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I will be posting a list of albums I've managed to collect from various sources so far with updates from time to time until the torrent. 15 ( TiB or 1 bytes). Torrent file size is 6 bytes. cue sheets ( MB). Touhou album image collection v (

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Tumeneco discography torrent

tumeneco discography torrent

Tell me how the album sounds I don't feel like waiting warmly for Has anyone made a giant torrent with loads of Touhou albums yet? This is available in this torrent: It's labeled as [REQUEST]TUMENECO ポラリス サムサラ TUMENECO BEST ALBUM (FLAC or MP3). Album rts9 shibayanrecords. Posted on Jul 6th, Submitted by Dan Last changed on Oct 12th, Edited by papiCal. MIWAKO KAKEI TORRENT If you also. Their capability o with a simple interface, lets you may notice that as well, which is not responsive. The Software is started as AdventNet, as Chrome Remote to configure for.

P] T. It looks like the temporary speed burst coincides not with the start of the calendar month which would be silly , but rather with the start of the monthly billing period, which, at least for your new share, seems to happen on the 5th day of the month.

Downloaded or confirmed having everything until now. Flac is fine. I selectively downloaded your torrent found a more complete iosys one , so dupe checker did not match that album. Thank you for your endless work on this torrent! Did your deduplication remove it? The ones you see are Reverse's rips which are not offset-adjusted, but have scans.

I didn't add all of torrent-source-based downloads yet, yours included. I don't think I would have missed it, but nevertheless it's great that you checked, it should appear after the next list update. Unless it's something that requires privacy I prefer to conduct discussion in the open here in the comments, for example. I can see plenty of code in GitHub to do that, or I can write a few lines if needed.

Now that I think about it I don't have significant objections to these TIFFs, however it's still better to have an option. From what I see in wikipedia about DNG it's a more broad concept. Thanks for the offer, but I really would like a library that was used by many people for a long time. There is enormous difference between such a library and a few lines of code, which would work in common scenarios, but error out if lucky or cause silent corruption if not in rare edge cases. Can you name the repos?

I looked into this a bit more. Also, since those are usually coming out of scanners, there's an ICC profile attached that's needed to correctly setup the colors. It's not a job for a small tool. Also, TIFF files with a YUV colorspace are far far rarer, and definitely not made by scanners, and in fact, not even libtiff can handle them fully, since it always just converts them to RGB on output.

Your version has a broken cue, but it doesn't matter much. I have the Bandcamp digital release version. Here you go. The archive is encrypted, password is "e24e7d90" without the quotes. Thanks, downloaded. Just a note: logging in to comment is slightly inconvenient for me separate browser instance and other things , so when no one is actively waiting for answers I sometimes batch my replies mostly out of laziness , like it happened with this comment.

Nice job as always, keep it up. Updated the dir lists. Hello there! I want to ask about a permission to make a release with. Many people complain about that, I made v. I'd call it "approval", not "permission" and even if I disapproved I think it should not stop you from making and sharing the torrent. Apart from the whole issue with the metadata sticking to the data files, here's what I think: - on one hand, it will fragment the swarm and spread peers between two functionally identical, but block-incompatible torrents - on the other hand, for those who want flac-tracks rather than tta-albums, downloading the end result directly is better than downloading-reencoding-deleting I'm unsure of the sign of the net effect.

Well, I guess it's anyway the spread of this great music and also there will be links to the original tta tlmc, so users can decide themselves which one is better suites them. Let's discuss. What do you have in mind? On my end I can offer a filelist with source files, so that you can figure out the origins, but some albums could be a mix of different sources the music, the scans, the digital covers.

I'd also like to note that a certain share of Reverse's albums come with. The quality of almost all scans, cleaning before scanning and color difference after scanning makes it unnecessary to save as. Especially some people scan the file size larger than the ripped file, but the quality of the scan does not meet the occupied file size.

Perhaps if you describe your use case I can better understand how to include all relevant info without unnecessary details like the lists in the OP post. Oh, I get it. I'm only interested in rips being free of errors. Just wanted to note that in a very strict technical sense this is untrue. It is possible to have two "perfect" rips of the same CD from two drives with different offsets that are different in content.

Regional language encodings are becoming more of a thing of the past with every passing day. Without using Unicode you are literally unable to have a plaintext document that contains letters in two diferent non-english languages simultaneously in the general case, and UTF-8 is one of the most widely used Unicode encodings. In the old days of Share I used archive file sha1 hashes and softlinks to avoid the problem of the client randomly losing downloaded files' state over time.

Now I just toss the unpacked files into a directory with a name that gives a hint about the file origins. If you think you can find use in it I'll post it once I finish deduplicating. I thought I was almost done, but then discovered that a certain share of files were missing single tail samples, which 1 would not be audible, but would prevent these rips from being confirmed as accurate and 2 is actually repairable, but needs manual intervention. In the other sense decoded audio content matching it will sort of naturally happen by itself, first as I download and compare your files and then you can download mine through the torrent and compare.

If you don't want to wait for the torrent and would rather double-check your files yourself right now, then I recommend you to get CUETools if you're on windows. It does crash quite a lot in unexpected places and can't work out of the box with tta files at all due to a missing dependency unless you fiddle with priority settings or dlls , but once you configure it and stick to a workflow it isn't completely horrible.

With regard to the rolling updates The problems with this are twofold: first, a prototype is not a finished software and I would not be able to maintain it properly and for extended period of time. Second, there might not be a whole lot of interest in trying it out - just look at the amount of discussion the database-based filesystem post generated, and that dbfs would be one component of such a p2p.

