Tetragrammaton! Thj hasty step portends us good, thou com'at To tell the victory of Harold?

No, Our chief is fallen in the battle's rage ; Bravely he fought, by multitudes oppress'd ; His blows were death ; at length a random dart Pierced his mail, his heart's blood followed gushing, XMm were his eyes — he feebly rais'd Ins arm As if to strike again — his sinews fail'd him— He fell — in death's last agony he grasp'd Ym weapon — cold and bloody, yet he looks The Hero— CHORtrS, So should a Saxon iall.

His faithful people With fiiry rush'd around him, tore his body From the contending warriors — now they bear him. In mournful silence, to his stately balls. And haste to lay him 'midst his brave forefathers.

Soldier, let Moina hear the hie of Harold. Softly strike the harp. And wake the sound of woe j Harold tiOls, His limbs are cold. The purple stream has stain'd His golden hair. Hit goUat luur. To meet their chieftain's look i Sorrow glooms their souls. And dashes from their lips The sparkling cup. The hunter's horn resounds. The stout dogs leap around, And seek their chief.

No more shall Harold's voice Be heard the woods among. The fiunishM eagle screams. And asks his wcmted food. No more shall Harold's arm Prepare the feast of slain. Tie End of the First Jet. Sudden thou shin'st amidst surrounding horror.

And 'tis accomplished, Bless'd be the arm that cleaved his hated heart- Did she not promise safety to our flight. And future days of joy? My hasty steps soon reach'd the gloomy wood 1 1 sought, and struggUng thro' a thorny path, I I mark'd a towering rock whose craggy summit Was veil'd by creeping shrubs — it's bottom yawn'd, And shew'd a deep, dark gulph — I fearless enter'd.

And with extended arms I irac'd my way. For there no beam of light was seen to glimmer Save irom pale flames, by magic song enkindled ; While thus advancing slow, a cold, shrunk hand Caught mine, a hoarse voice thus address'd me ; Who art thou, man, that dar'st with impious step Disturb my silent dwelling? Speak or perish. Mildly I answer'd, prophetess, a stranger, A miserable stranger seeks thy aid ; tell me, I conjure thee by thy gods.

If Harold's doom be seal'd, if sorrowing Moina Shall e'er behold again her native home. And dwell with Carril? Woman, thou 'scap'st not, tell me what 1 ask. Borne by my spirits from the field of slaughter. Yet bleeds--this day he fell by Harold's side ; The soul is seated in Valhalla's courts.

But by my. Saga as quoted in the above work. ArchsoL Vol. For well I know thee, Carril, what's thy pleasure? Dismiss me hence with speed to Odin's board. Warrior, I said, is Harold's death decreed? E'er the setting sun shall shoot His reddest rays across the waves, Moina's woes shall be at rest — I go, I go to halls of joy — He said, and smiling sullenly, fell lifeless.

Again my country's gods look down and smile Upon our future days. Are near at hand, and when the chief is laid m [At peace, I'll steal unnolic'd from the walls, And Qy on love-wing'd step to Carrirs arms. Of evening fell ; arige, ye floating clouds.

Lady, the soldiers bear our chieftain's body "Without the castle gates, the grave is readyi The holy rites prepar'd, wc wait thy presence. My presence, venerable man, and wherefore? Know' St thou not then the custom of our land? The taws which ages past have render'd sacred? Kaow'st thou not, lady, with her husband's body 74 The wife is buried, that in other worlds He still may share her fopd embraces,; sdU May dwell i dth her delighted?

Buritii, say'st thou? Buried— our laws have so decreed it, lady. And their decrees imalterably stand : Haste then with Harold to the courts of bliss. Melpomene Have pity on me — Spare, spare my life— O save a helpless woman! I Lady, the law must be obey'd, I cannot. He fell in the clashing of anns. Rtte, Octin, use, See, he enters thyahimng abode, And terrible sits by thy side. No more he climbs the grassy hilt.

From the four regions of the. A brother in his brother's heart Has plung'd the spear ; Who rears the bloody hand? A father in his daughter's heart. Has plung'd the spear. VithrL] A name of Odin. Where are thy beams, O sun? The cloud-capt mountains thundering rush Upon the plains below — Old ocean heaves his waves, And tempests howl around. See Fenris bursts his chain. His eye-balls flash. His nostrils breathe Destructive fire.

