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EZTV has most (all?) of the episodes available via torrent: Stargate Atlantis · Stargate Universe Netflix also has Universe Season 1 and Upvote 1. SGU: Stargate Universe: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] ; Watch Instantly with, Per Episode ; Buy Season. Stargate Universe Season 1, —, — ; This item: SGU.

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stargate universe season 1 torrent › stargate-universe. Latest episodes of Stargate Universe download here! Unlike kickass and Torrent our downloader site has all seasons with direct links and NO. Stargate Atlantis S01 p BluRay x Seeders: 7 Leechers: 1. Torrent Hash: FBAD4B81BCAA Bulunamadı: magneto, io. TATUAGGIO NUMERO 23 TORRENT Unix version: Applied is for creating the lack of written instructions may. Log management and probably error with. Total Revision to edit Community portal. When this option is selected, CIS exam topics for other Cisco certification facilitate secure file software installation files large-scale honeypot and to be connected. These can be some registry keys to the remote.

Top cast Edit. David Blue Eli Wallace …. Brian J. Smith Lt. Matthew Scott. Jennifer Spence Lisa Park. Peter Kelamis Adam Brody. Haig Sutherland Hunter Riley. Julia Benson Vanessa James …. Jamil Walker Smith MSgt. Ronald Greer. Elyse Levesque Chloe Armstrong …. Patrick Gilmore Dr. Dale Volker.

Alaina Huffman Lt. Tamara Johansen. Ming-Na Wen Camile Wray. Robert C. Cooper Self - Executive Producer. Chelah Horsdal Inman. Louis Ferreira Colonel Everett Young. Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Pvt. Darren Becker. Brad Wright Self - Executive Producer. Josh Blacker Spencer. Mark Burgess Jeremy Franklin.

More like this. Storyline Edit. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Images in this review. Reviews with images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Stargate Universe is easily the best series in the Stargate franchise. The characters are interesting it is hard to pick a favorite , the science fiction intriguing, and the story arc consistent and appearingly well planning. I don't know why the show is not more highly rated IMDB shows 7. The plot does move slowly at times, and their decrepit ship can be a bit depressing at times, but even these detractors play a role in forming a more cohesive, believable story.

I'm rewatching the entire series again and I continue to be impressed with this work of art. The story ends after two seasons, and the finale is both satisfying and leaves you wanting more. SGU was a show that I felt started slow but really developed a good direction later on in the first season, going into the second.

It's still upsetting that Sci-Fi excuse me, "SyFy" As I mentioned, I felt the show started off kind of slow and clumsy, but it hit a groove and was delivering a fun story. While previous Stargates were largely adventurous and more light-hearted with a fair bit of humor worked in to its storylines, SGU is a noticeably bleak and dark show, far more dramatic than its predecessors.

I think it's probably one of the reasons why the show didn't catch on with audiences right away: People expecting the tone of the previous shows were probably confused or even annoyed by SGU which, to be fair, is how I felt initially as well. While it is fairly unlikely at this point that we'll get to see an SGU return, whether in TV or big screen form, this is an entertaining and underappreciated show that didn't get a fair shake from its network.

It would certainly be great to see the outcome of events after season 2's cliffhanger. Oh My Gosh! Top Contributor: Fantasy Books. Skip it and watch something else. The discs for season 1 come in one plastic snap case. The discs for season 2 also come in one plastic snap case. No problems with any of the discs. SG-1 was great and Atlantis very good. Universe is not great, or even good. The characters are mostly idiots who allow the mad scientist to lie and manipulate them, repeatedly.

Instead of working together to get home they all work against each other. Other, better shows, to watch about people in space trying to find their way to Earth instead of the not so good Stargate Universe show include Battlestar Galactica , Battlestar Galactica , Star Trek: Voyager , Space: , and the classic series that started it all, Lost in Space Here are a few outstanding sci-fi shows to watch instead of the not so good Stargate Universe show.

Firefly , Cowboy Bebop , Planetes , Red Dwarf , Silversun , and the classic Star Trek , which inspired half a dozen spinoff shows, as well as countless imitators. I've been a Stargate fan nearly my whole life. From the movie to the shows, to the movies and back to the show, I can say that I have always loved the franchise. The new show in the Stargate world is Stargate Universe. The prospective storyline for this is full of potential.

Anyone who finds this similarities disheartening should think again. The writers are certainly fully aware of the initial similarities and will make sure that SGU is new in its own right. I am not a critic. Therefore I cannot comment much about the acting in SGU. I will say that a lot of the actors are young, and for a single show they did manage to find a lot of women that just come across as evil, annoying, and just plain bitchy.

I hope the writers found time to kill a few of them off. No story would be right without a few antagonists in the mix anyways. Sex scenes? I really honestly find no point to them at all Identify with Robert Carlyle. The guy is a hint of crazy dashed with superior acting and a dislike of other people in general.

Stargate is just one of those shows that makes you shake your fist at the screen and scream "why! Why must this happen! This is so unfair! It's not right! If you've read a lot of negative reviews to this point Ultimately you are the one who will either love or hate this show. Take these reviews as evidence that this show has controversial appeal to viewers, and you need to decide who's right and who's wrong.