Looks like original work not touhou remix , so it's not suited for the TLMC. However, even if it were related or if I wanted to put it into the complementary torrent, someone would have to buy and share it first. The link I got from reddit doesn't work for me. The link to that article is Just to let you know, this uploader has been doing this for quite a while. Ok, was I definitely suspicious about some other Rolling Contact albums that failed to verify with two CD rip dbs, but this is new information, good to know.

K, take note. I'll use that list as an answer sheet once I scan all my albums. Source A looks almost normal, but if you pay close attention to its second image there is something very wrong with the text - some dots and lines are missing.

The most reasonable explanation I can find is that whoever scanned this blindly used an artefact-removal filter which happily erased everything it considered undesirable, for example every letter "I", "i", "l" and some more.

Source B contains a proper version of that page, scanned by a different person. However, the rest of the images are messed up versions from source A, where large dark-grey regions were flood filled with black. Please don't be like them and don't "enhance" destroy your scans. I guess its a case of different perspectives.

You deal with physical discs and covers, so you decide that the transfer process is important and rightfully so. I see only digital artifacts, so I'm focused on that side of the problem. Yeah, about the logs. Even if the rip does have a log you need to check that the log actually matches the files. I'm already seeing several rips so far in Reverse's files where this is not the case. I'm don't mean split files vs. My only version of that album is downloaded from some Reverse's share there were at least 3 separate google drives and 3 sharepoints, so I can't right now tell which one it was.

Guessed by sha of. This is exactly why I said I thought worries about log "percentages" are a silly business. Which means I'm dead certain it is a perfect CD copy with a correct offset no less and I'll be using it over any other version.

When there is only one version of files you take what you have unless you're sure they're bad, but for situations like these it helps you decide what to keep. How to confirm that it is better at this time? Short of buying and downloading web flacs yourself I don't see a way to verify them. They are supposed to be equal in quality to CD rips, but impossible to compare, so that makes them worse overall.

A choice between files I can confirm as genuine and files that I can't is not really a hard choice. The reason why this is the case is because the rips are normalized. If the user didn't enable noramlization that wouldn't happen. The rips are no longer bit perfect when this happens. It doesn't show up on the log file itself, but it's why it happens. I should clarify, it would fail to verify with CUETools because of the normalization, the log isn't randomly stuck into a rip, they do go together but would have conflicting results due to the normalization.

Also, ideally those rips would be replaced at some point since they are shit. This could be explained away by assuming that the normalizer applies album-wide gain and rippers use different arbitrary target peak levels like I verifyed them with whipper and attached AccurateRip logs. I'll rip again with EAC if you request it. I don't care in the slightest what you use to rip as long as the end result is good - bits are bits. Though the scans are quite Anyway the question, what's the point of merging all tracks into 1 file?

I mean the top TLMC v19 torrent on nyaa. I'd rather put is as "what's the point of not splitting tracks into multiple files". Track breaks are the metadata content. Mostly the first reason. FLAC torrent is not mine. As you can see higher up in comments Patchy planned to reencode v. Reverse, I have a problem. I can't download zipped directories from your onedrive share anymore, only individual files one by one.

I think I got everything up to and including Jan 12, so I'm missing Jan 16 and anything you will upload after that. Were there any changes to the share which could have caused this? Anything we could try to fix it?

It's sharepoint, not their drive specifically. That is the last patch I use onedrive to upload. I'll inform you the new method to sync soon. Yes, I did download all those files. Hopefully all of the previous ones too. As always thanks for gathering albums and I'll wait for the new method.

I'm using filezilla instead of onedrive web interface, so archive integrity should be improved. Do you have any broken files before? Checked the new link, it works. If you mean the archives I download, then yes, regularly, both truncated zips and errored contents, but those are immediately obvious and a redownload fixes them, so not a problem. If you mean the file contents, then also yes, some albums are missing tracks, some just fail to decode outright, but there's not a lot of them.

I can probably compile a list if you need. Can I use it too? Tell me! Teach me! I'm sick of this whole web-"modern bloated cancer trash"-interface like you wouldn't believe. You need filezilla pro, I can share it to your onedrive account, synchronization folder listed above will be shared as well. Install it, skip the registration, then put the "msimg Setting up filezilla is quite easy, you can find tutorial on google.

Once done, you're free from Microsoft's toxic interface, and no need to zip folder every time. Just tell me your OD account. Just checked and for some reason I can now login into the account which became locked in Email is the same as then: imhereforthefiles cock. By the way, the link you gave no longer works, it shows "This link has been removed. Sharepoint does not allow sharing outside the organization by default. So I sent a new account that in my organization to imhereforthefiles cock.

Check it in outlook. Ok, at first I didn't fully process the fact that "Sharepoint does not allow sharing outside the organization by default" means I won't be able to use the cock-account as-is and was despaired when I saw a stupidly generic and uninformative "Server did not send a display name" error message in filezilla at the end of a failed connection attempt. Then I tried your new account and it worked hooray.

Thanks, it's much more pleasant to work with files now. Can I ask for a list if it is convenient? Some albums have fewer tracks because the source is missing for example, some web versions have fewer tracks than CD versions, and some are the problem of sharers. This is not a complete list: in cases where I could find or construct a working replacement I just deleted the broken version. Reverse, can you check if the files on your end are broken too?

Redownloaded to check and they were identical. If possible, I would like to request the full list in order to check our forked version. Please condense replies if possible, after comments google starts adding "load more" pages. Hopefully you won't mind this last-minute contribution from me. I'll do my best to rip and share these as soon as possible once I get them; as for scans, however, I'll have to find a scanner to borrow, which will be slightly more troublesome fingers crossed it'll all work out.

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