From the Serpent's iron jaw« Floods of poison roll — Hark— the crash of heav'n. The Chorus proceed to the grave with Harold. Fast rooted on the ground. Who calls on Carril? Where — where is Moina? Moina is no more. She lies by Harold's side. Be calm. Ye murderers, lead me to her grave— once more Fll clasp her cold, cold breast, kiss her pale lips. And perish with her.

Whence this wild distress? With winged speed I'll seek the rock's high summit. And plunge to death below. That heroes lov'd? The ruddy cheek i Cold, cold is Moina's bed. The water? And shoots aloft ; The plant upreart its dewy tufts.

And spreads its light-green leaves To meet the warmth of heaven. It bow'd, and rose no more. Frea, from Valhalla's groves, Mark'd the grief of Moina's heart. And dropp'd the golden tear ; Now she quits the groves of bliss. And hastes to meet her fiivour'd child At heaven's firm-built gates.

With her rosy hand she grasps Moina's clay-cold palm ; Swift through her frame ceteitul vigour shoots,. Cdesdal beauty beams In Mdna's eyes. J 87 In Frea's gorgeous domes. Gorgeous domes. Oft have ye stood unmov'd by pressing hosts. Trampling the mangled corses of my foes j — Why shake ye thus? My firm nerves withers — and shall Oswald then , tamely sink to eveifasting night? Why have I Hv'd? And die it soldier in my glittering arms. Who ne'er hast fail'd thy master's vigorous arm Wlien rear'd to strike, swift speed me to the gods.

Rear thou my orphan boy — how oft Fvcsmil'd To see his tender fingers grasp the spear. To scorn the coward's name, to joy in battle, And when his warlike years have run in glory, I early gave him. My daughter too-— begone, unmanly drops, Kor cloud my dying hour — may Frea love her. Form her soft limbs to grace, and lead her forth The blushing prize of valour — Ah!

Feel my soul's latest fire. Yes, friendly steel, thy searching point is moist Wkh Oswald's blood. I'hear the splendid wajrior's gladsome din. See Sueton. Edit, alt. Chorus of Druids. Hoc mortuo, si qiiis ei liqais nccllic diKnitale, succedit. Ac «i sunt plures pares, luf' Droidum adiegltur. N«r it are Diarkj of the habititioiu of the w ma convenltiil ancieliei, vhich were under hii iniinediair orden linipeciiaii, omoDg th«K iaTrer Bcird, or, ai they call it tolhiidif, tUamlHtfUi Bard,.

Rawbnd'i Mona, p. Sj, SS. Id Wright'i Loutbiana too Book ii. Pomponius Mela, b. Sitvti't Chronicle, toL i. Set too Jo. LeUndi Seriptoribui Britannicii, p. I that no doubt can be enter- taioed of their being the some deities.

Mirab, Aascult. DuvaL torn. H Asiatic Researches, vol. Schediot de Dit Germsn. Speed Hitt. Aoother trthe of Ibe Hoe peopie, resident in Tlincc and lll;na, were at- tMi«d and defeated bj B««b»tes. AkxBML c. I Htfodoe. LL sil. Colonus, Lib. Grsc, VoL i. Athenzi Deipnoioph. And see Casaubon's remarks on this passage in his Animadveni. Bjitons' joyful, shont,. Concealed behind our ranks — when dr'd with slaughter Our conquering chief retum'd, his darling child Rushed, wild with joy, to meet him— Daura's charms Had won the Saxon chieftain's blooming son To bear her back to Stamo's aching heart, AnA yield himself a willing captive with her.

Hail, Hesus, hail! By thee inspir'd, The mailed warrior dauntless braves The singing spear and biting blade — Hail, Hesus, hail! JimaU Ub. Who dares to meet thine eyes of flame? Who dares to brave thy falchion's edge, TTie thunder-bolt of war?

Death hovers round thy stately crest And poized spear. While terror rises in the blast. And sails before thy car. Raise aloft, Andate, raise Thy golden shield —. See his Gnee. Lib, I. Several epigrams addressed to the armed Venus occur iii Bruncii's Analecia, Vol. And elabgslus- massy imns. Gallic, vi. Strabo Lib. See I The noblest captive? My fearful soul beholds the gathering woe That bastes to overwhelm rae. Father, father, European oations. I from Earipidei and olheii we gather that this rniel ipwiti of wonhip id for todic lime in Tauiia.