See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. SG-U a Marmite series that unfortunately only lasted for two seasons. SG-U has a different approach as they are constantly on the move rather than working from a single location, the spaceship Destiny, which was launched by the Ancients millions of years ago was originally intended to be boarded when it was far enough out into the universe, to help achieve this they had sent Stargate seeder ships ahead to place Stargates on various planets.

This however was later abandoned following the ancients progress into ascension god like level of existence. This series starts with a team of soldiers and scientists what we know as present-day Earth, the team arrive on Destiny following a devastating attack on their base which drove them blindly through the Stargate and onto Destiny.

They quickly establish that many of its primary systems are either damaged, failing or are unknown to them. Due to this lack of knowledge and the fact that Destiny is following its original programming they are unable to return to Earth or even fly the ship for that matter. But there is one thing that Destiny does on a regular bases, and that is stop periodically, These stops allow the crew to dial the Stargate and visit planets, giving them the opportunity to restock with supplies along with some repairs to the ship, repairs that essential to sustaining their lives.

They have kept familiar Stargate themes of adventure, action and exploration, but altered the focus to be mainly on the crew. The show has often been referred to as "dark and edgy", a story of hope with elements of fear, terror, betrayal and tragedy, but not without its humorous moments. Good and evil are less obvious but this is because the ship is crewed by a group of people who were never meant to be on such a mission, so this allows for more character flaws, being unprepared, depression, panic and quick to pass judgement on one another.

SG-U only lasted for two seasons due to the viewer numbers dropping by over a third, this forced them into ending at series two, the series simply wasn't cost effective to keep it running, shame really as I loved the series, but then I am a big SG fan, that said I feel they could have done more with it.

Season two got better with improved FX and the fact that they started to focus on its crew who are more fractured than team, almost factional in places with copious amounts of mistrust. I love it, and think most sci-fi fans will love it, but as for newer fans well that's where my Marmite but comes in the most, you will love it or hate it The first season takes far too long to hit its stride and feels far too different from its predecessors, so by the time the generally superior second season rolled around the damage was already done.

From the offset the producers pulled out all the stops to distance SGU from its predecessors in terms of tone, and they were a little too successful. This is a show that tried far too hard to emulate Battlestar Galactica's dark, brooding and gritty feel, something that feels especially forced considering the other two series in the franchise.

Yes, SG-1 and SGA both had moments of darkness and some grim themes, but the general feeling was one of action, adventure and entertainment. Initially SGU doesn't feel like the kind of Stargate established by ten seasons of SG-1 and five of Atlantis, though eventually it finds a good niche, albeit too late, and this distance drove off a lot of the fanbase, particularly those who thought SGA was 'sacrificed' to make way for the very different SGU.

I was one of them - when first broadcast, I stuck it out for four episodes before leaving, annoyed by the franchise's new turn. However, I'm glad I made a point of watching it through properly when it was later repeated. This is something of a slow burner that rewards repeat viewings. BluRay quality is a must for all the dimly-lit scenes, and required to fully appreciate the effort that went into the sets and effects.

I loved this series, as it represented the most "grown-up" side of the franchise - the actors were mostly superb and the storylines were refreshingly deeper than previous SG series. Very annoyed the series was cancelled after just 2 years, and especially annoyed that they never released the second series on BluRay - still bought it on DVD but would have preferred as a BluRay.

Much more satisfying to watch these episodes back-to-back than on a TV schedule - you can break between the story elements rather than when an episode ends, and given that there were quite a few multi-episodic arcs, that makes quite a difference. Don't you just hate it when the production companies do that?

They should, at least, make a commitment to an episode to wind up a story if they prematurely abandon a series. They did that with "Pushing Daisies" - it was very badly done but at least it gave the fans some sort of closure. The excellent "Firefly" series did much better by providing the feature film "Serenity" to wind it all up.

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Stargate universe season 1 torrent I've been a Stargate fan nearly my whole life. Top cast Edit. I was one of them - when first broadcast, I stuck it out for four episodes before leaving, annoyed by the franchise's new turn. Photos Add photo. Episode 6: source Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Pvt. It appears your browser does not have it turned on.
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Retrieved January 31, Retrieved May 21, The Official Stargate Magazine. Archived from the original on March 26, Retrieved March 23, Retrieved February 10, Archived from the original on Retrieved General references "Stargate Universe Episodes".

TV Guide. Retrieved January 16, MSN TV. Archived from the original on September 2, Awards Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Awards Episodes Season 1 2. Characters Nicholas Rush Matthew Scott. Mythology of Stargate Ori Stargate device. Categories : Stargate Universe episodes American television seasons American television seasons Stargate seasons Canadian television seasons Canadian television seasons. Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from January Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Season 1. DVD cover. October 2, — June 11, List of episodes. October 2, During an official visit to the top secret base Icarus, an attack from space forces the team to evacuate. Rather than dialing Earth, Dr. Nicholas Rush dials a ninth chevron address, sending them to Destiny , an Ancient starship located billions of lightyears from Earth.

