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Archivado desde el original el 14 de junio de Robert Christgau. Archivado desde el original el 6 de febrero de Media Wales Ltd. Let me say one thing: we have rightly focused in recent months on minorities in need of protection in the Middle East — Christians, Kurds or Yazidis — supporting their right to stay on the land, and go back to the communities, where they have been living for centuries.

But let me also say clearly that it is not sufficient to protect them only when they are far away from us. We also have a duty to protect them — and all their fellow countrymen — when they become close to us. The long-term answer obviously is putting an end to the conflicts and the wars, facing the threat of Daesh, starting processes of national reconciliation.

The deal we reached with Iran, although primarily a non-proliferation deal, can open the way to new possibilities, and the work in this direction, with all our international and regional partners and all the international and regional powers, has already started.

Secondly, we are working with the international community — mainly with the UN agencies, with the countries of origin and transit and those who host an impressive number of refugees. There is a very specific case, which is Libya: not a country of origin, but a country of transit, and, more than that, an open corridor.

Let me say too that it is going to be very important — and we are looking very much in this direction — to work to the south of Libya. If we focus only on the Libyan sea border, forgetting about the Libyan land border, we will never manage to solve the issue of the corridor. That is why I have started an unprecedented dialogue with the countries of the Sahel, and in particular — although not exclusively — with Niger.

Today, as you know, we are putting forward a proposal for a trust fund for Africa to promote economic opportunities, development, security and better management of migration in a context of equal partnership with the African countries and our partners. The institutions will provide EUR 1. You cannot ask for international cooperation at European level and then not put up the money for it.

Remember this when we come to discuss the budget. We have to show coherence in our decisions. A regional trust fund for Syria has already started in recent months, and the first contract opened through the fund deals with schools and education. Let me stress this, because I believe that — as we see Syria losing an entire generation to war and exile — we have to invest in Syrian children. That is an investment not only for the future of the country and the region but also for our security, because it is the best investment we can make against terrorism and radicalisation.

We are doing this in partnership with countries of transit and we are doing this in the Mediterranean. Our naval operation in the Mediterranean Sea has now fulfilled the objectives of the first phase. In this first phase alone, and in the space of just five weeks, we identified 16 cases in which we would have been able to go after the smugglers, bring them to justice and capture the vessels.

That is why I proposed last weekend in Luxembourg, where the Defence and Foreign Ministers were meeting, that we move to Phase 2 on the high seas, in full observance of international law, and I asked Member States to contribute to the mission, because this is also an opportunity for us to show that, when we have political will and a sense of urgency and unity, we can use the military and security tools that we already have to hand. But there is something else of which I am proud: that in these very first weeks of common action in the Mediterranean we have saved the lives of 1 men and women at sea through our operation.

This is not the main purpose of the operation but it is an important component of it. With regard to the way forward, we will have the Valletta Summit on migration in November, bringing together leaders of the European and key African countries — those that are part of the Khartoum and Rabat processes as well as the African Union Commission and the Economic Community of West African States Commission.

Both have to be addressed with the same degree of attention and urgency. To conclude, we need to realise as Europeans that this is not just a time for emotion: that is the easy part. Let me be cynical: as politicians we are not asked to express our emotions; we are asked to take decisions that are consistent and coherent with our emotions, and to be strong in so doing.

Emotions are not enough. We need to act and this is the time. I hope that all the EU institutions, the Member States, citizens and public opinion — because this wave of emotion in public opinion can change, and we have to be aware of that — will finally take responsibility for, and live up to, our values, the values of our history, the challenges of the most difficult times our history has recently faced, and the potential of our regional and global role.

What is at stake, as Frans Timmermans said very well, is not only the lives of human beings — though a single life is enough — but also the state of our Union. Dimitris Avramopoulos, Member of the Commission. The President of the Commission was clear, and I want to be clear, too. I want to express my thanks to both First Vice-President Frans Timmermans and Federica Mogherini for their opening remarks and for the excellent cooperation we had throughout the last month in putting together this ambitious and much-needed package.

As the refugee crisis around Europe becomes bigger, our answers need to become bolder, more comprehensive and more ambitious. This is the Europe we want. This is the Europe we must have. So today we are putting forward four very concrete measures that in the short- and medium-term can help tackle all the major challenges we are confronted with. The significant increase in arrivals over the summer cannot be managed by the Member States of entry alone.

To address this migration we need a coordinated European approach. That is why we are now proposing to relocate people fleeing war, persecution, oppression and chaos from Italy, Greece and Hungary according to a distribution scheme. This new proposal comes in addition to the measures tabled before the summer to relocate 40 persons from Italy and Greece. I expect that a vast majority of the Members of this House will vote in favour of this proposal later today and will also support in the future the new temporary relocation scheme.