Iphigenii tn Tanr. I Eoi«biiPrepafat. Ibi quitted all for her? Who spurr'd thee on to death? We see, with pity see, the cruel pangs That rack the soul of Daura, and thy woe, O chief, b great ; yet to the aiding god Obedient let us bend. My child, niy child. No more the soldier's shout Shall fire his souL And vainly, mid tbe ranks.

His slackened arm shall rear The trembling blade. What guilty wretch shall dare To snatch thy prey? Soon shall his wasted frame Be tost by blasts. The noblest captive? Tes, lady, and the god demands bis right. Our pray'rs were heard — he rais'd the arm of conquest. My fearful soul beholds the gathering woe That hastes to overwhelm me. Father, father, Eunipeu nation3,t we need not, I think, hesitate tb believe that it was origioally iDtroUuced iram the Enst, in which it ptcrailed bm lou generally,!

From Eoripidctindoiheri we gather that ihii cruel "ptcifi of wordiip ptnaOcd for lomc time in Taur[i. Ye ODce-tov'd halls! Where from my father's limbs I oft have pluck'd The dinted mail of fight, and silent thank'd The god who sav'd him in the hour of peril — Ye scenes of past delight— ah! He lives, he lives, my father yet has spar'd His daughter's Ufe — If thou hast ever joy'd To see me climbing round thy weary limbs, If thou hast ever wept for Daura lost.

Save him who sav'd thy child ; his life is twin'd With mine, and one blow stabs us both. Chieftain, already is the clouded sun Verg'd to the sea, and e'er the dews of night Fall on us, Hcsus asks the promis'd victim. He shall not bleed. Not bleed? And scarcely half thy nation lives to hail thee.

If unaccomplish'd? Lead me to your groves A willing victim — Starno's manly soul f Shall view me scoffing at the pangs of death. A Saxon shxinks from life so basely gain'd;. God of the cheerful day. Whose brow the blazing' fillet binds That flames athwart the sky. And scatters golden light, Belinus, in yon beamy tract. Did e'er thy piercing eye behold A scene of blacker woe? Or vainly bid the heavens Inwrap their fatal lire. Itucripc HerodiiD, Lib.

Monde primitif, it Court de Gebelin. Bodun de PhiEilic Coloniii Lib. Before- him bow didr lofty head,. Avatthynge From Britain's shore ; Smk in thy sable cjouds. And wing the fearful stonn To other cUme«. Te venerable men, with grief I lead The desdn'd victim to the unhewn altar. Unhewn aliar. I am fidly persuaded that many more traces of these gigantic Cromlechs and Druidical Circles than we are yet acquainted with, might easily be discovered, by an active curiosity, in all those parts of Europe into which the Celtic religion had extended itself.

It is ; the whfte-rob'd priests Have bome, in snowy vests, the missekoe Cut with their golden sickles ; from the wood. Wish Boletnn rites, they're phick'd the Sow'nng vefvain. Ain, Ceo. The vervaia verbenaca, verbena was also much used by the Romans in their religious ceremonies. Daura, Daura — Again my finn nerves shake ; thy much-lov'd voice Again unmans me ; that all-beauteous form Adds double horror to the deadly blow — Why dost thou come to melt my struggling breast And sink my sickly soul?

Hark — 'tis a horrid voice that shrieks — it cries Who murder'd Kelric? He bleeds, he bleeds — I mark his wavmg hand — [Goci out. The prowling wolf discerns The bleating flock. Swift, swift he springs to carnage. And bathes his shaggy sides In gushing blood. Rear aloft the bossy sfateld. And shake the spatkling tfKtr. Hesus spies the gjl«aa. The lightning of bis eye ; Then lift, ye priests, the fatal knife.

And in the victim's blood Its shining point imbrue. See, in the glittering ranks A husband stands ; His fair wife moans Her absent lord. Now to her arms she takes Her blooming boy. And prints the tender kiss. Now fondly gazes on his limbs. And closer to her heart she hugs The lovely child. Rise, Hesus, rise. And cast thy full-orb'd shield Before her warrior's breast. Turn from his side the deadly dart.