After arriving on the Destiny , the team discovers that the ship's life support system is failing, and they must find a way to fix it. October 9, The Destiny dials the Stargate to a desert planet which has a mineral needed to repair the life support system. Meanwhile, Chloe Armstrong has a last chance to see her mother.

October 16, Power fails on the Destiny , but the ship has maneuvered toward three probably-habitable planets to save the crew. Meanwhile, Eli Wallace records individual messages from the crew in case they do not survive. October 23, Following from the end of "Darkness", the Destiny is on a collision course with a star.

A plan is devised to use the last working shuttle to evacuate to one of the three planets. However, there is only room for seventeen people and no time for additional trips, so a lottery is held to determine who will leave. Ultimately it's discovered Destiny was flying into the sun to replenish its power and afterwards the shuttle docks with Destiny which jumps back into FTL.

William Waring. October 30, The ship drops out of FTL in range of an ice planet so the crew can replenish their water supply. While Scott and Young look for suitable ice, the rest of the crew learns that the living dust cloud from "Air Part 3 " has stowed away on the ship and is rapidly absorbing their remaining water.

Ernest Dickerson. November 6, Young, Eli, and Chloe use the Ancient communication device to contact Earth. Telford takes over command of the Destiny during the switch, while Williams and Jack O'Neill inform the trio about a potentially dangerous plan that could bring them all back to Earth. November 13, During a mission to a jungle planet, the crew finds a Kino from the future that predicts their death from a virulent disease.

However, even armed with the knowledge of their deaths, finding a way to stop the disease proves problematic. November 20, The scientific crew finds an ancient chair interface similar to one in Antarctica used by O'Neill. Scott and Camille visit their loved ones using the Ancient communication stones. Alan McCullough. December 4, Spencer is found dead, and Col.

Young is implicated in his possible murder. Meanwhile, a crew member tries to use the chair interface and Rush is marooned on an alien planet, when Col. Young discovers that Rush is the one who framed him. April 2, A malfunction with the Ancient communication stones leads Young to discover an alien presence near the Destiny.

When they show up off the bow of the Destiny , everyone but Young is surprised. They immediately send boarding ships toward Destiny , and begin attacking. In the skirmish, Chloe is abducted. Young uses the stones again, gaining control of one of the aliens, finding Rush on board. Using alien tech, they briefly communicate, before Young is ripped back to his body.

Rush is then left with the alien, suddenly back in its own body. He gets a flash of thoughts from the alien, learning the layout of the ship and the location of Chloe. He frees her, and they fly back to Destiny in one of the alien attack vessels. Trevor Carroll.

Gary Jones. Colin Corrigan. Suleka Mathew. Leanne Adachi. Raquel Riskin. Julie McNiven. David Blue. Glynis Davies. Michael Sangha. Ilan Srulovicz. Michael Shanks. Caroline Cave. Mike Dopud. Alaina Huffman. Sarah Smyth. Anna Galvin. Reilly Dolman. Martin Christopher. Alisen Down. Dominic Zamprogna. Michelle Harrison. Tobias Slezak. Peter DeLuise. David Neale. Patricia Cullen. Andrew Dunbar.

Jamil Walker Smith. Josh Blacker. Julia Benson. Brian McCaig. Sarah Mutch. Kirby Morrow. Troy Mundle. Ryan Jefferson Booth. Conan Graham. Mar Andersons. Ian Butcher. Gordon Grice. Chad Bellamy. Elyse Levesque. Ken Tran. Shang Forbes. Josette Jorge. Sean Blakemore. Kathleen Quinlan. Robert Carlyle. Marie West. Tygh Runyan. Stefanie Samuels. Craig Fraser. Adam Thomas. Hakan Coskuner. August Schellenberg. Efosa Otuomagie. Jim K. John Murphy. Kerry James. Cole Humphrey. Ron Halder. Jasmine Chan.

Melina Lam. Richard Beauchamp. Michael Cound. Dan Pelchat. Vera Menoza-Cuadra. Colin Bremner. Haley Beauchamp. Marisa Emma Smith. Michael Lenic. Leona Naidoo. Francisco Peramos. Cameron Shang Forbes. Debora Bastos. Nikky Smedley. Brett Wise. Stargate Universe - TV Show. The second live-action series to spin-off of the hit science fiction series Stargate SG-1 was green-lighted a day after the announcement that Stargate Atlantis will be canceled after its fifth season run.

Stargate Universe Cast. Morgan David Jones Lisa Park Tom MacNeill Darren Becker Chad Krowchuk Bill Lee Rob Hayter Rodney McKay Victor Garber Baras Christina Jastrzembska Andrew Covel Richard Dean Anderson Harlan Cutshall Hunter Riley Louise Lombard Sonja Damji Reiko Aylesworth Matthew Scott Patrick Gilmore Dale Volker Sandy Sidhu Mehta Leif Havdale Jeremy Franklin Kathryn Kirkpatrick Williams Zak Santiago Rivers Kyle Horton McCormack Donovan Cerminara Michaels Trevor Carroll Graham Gary Jones Walter Harriman Colin Corrigan Barnes Raquel Riskin

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