At the same time we have to learn the lesson that the current crisis is teaching us. Europe is not well-equipped to manage sudden and extraordinary surges of refugee inflows. We need structural solutions to face such events in the future so that we can systematically support Member States and guarantee protection for those who are really in need. That is why we propose establishing a permanent crisis relocation mechanism by amending the Dublin Regulation.

In parallel with increasing our support to guarantee shelter for those in need of protection, we have to make sure that those who do not have the right to stay in the European Union are promptly returned. As a first step, Member States shall be in a position to steadily process unfounded or unlawful requests so they can devote their human and financial resources to legitimate requests, filed by those who urgently require international protection.

That is why we are putting forward today the introduction of an EU list of safe countries, including the Balkan countries and Turkey. By including these countries in the list of safe countries of origin, the examination of the applications for international protection will be fast-tracked.

This will increase the efficiency of asylum systems, and will allow Member States to devote greater resources to protect those in need and to return the applicants of unfounded requests faster. This undermines the credibility of our migration policy.

We therefore also present here today a European return programme aiming at fostering a clean-cut return policy. This communication is the occasion for the Commission to set out a list of actions to support greater operational cooperation among Member States and to stress the need to find leverage in our relations with third countries so that they readmit their nationals. I really count a lot on your support to implement this package as you have done, and I have to commend once again this House for being very supportive from the very beginning of our efforts to adopt a common European migration policy.

I count on you and I thank you very much for the support you have provided thus far. Es necesaria la solidaridad de todos los Estados. Rilevo una piena convergenza tra le posizioni che il gruppo parlamentare che io presiedo ha espresso e le proposte che ha ricordato il Commissario Avramopoulos poc'anzi: i quattro punti del pacchetto.

Devo dire, a volte penso che la querelle sull'immigrazione si sia un po' surreale: mettiamo, facciamo i muri sul mare; facciamo, mettiamo il filo spinato e fermiamo migliaia di uomini, di donne, che fuggono dalla guerra, ma di che stiamo discutendo? Queste cose servono solo per la propaganda, davvero qualcuno pensa che in questo modo si risolva il tema dei rifugiati o dell'immigrazione? Se siamo seri, dobbiamo far le cose serie.

Ci saranno purtroppo altre crisi. Sono nazioni non nazioni, sono Stati non Stati, da dove si fugge per forza, chiunque di noi fuggirebbe se si trovasse in quelle condizioni. Ora si tratta soltanto di approvarla. Dit doet geen afbreuk aan het internationaal zeerecht en het beginsel van non-refoulement , dat verbiedt iemand terug te brengen naar een onveilige haven. De N-VA-delegatie vindt Turkije immers een veilig land. Indien het omgekeerde beweerd wordt moet het Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de mens zich ter zake uitspreken.

Op dit ogenblik bestaan hieromtrent geen principe-arresten. Bovendien heeft Commissievoorzitter Juncker net gezegd dat Turkije een kandidaat-EU-lidstaat is en dus bijgevolg een veilig land is. Was dat niet zo, dan was Turkije geen kandidaat-lidstaat geweest. Through a picture we have realised that behind each and every one of the dead refugees and migrants there are dreams and aspirations and loved ones left behind.

It is our European decency that lies lifeless on the Turkish beach together with Aylan Kurdi, the three-year old toddler in his red T-shirt and small sneakers. He lost his life but he brought passion — and compassion — back to the European debate on migration and therefore we will remember him for a very long time. After the recent tragedies, my heart fills with pride when I see citizens all across Europe taking to the streets to welcome refugees into their communities.

They have shown much more backbone and humanity during the past week than most of our politicians have done over the past decade. Citizens show us what Europe and European values really are all about and what Europe can be at its best. Yet still we hear some voices among the leaders of the Member States complaining about illegal migrants. I must admit that I am quite fed up with that rhetoric by now because how is anyone fleeing war or persecution supposed to get to Europe to seek asylum since it is us, the EU, that do not allow people to apply for asylum in our embassies or consulates?

It is us, the EU, which introduced a directive on carrier liability that makes it completely illegal for any airline or shipping company to take on board anybody that does not have a visa. This is a vicious circle, a Catch situation, and we are responsible for changing it.

We must review the existing asylum legislation in Europe and adapt it to this century to provide for legal and safe routes to get here. We must agree to a system of binding quotas of refugees to be accepted by every Member State, and my Group is, of course, all in favour of the proposals by the Commission. This is a defining moment for Europe and our best days are yet to come. Wij zouden vluchtelingen, asielzoekers het recht op werk moeten geven vanaf het moment dat ze hun aanvraag indienen.

Want werken is waardigheid. Hij zei ook: we moeten legale migratie toestaan en hij doelde op arbeidsmigratie, economische migratie, want - zei hij - wij kunnen illegale migratie niet bestrijden als er geen andere vormen zijn voor migratie. Mijn vraag aan mijnheer Avramopoulos en mijnheer Timmermans is: de voorstellen die u nu doet zijn goed en stevig, ik prijs u daarvoor. Maar de volgende stap, zoals mijnheer Juncker die aankondigde, om te kijken naar arbeidsmigratie, kan niet te lang op zich laten wachten.