And send him back with victory. And you, ye holy priests. Uplift the fatal knife. Fgm was in Dublin in October, Bdn confronted with several newspaper reports f spot civs said to have been delivered toy Mr. Egan at league meet ngs in Dublin, nnd with a lel'er alhged to have been wiitten bv Mr. Egan acknoivit: 'gmg that h i hud been in Dublin tlntn, lie taid lie did not bc'ieve thcui, and ouvies-e that it, was all pert of a plan to hoodwink the Irish I olin.

After Le Caron hud been Called into court, Dr. Kenny said he t ever let a m in with that face into his In use. Iho President riiat remark Is uncalled for. The Attorney-Gineial nskeel whit was nicint b , Dr. Keiiny s. He Imd no recollection of seeing Le Caron before, or cf introducing loin to Mr. Sexton, or 01 diiving through Dublin with him, or ef handing him letters from Boy-tin, tlnn in Kdtimiiiliatn.

Ii was he win bought the i nr Manifesto nut or Kilmainhatn. He ci ulci give no information respecting league ex- penditure, and could ii,t suggest, frein wlir,tu information could begot. If ;C24C,, the c.? M llonei's houso iti MuUntJ? Egan Ift Dublin it 1!? He nothing 10 do witli Mo lny's trick upon the Tim:! Sexton, M. He had hn. If had never tn1d,. In hi.. He hid nothing to d willt the lliglr of ICaan, if it was a flight. He had no icct llectinn of L Caron. Cross-examined liti bad never been a Fenian.

As to speeches, nny movement would be Impossible if im. Ihe commission then a ijourncd. Crawford and Lookhnit, of Ik'lfnst,? Kepli-s II" been fr. ThP injun d lire nil doing well. G Rbutclv Pure. This proposal was accepted by the tiii,L.

At that time, tiowever, iiii chairnvin of the Tad Vale Company Mr. Inskip stated that tlia Hoard of Trad" had objected practically to do what tlicy had acceded to a year ago in the case of the North B:iiiih Company, but that the directors would hold to their proposal, and in icply to a shareholder he gnvo tho assurinco of the directorate that they woull accept no terms in any material respect differing frotu tho course they then proposed pursuing.

The Hoard of Trade having refused to ncc;pt,tli; clause i relating to the Ordinary Siock have, it is f-aiii, boen withdiawn. Tlio Hhymney Railway Company have put forward a somewhat similar proposal, and there is little doubt that that will now slntio the samo fate as the ono wliich has befallen the faff V. Defendint admitted boins; in the house, and taid that he had two pints of beer nnd threepenny worth of brend and cheese.

Tho Magi. Tho Stipendiary That doesn't make you a bond fide traveller. The lJench imposed a fine of 2-, 0 and costs. Margaret Price was charged with lJeing drunk and disorderly in Napier-strict, Mountain Ash, at a quarter past three o'clock last Sunday morning, he was lined 5s, nnd cos's, or seven elays. Witton Daviess explanation in reference to tlio open-air meeting held on Wedl1e,far eYeniq last ill the Ju'oilo Uiir.

E, Haverfordwest. A few f;,et? II the a? Secondly, he states that tho opposition w is organised. I ILiir tbir ipt tcto. Neither wr. Thirdly, the number that vo-ed for the amendment, viz. Fourthly, ns to "the character and numbers being significant," I think that wnuld best be loft out of the question, its I do not like on a matter of this sort to go into per- sonalities in reference to any public orator.

In lact, it was a tenipeiaiico meeting, pure mid simple. In conclusion, allow me lo add that our respected mayor, Mr. Edward Eito. Nlhsl The Mover of the Amendment. A Vlrli'S. On llie other hand, those who want to meet and enjoy themselves its they used 10 do before the Act, nnd ns they can do still in England, express the hope that some put of the liberty, if not ull, ill be restored to us. Of course, in both cises, the wish may be considered father to the thought.

N, w, ir, in looking over the evidence its col I. Commissioner: Fiom tlmt 1m. Now, sir, I nm an unmarried working man, and can get a goeid cbaractor from "limy employe's. I consider tlie statement a libel on that section of the woikirg classe. Oming to the oilier questi ui that I havequoted as to the fee ling of the working c asses towards the Sunday Closing Act, I feel certain that if the views of tlie male adults of Poinvpri lil nnd the valleys connecle I with it could be obt tined by ballot, whereby unmarried males could have nil opjioi-tunity to vote, and whereby another person w;io did ,wt lik 10 vote with hj conscience openly cou'd do so by ballot, tlieri would be nil overwhelming inajnity in Invour of II repeal of the A 0.

A special meeting of tlie Cardiff County Council will be h id to-day Wednesday f ir thu purpMc I of filling the vacancy caused bv tlio death of Mr. Waltsr Hemingway, the hcad-c, nsialde, and foi other business. Tho six einlidntos selcctej by the watch committee to coti? Fioest, detective department, Oreat Scotland Ya'd, Mr. Inspector Evan Jones, Porth. Oil Tuesday afternoon a whirlwind lifted n l? Llewelyn's field, Ihe l-tryiiia. Between live nllJ six o'clock on Tues lay evening Rachel Evans, a single1 woman, tiged 22, com- mitted euicidu a' the re-nlenccol her mother, with wi OIl she lived in a small cottage on the lips at the back of Penyui'd, RIeithyr.

Slio had not suffered from any detirejsioti nf spirits and had never manifested any suicidal tendencies. A sad f itnlit. Hit "ent down into ti c hold, where Ihc Inruo.. It cut through his cup and inflicted a misty wound, just over an inch in length, in his forehead, from which lJl..

L'sed in nil p,ltt of IlIe civiiifed worlil. J testimonials. Sol l everywhere in Koxes Is. E lr YO" Suffer from Heinli. The t,ogtbe.. Per bcx. As this stite. Th" conductors 'unt. Canton, D. Iiluafe 10 ti,, P"Fit,o,i ,f inspector, l'he lowest wages ate lis the highest, 17s. Tho old con- d. By a re-ariangeuienl of llle lunning geneially, whid. The in. Iller week. It must also be pointed out that the directors liavo only iicen in oflice about five months, whilst n system which lias been in force lor yea's cannot be re-organisud without can- sidcrahlc time IIntl trouble, In a pamphlet distribut e to-day by the dtivers and con luctors or their agitntors it is stated lint they work 93 hours per week.

This is not so, and under ill-n. I , vours r?? The Welsh-speaking portion of Ihc prish of St. Peter's, Carmarthen, has for many years wor- shipped in the school church in Priory-street, winch v. Latimer f. Jone- but aslhis room,which is licensed by the Bishop of St.

David's for the -it i, :i or t lio. It was thought by Eome that the Wcl. Iha medhte. The latter—as vicir of Cum irtlien—took the matter up very warmly, and chiifly through his exet tions Ins the proj -ct. It was, there. Tho Bishop, nfter the service, took a retrospect of the movement. Whether it had or not, the Welsh church was wanted now.

There were in St. Peters parish nuuilei8 of people wbn, when they came to die, would wi-li 10 coimuenu their ppitits to iod in the Welsh language, Such people, ns long as they Iiveil, inusr, therefore, be! IIil1'lered 10 by fit,, Church of the naiion in the language they used themselves.

Join s iin-t It B. R bcrs. V, Tlinoth v; Ibir,l ch! First cLss, J, J. Jonca and Wllli. Phiilij 5, S. Treharne, J. Lloyd, and J. G, Ordiiui. W, JO"e', Wuiiti V. MiOihi ic. Qmccm E Scliool, :tt rm'1rtJu:'I:. Kv:ms, D. Thj:ms TUirUclan. Mil h ;rd Jumps aud 1. Lewis aid W. Mol lis. Creaton HYM L. Young Ii tights. Wt hli: W. The under-sluriff for the countv of Glaiuorgan Mr. David, solicitor, Neath attended iheUuild- li. Sold, in wliicii judgment had «.

David Lewis bnrris er ins ructed by Mr. Thomas Phillips, s ilicitor, Ab-, r. K l«iu Davics j hir. Hivid Lewis, in opening ihe case, pnid lie appeared on b liaif of the plaintiff, Margaret Iters, a barmaid, residing at Abcrdare. Mai-jjar t He S, the plaimiff,.. Lust 'en sho becune barmaid at the Ironies' Ann', Sw.. He proposed to her several times, and luld her he li-iel" exliectatiotio.