Want inderdaad, werken is waardigheid. Dat is wat ik hoop dat u nu ook heel erg snel op tafel zult leggen. Das ist doch keine Frage. Wir debattieren letztendlich nur darum, wie und wo wir diesen Menschen helfen, und da gibt es zwei Konzepte. Und es gibt ein anderes Konzept.

Und ihr Konzept ist es, alle herein zu holen. Sie sagen, holt alle herein. Udo Voigt NI. Denn ich stehe nicht an einem Bahnhof, und ich rufe nicht willkommen! Warum rufe ich nicht willkommen? Daher sollten sie investieren in ihre Heimat, dass sie dort eine Zukunft haben und nicht bei uns. Sie fliehen vor Krieg und Verfolgung. Kommende Woche muss der Rat handeln. On the one hand we have all those citizens who help refugees, who donate, and not just this past weekend but over the years and months in different groups.

On the other hand though, we have Member States which just blame each other, which are not doing what they are supposed to do. I think we need to decide which side we want to support, which of those two Europes we want to bring forward and promote.

There I think the people of Europe have shown us the way; they are the ones who deserved the Nobel Peace Prize the European Union has won. The Member States, the governments of the Member States and the European Union should follow the way that our citizens have shown. Our citizens are much further ahead than we think they are.

Let us promote their solidarity, their initiative; let us follow their lead. What do you think will happen if you say that everyone can claim asylum? It is simple: more people will come. That means more people will risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean, crossing the Aegean Sea. That means more boats, more drownings and more deaths. The real scandal here is the countries that are doing absolutely nothing, and by that I mean the oil-rich Gulf states of Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and in particular Saudi Arabia — the sponsor of the evil Wahhabism which is Islamic State.

The fact is, they are taking no refugees whatsoever, and they are pushing their co-religionists towards Europe. If we want to stop the deaths, as Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, has said, you must stop the boats. Matteo Salvini ENF. L'Europa mi sembra governata da pericolosi ipocriti: prima fanno le guerre e poi si stupiscono del fatto che i bimbi scappino dalle guerre. Togliete le sanzioni contro la Siria, smettetela di giocare alla guerra contro la Russia. Se faremo un minuto di silenzio, le vostre coscienze gronderanno sangue.

Leggo poi l'ultima delle deliranti richieste: abbiamo bisogno di milioni e milioni di profughi per mantenere le pensioni degli europei, siete pagati per pensare ai 25 milioni di europei disoccupati prima di importare nuovi schiavi. Bruno Gollnisch NI. Roberta Metsola PPE. I will ignore that today. Member States seem to agree easily on how many fish we can pick from our seas.

They agree on how many plastic bags we can throw away, but when bodies of children are washing up on our shores and we still cannot agree how to deal with refugees humanely, then everything else we do seems to me to be of little use. Nothing is more urgent or more important. We like to say that we are a Union of shared values, but we are not yet a Union of shared responsibility and that is our collective failure. Refugees are people running away from war, from death.

Prime Ministers simply cannot afford to look away. Every single state must fulfil its moral and legal obligation to address the situation. Walls and fences do not work and neither does simply throwing money at the issue. We need more than band-aid solutions that serve to make us feel better before the next emergency exposes its inadequacy, and yes, we need a binding permanent distribution mechanism for people in need of protection and we needed this yesterday.

So my call to Prime Ministers is this: face down the populists, have the courage to give people fleeing the unimaginable horror the chance of a future without fear. Send an unequivocal message that Europe also stands with the voiceless. Let us be an example for the world. This is the challenge of our generation and we cannot be remembered as the ones who dithered while thousands suffered on our doorstep, or we will be the generation who failed.

Vicky Ford ECR. But different countries can help in different ways and we should stop the finger-pointing. In the UK, for example, we are already providing more aid in Syrian camps than the rest of Europe put together, and offering to resettle the most vulnerable refugees directly from the camps in order not to encourage further people trafficking.

Individual countries, however, should consider the impact on their neighbours when they are granting asylum. Granting refugee status does not give that person automatic rights to move across Europe, and I think this needs to be very clear because otherwise we risk jeopardising public confidence in free movement in Europe. So let us be very clear to people about their rights, and even at this difficult time we must not postpone other reforms to build our economies.

Unless our countries have long-term economic plans and strength, they will not be able to support people in our own countries or those who need our help in other parts of the world. Niemand kann festlegen, auch Sie nicht, wer zu migrieren hat und wer nicht.

Das muss man sich auch einmal anschauen. Monika Hohlmeier PPE. Herr Kommissar! Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen! Ich will nicht alles wiederholen, was schon gesagt worden ist. Arnaud Danjean PPE. Commissioner Avramopoulos, you are Greek, and you really did your job this morning: we heard all about the plans. However, they are asking a very simple question: what is the European Union doing?

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