While at Aberdare deiendant Wiole liei seveial ht'ers. The leaiiieitcnunsel read leltcis. I havo decided not to change iiiy state under any circumstances. He got her u s'tuatinn itt lie ter, sit, ni bitr, wliere lie qlill us -,I to talk e wrote breaking fT the engagement. After lica-ir. Mi ller was soon in attendance, but when picked up the unfortunate man was found to be ilea l. Ho was 63 years of »se. I"1 roun. Ketui Priu Meitai, aarunled. Attention it alto ,1" tll I.

LECT cu. The cotnmitlee enlists of Mr. Hiistiii j6 chair- man , Sir Archibald Campbell, Jlr. K ward ilarJcai t'e, Mr. Kenriek, Mr. Tliinrins Mayne, Mr. S Pow ll, Mr. Arthur Williams, and Mr. HentyJ Wilson. Counsel for tho prooioieis wo i. Pendirr, Q C, Mr. B ilfour llio. Krskiun Pollock i Mr T.

I limn is l'ln-foii; Mr. Oiipim f. Cari wripht; Mr. Sutton for Mr. Kiihirk, Mr. Tjiomis C. Thomas Colbornc, iron Mu-lteis, and others. Mr, Member, Q. The learned counsel then went at great length into the tfre. In the Kast Usk Railway, running with iiie river, was sanctioned by Parliament.

On that occMion important evidence WM adduced rc?. Tint a railway and a high road were the two things wallled there coultl be no doubt, and as soon they wero there the borough would rapidly extend over that side of llw Usk, because nf the ereat, diffisu tv experienced in getting bueiness t-ites on the west side of the rivtr.

The authorised East k Railway had not passed into the hands of the S? Hardcastle, SI P. The prom. Md were witnesses in connection with that Rill made a treat point of the necessiiy fjr having a good high ro d running through this district, llie corporat'on wer. To n very considerable extent lli y wete the cu. I:i-,s of the commercial future of the place, and tlicy proposed to make a series of highroads,which ,e,-e p,,i,?

They also proposed a subway UDdcr I lie Csk, to join? The lenrned counsel then proo-ede to discuss the petitions ngiinst the Bill, which are a' f,now:- Mr. I' who objected to the ne-. C,rtwrigiit, who complained tlmt the ground of th drs which it.

As to tin pe ilioii of Mr. Ihelearned counsel leichul llm petition of Mr. Thomas '1' ''1'11' who had a small prrperty, wliich lie aid was purely rural in character. Pember believed tho properly was bought only tweiv? Colborne also sdll he hud spent, a considerable sum of monev on the understanding, after what occurred fit , that the pioj e-ty would ne,t be included ill the borough. The learned counsel then proceeded to deal with ihe petition of Lord Trcdegir, and gave a resume of the history of the Park Mile Railway.

Pember intimated at this state that he ha 1 not concluded bis speech, but would finish j', very enly to-morrow. Tiie committee then dj lurned fur til: diy. Treeby and Co. J Treeby, of riv- 1. Treeby aod Co. I ion, 0" that he hid authnrigrd anybody else in do so on his behalf. He lurther said ihet li- h id had nothing whatever to! AIx l Th' iuis appcnreii tor the pi lint ills, while Mr. Jusiici- Gmiithnin, withotil a jmy the action oonclodod ia which Mr, Win.

D"vi, betting ro. The d'I. K Winks, Messrs. Rees, Pi-oger, Bet ue, Sliavkell, J. Jones, Marcus Uunn, husinessof inter, st was I he election of an ussistant- libraiian. Tin-ie wen applications, and ills fol- lowing canuilntfs, who wero selected by a sub- committc-, intended the meeting, vir,.

John Shepherd, a-si»tant-libraii«n. Rochdale; and Mr. John W. Walker, tec ind-assistant, I. The committee were unanimously in favour of Mr. Shepherd, atill! Mi igin Crowther. Tiie fight should have come off on Tuesday at Chip- renliam, near ilatli, and at that p:aca assembled. So ill were the arrangements managed, however, that the police had linle difficulty in discovering what WaA going on, and kept the paity under close observation.

When ilia pugilifts and their supporters descend, d from the breaks tlio inspector of police drove up, and warned tliera as to their future conduct, advising them to return to town. The disappointed men j uirneyed back 10 Chippen- hlltn, iiiii at a consultation of the backcrs cf the two men the stakes were diawn, and lie riglit declared off. Oowiher, it will be r? I j-uLKsij hny letter uu'. M iUiiis Ves; Uic A. ElwwJi, late vie r »f C:inn4rt hen, ts wow Bishop of 8t.

Am ph. J fio. If ;nuM? Ojic w. It feuivly cannot he becMiiee he is a WelRlimati who lias riaen from the rank, and a" goofi knowledge of Wehh as well English, und also nn irreproach»ih'e i»ccrJ. If the walei. Tliose who know and steelil Mr. Poitl , June L-iSiett-r's sccess:on to Uie Catholic Churi'ii. Now, with regard t,x the ciir-ite of St. Siijierintuiide-nt 1'. Jiimey, Htwtdn? I'aul Draper, C ui juctoi of the band.

A start was maUe about eifjlit o'ch-ck in the morning, nnd all proceeded well until Canton Police-station wa- reached, when lh« springs of the vehicle c.? Anfw break was telephoned for, and, aiter a cclay cl ,,b,?. Tim anmsJufeuU- look the h. Referee: Inspector Pike. St utet Police con- smb c R? Smith and Jaiues. Or:" llAKnirsp —lit.

Stevens 73; 2nd. Jainea inil, P kr; id. V"vies ; 2nd. Cerent; 2u? SLrgant I? Aloigal] 65 , ' HUi:fcLI. ACer a thoroughly eiijoynble day had lieen spent a eta it for 11" wa- made nlKii. During the day sever. I eelcc'. Oswald Welter— I'aviita.

Monkcliest er PI ite—Boxaviistcrk. Alliens Plate—Knu-A. Kton Wetter-Nos lisr. I Wednesday Moining. S lllnn Plate. Selling H. NAL I 1"'I'k. MuiacUlr, Mleinir, At:?. I ;:i;; 'it,i;IIit;1:; :r. T; Cle. G'f hia, G h",V, and 6e«Ua. SUud Pi. I ,a",. S raiaiidy. Wetiei- Handicap. Cltonan, CHm. Vim Fruit. Knv« Of. L« t GMCt. Little W,I"ck ,3 Ntclk.

Mr Whipp'. Keraunos, errs, 6m. Tnt tMpt.? Full diractfeos srith eaati bai, 71,1. Iteltel It tun. U Cbem. Illustrated fmi? Of all C'hemlsta, I.. I For all the News of the Week ;'Ib.

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Why would I need to use one? Are seedboxes safe? What kinds of download speeds can you get with one? Are they expensive? Come check out the definitive list of the best seedboxes to learn the answers to these questions and find the right one for you today! Introduction After you have been torrenting for a while, there comes a time when you may be looking to up your gam Introduction When it comes time to find a seed box in order to up your torrenting game, it can be difficult to fig Introduction If you have spent much time researching seed boxes before, then you already know how much quality, pe Introduction With a name like Ultra Seed Box, hopes are high going into this seed box review.

TV Shows Torrent Sites Are you looking for the best of the best when it comes to downloading torrent files of your favoritepublic domain and free indie TV shows? On Torrent Sites, you will find a comprehensive list of the most popular torrent websites for free indie TV shows as well as plenty of the more obscure, invite-only torrent communities too.

If a TV torrent site is worth knowing about, you will be able to read a thorough review of it here. Come check out my list of the best torrent sites, and begin downloading your favorite free indie series today! Introduction Private torrent tracking sites are growing each year. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Robert B. Jackson, Bernard Cooke, Neil A. Want to be successful in your units with HDs and great understanding on hardest topics?

I can help y For me, this unit lacked some background information making it difficult for students who had not completed Biology since year This overall resulted in a disadvantage. The exam was far too short for the number of questions and the depth required to answer each one. The textbook is vital to the unit, as the concepts are taken from there. This unit provides the basic of anything cells and genes, which is extremely important to know if you are pursuing second year units of cell biology and genetics.

Overall, the content is very interesting, however it's contents are very heavy and constant revision and studying is required to be able to do well in this unit. The practical classes are also extremely fun and the prac classes also helps a lot in being able to understand the lectures.

Interesting subject. Discuss day today occurrences in the nature. Curiosity is a greater motivator in this subject. Jillian is an entertaining lecturer and the in lecture Socrates questions are really helpful to learn the content. Its quite some work and the content is kinda bland. However tim was an amazing lecturer and jessica was a cool pass leader. Deakin Uni. Textbooks Sell your textbook for SLE

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